Gifters Asaulted In Vicuña, Chile

28 Aug 2008 18:27
Subject: Gifters asaulted in Vicuña, Chile
I got this from Juan Antonio in an email. Here it is translated. Both him and Leo were attacked in usully very peaceful town of Vicuña. Surely reprisals for their success defeating chemtrails and bringing plenty of rain to the desert. Leo was probably hit harder because of his former job as death tower tecnitian. The sewer rats who orchestrated this should be dealt with accordingly in the chats.

“I asked Leo to take some photos of coquimbo since he is over there resting after the beating a gang gave him in Vicuña, this is looking bad, yesterday some guy tried to assault me without any provocation. I was trying to get him off my back, but I couldn’t avoid him anymore, so I don’t know how, I punched him several times until I knocked him to the floor. I feel really bad, I didn’t want to hit him but it was almost instictive, now I just hope that I doesn’t bring reprisals. I’m going to have to be alot more careful here in Vicuña.”

Don Croft
28 Aug 2008 21:39
Subject: Re: Gifters asaulted in Vicuña, Chile
Thanks for the headsup, Ale. Of course we’ll go to work for these guys in the chats this weekend! Anyone who sends them a boost, meanwhile, will be helping.


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