Gifting Baxter's Bioweaponry Research Center

Some weeks ago I received a mail from Axel (who is doing a great etheric work in and around Linz, Austria) in which he expressed the need to gift Baxter´s research facility. Since I´m closer to the facility than him, I chose to do the job.

Early this year Baxter had sent out probes of flu vaccinations which were contaminated wit active viruses of bird flu.
Since security standards in biological laboratories are very, very high, this couldn´t have happened just by chance. It surely happened by intention.
In Austria this dirty act wasn´t even mentioned much in the media, although in Canada or in the Czech Republic there was big noise about it.

Baxter´s research falility is located in Orth an der Donau, a few miles to the east of Vienna. Thy have also a center in Vienna, (which seems to be well gifted by some Viennese gifter) but the “real” research thy are doing in Orth.

The facility is located within the Danube National Park, outside the town of Orth. If you try to google up some image of the research center, you won´t find anything.
The facility is surrounden by lots of water bodies and a dense forest, which is crossed by a road that leads to Baxter an the further on to the ferry which crosses the danube.

It was fun moving through the wilderness and to surround them with several double size TBs and a couple of earthpipes.
The TBs went all into the various natural ponds which are surrounding the facility and into the small runnel where one can find some pipes coming out from under the facility.
The earthpipes were distributed in the forest and are also surrounding the facility

Next day I visited my parents and they told me, that on the same day´s afternoon when I did Baxter in Orth, there had been an accident on the highway close to my home, and that they had heard on the regional radio station, that it was caused by a vehicle transporting medical stuff. The caused traffic jam had lasted for hours.
It gave me a good laugh at the thought it could have been one of Baxter´s transports.

Creepy enough, the accident wasn´t mentioned any more by the local media later on and does not even appear on the website of the local fire department, where cases like these are always well documented, because they are removing the vehicles from the highway!

Seems as if it should be cancelled from the public memory. There must be some reason.
Anyway, Baxter´s research center for mass murder is well gifted now.
Another birdflu center run by Baxter is in Deerfield, Illinois, just in case someone there is in the mood to have some fun with orgonite.


well done, Manfred!!

Manfred , you “did” a very hot point for sure! This synchronicity tryes to tell us something.

Good work, as usual, Manfred, and thanks for putting your report in the public record in English.

Underground bases are usually located under real estate which can’t be excavated by private citizens, nor can mining or well-drilling bbe done there except by the ‘owners,’ which is almost always the gov’t or a large corporation, which is probably the same thing [Image Can Not Be Found]

In our experience, many underground base locations are easy to access because the corporate world order is terrified of exposure, so they don’t put up fences unless their underground rat holes are on a military base or corporate property.

Carol, Luis and I gifted a large underground base in Oregon where several ‘hunters’ had been murdered by paramilitary operatives, which probably just means that the CIA’s or NSA’s private army ambushed some constitutional militia guys who were investigating the area. It seemed like a good place to try out the new earthpipes during the period when we were experimenting with those devices’ basic parameters.

The way to stay relatively safe from corporate bushwackers when earthpiping underground bases is probably to put the pipes in the ground close to the public roads that are around and/or thru the location.

These fellows in Europe know all this so I’m just posting it for our readers’ consideration. There are hundreds, if not thousands of underground bases, now, and we believe that they all need to be earthpiped to ensure the thorough collapse of the corporate world order, otherwise they’ll probably just bide their time in their underground civilization, then come out and commit massive scale mayhem after humanity has finally stopped worrying about tyranny.

Earthhpipes are wonderful gifts for Mom (our planet), too.

Who among us hasn’t delighted to see the sky brighten up after we neutralized the horror underground on an earthpipe mission?

I especially appreciate Manfred’s comments about the unreported wreck of the medical vehicle & subsequent traffic jam because this is the sort of confirmation that rates as very fine battlefield intelligence for us when we’re paying attention.

I think we can leave it up to others to ‘prove’ that what we’re doing is legitimate. Maybe that’s Manfred’s destiny with , which I believe represents the next phase of this unorganized network’s growth and consolidation. Nobody has set standards, yet, for genuine research around this work we all do, so the door is wide open for Manfred and friends.


Quote “Underground bases are usually located under real estate which can’t be excavated by private citizens, nor can mining or well-drilling bbe done there except by the ‘owners,’ which is almost always the gov’t or a large corporation, which is probably the same thing”

Yes Don , like this one. Pretty deep uuuhhh!?!


Jane Burgermeister

Hi there,
I’ve just filed criminal charges in Austria against Baxter and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology for producing and distributing contaminated bird flu material this winter.

The charges were filed with the Vienna State Prosecutor on Wednesday, April 9th, 2009. You can read more about the substance of my charges on this blog.

I posted up the German version of the charges (also attached as pdf file) and will post up an English translation as soon as it is finished.

I allege that Baxter is part of a secret international bioweapons programme and there is evidence that the US government is intending to release the bird flu on th American population in the near future, and that Austrian courts, as a signatory to the UN Convention for the Punishment and Prevention of Genocide, are obliged to prosecute individuals or organisations that are involved in planning or carrying out any such genocide, including US government officials.

I ask you to please publicise this legal action as widely as you can to get public pressure behind this case building up.

I would also appreciate any information, tips, articles that I can submit to the state prosecutor to reinforce the case. The prosecutor will authorise criminal charges if there is enough proof or evidence for it to go to court, but there is bound to be considerable pressure from political and financial interests to stop this happening.

I am a dual Irish/Austrian citizen and a freelance journalist who has written for teh British Medical Journal, Nature, tc, and am based in Vienna. I only heard about the bird flu contamination when a neighbour happened to tell me about it. I posted the info on an Infowars board.

In the meantime, I’ve investigated a bit more and decided the only way to deal with this is to bring criminal charges given the scale of the danger and the strange “paralysis” of the authorities.

By the way, I hope to have at least the first part of the English translation done tomorrow.

I hope to make this the first of many such cases. The laws to fight the Illuminati etc are all there but they’re lying around like corpses that and need to be resurrected and brought back to life.

If the US judicial system is too corrupt to take action against the US government as seems to be the case, then I hope European courts will act as Spain has now done concerning torture.

Regards, Jane Bürgermeister, Vienna, Austria.

Boost your immune system. Strap on your terminator. Can someone gift the addresses mentioned in this interview?


Along similar lines a friend who builds beck units and CS makers discovered when running tests that yes the main chemists and health food store sell various brands of CS — but they were incredibly week compared to home made variety.

I think the ratio was 1-40…

He does regular kill tests to paramecium and ecoli to prove its effects.


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