Gifting A Special Place

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Friday, late in the day, in the rain, my new, specialist-friend-ever and I gifted her place with a load of orgonite. We dug holes (I dug) and and we placed (she placed) TB’s, point-up at all four corners of her property, one in the middle of each boundary (long rectangle) and one in the middle of the place. We also gifted magnetic TB’s to three ancient Willow tress that are lightning-scarred and beautiful in their age and
size (huge!) I left the next morning Saturday, in a blinding snowstorm! Interesting to say the least.

Oh yeah, I was going to come home Wednesday, but I took a rock in the oil pan of my Mercedes (short-story, my fault!) and in the middle of Mormons and Chevrolets, I lost a few wonderful days. Thank God! I had an outstanding time with an awesome woman and her sweet kid. Then there’s the pets!

I’m homesick already. Sounds like a country song, feels like one too.

You want some orgonite made with overwhelming love? Order now!



PS. Potatos are good for you