Gifters First Report

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Steve is a very prolific gifter who lives on Vancouver Island’s gorgeous northeast shore and he came under considerable attack, recently, after he took a stand against subterfuge. It may be that he has posting difficulties due to hackers or maybe he’s reconsidering what he might have posted, above, but I hope you’ll send him a boost, now, because he’s one of the more isolated front-row gifters, so he gets attacked by the sewer rats a lot on account of his gifting.

Those of us who have other reliable, experienced (i.e. battle tested) gifters to network and associate with mustn’t take this wonderful benefit for granted, by the way, and Carol and I will make an effort to get to Vancouver Island to support Steve and his friend, Malcolm, who is also starting to gift.

These boosts really help the good-hearted receiver, as you might know by now from direct experience.