Gifting a psychiatric institution

Hi everyone,

This will be my first post, I hope to be able to find the time to write a new message from time to time. Besides an occasional gifting report that I might find worthwhile, I plan to write primarily about the experiences I have in the psychiatric clinic I am working in as an MD. I have got to eat, too…

One of the kids living in the hospital (during the week) has an autistic spectrum disorder, and was reported to see ghosts. His mother apparently thinks he is a medium, so I was eager to meet him. He sure had very deep eyes.

During psychiatric examination, I worked on him a little bit as I was behind the mirror screen observing the psychiatrist do his examination. When he put his face against the mirrorscreen, I put a TB under his nose, and he said “lightnings!”. Since he was not responding to the psychiatrist, and the examination was not revealing much besides the fact that he really did not make contact, suddenly there was something to note! He was having hallucinations! He was seeing the lightnings some people see coming from orgonite, so obviously, I draw some different conclusions…

Now I gifted the main statue on the facility area two weeks ago, that was giving a lot of bad energy (I can’t see, but I can feel some things), and I am of course looking with interest what will happen with the children. At least this one seems to react very well, I hear he is making progress quickly.

Too soon to jump to conclusions, but the TB I put beside the statue bathed the buildings in some good chi. Coincidentally, some important changes were announced this week (people quitting their posts, others people talking about it, accelerating life changes as I see it).

By for now,


Hi MD.
Interesting post.
Are you allowed to let patients handle orgonite and observe their reactions?
If you are I would be interested in sending you one of my devices(the little secret device) and see if it leads to any results.
I suspect it would do something amazing to that child with the autistic spectrum disorder.

I understand if you have your restrictions.

Contact me here by PM and I will arrange for you to have a device.
I can also be contacted by email:
[email protected]

Keep up the good work.


One of Cesco’s delightful orgonite devices will likely produce some substantive responses, Doc.

You might become one of the first psychiatrist since Dr Reich to use orgone devices effectively in therapy, by the way. I think that would be a wonderful vindication for him.

Nearly every great undertaking has a humble beginning and thank you very much for sharing your reports with us! It will be fun to watch this unfold for you as you continue to take your cues by following your instincts.