Gifting California's Southern Desert

Don Croft
21 Jun 2008 20:51
Subject: Gifting California’s Southern Desert
I got the following from Homer, who has been gifting extensively in that area for a couple of years. Carol and I believe that the Salton Sea is an essential target for reversing the desert with orgonite.



The Story of the Gifting of the Salton Sea and surrounding areas.

I become a committed gifter in 2006…because I live in the desert of So Cal, I was able to start casting TB’s in early January.

The area I live in is right on top of the mighty San Andreas fault line and the town sits on top of many hot-water springs
The CIA has an early warning site ( read earthquake producing sites )in one of the many canyons in the mountains to the north of town. There are two 11,000 foot mountains on either side of the freeway that leads to L.A. these mountains produce enough change in pressure to cause winds of up to 60-70 mph.
In 2006 and 2007 I concentrated on all the towers, the churches, police departments, public building and schools in the Coachella Valley.(Palm Springs and surrounding cities)
The area across the valley is three miles wide where the windmills are located. I vectored the width of the valley with TB’s every ¼ mile instant or even quick results are hard to quantify because it’s a desert the Slyphs seem to be happy eating away at the trails I put up a CB in April of 2006…I work alone so I’m not aware of any other gifters in the area
In late 2007 I started researching the largest body of water in the state the Salton Sea. It was formed from the Colorado River flooding it’s banks in 1905 after a 500 years weather cycle that saw the river raise enough to fill a depression in the land that is 140 below sea-level in the original inland sea called Lake Cahullia in 1905 Salton City was a salt mine at 140 below sea-level .the flooding of the Colorado created an inland sea that is 35 miles long and 15 miles wide and 50 feet deep imagine a 40 foot pond 1/8 of an inch deep and you have the approximate size of this sea.
It has been an important wildlife refuse and aviary the only water west of the Colorado all the way to the ocean at San Diego
I visited the Sea many times in the early and mid-seventies and then in 1978 the area flooded and most of the businesses and marina’s on the north and the east disappeared.

The Sea has unique problems it’s the bottom of a bowl that is 150 feet below sea-level so every run-off stream and canal empty’s into it the salinity or the Colorado River and the agricultural run off of two huge growing areas the lower Imperial Valley which is the second biggest food-producing area in California and the lower Coachella Valley where most of the dates, green-grapes, and seedless watermelons are grown so all of that run-off empties into the Sea also
Then comes the worst of the worst The New River and the Alamo River these two rivers are the two MOST POLLUTED RIVERS IN NORTH AMERICA and they run from south of the border at Mexicali, BAJA Mexico North into the south end of the Sea.
I visited the North Shore back in Oct. of 2007 and tried to walk to the shore I found the exoskeletons of literally million of dead fish in places piles, like sand-dunes were two feet deep and like quick sand to walk in.
The Salton Sea is in imminent danger of dying and if the pollution wasn’t bad enough the Sea has no outlet. When water gets warm, like desert warm and can’t move it grows algea the fish eat the contaminated algea and death is all around .
These sights so enraged me that I started to research what if any thing was being done about this huge problem

All the talking heads and the ‘what to think network ‘spout the same hand-wringing nothing can be done that won’t cost billions of dollars wha wha wha.!

This made me so angry that I committed to doing my part to heal the environment in this forgotten, dying place.
So in the early morning hours of a day in mid-Oct, 2007 I took the 80 mile trip to fulfill the first gifting sortie to the Salton Sea.
I found and gifted 12 -150 foot towers placed at intervals all around the west, south and east shores there are only about 2000 people who have tuffed-it-out since the flood and the fish die-off and still live around the Sea yet there are 12 massive towers and very few cell-phones to use them as I was returning home in the late afternoon I witnessed a sky criss-crossed with trails it was like huge tic-tac-toe lines in the sky I guess I got somebody’s attention with my triple-gift of each tower.
The glorious part for me was that within two weeks of that day the rains came .a desert is an area with less that 7 inches of rain in a year and we had been in a severe drought for the two-three years before that.

The lower Imperial valley is about 450 square miles of canals and irrigated fields that extend from the south shores of the Sea to the Mexican border.

For my second of three planned gifting sorties I identified 39 places where the two deadliest rivers in America crossed the roads
In the valley.
On June 10th a Tuesday I again traveled the eighty miles to the south shore of the Sea and started gifting in a grid wherever the
Roads crossed the rivers at one stop I noticed that the bridge rails were made of like 4x4 wooden beams and all the paint was pealing off from the toxicity of the waters
Mexicali is heavy industrial even looking at the place on Google Earth reveals a cloud of smog over northern Mexico.
I had with me 52 custom-made earth/water pipes with big TB’s and a 1â€? copper pipe coming out of the top each unit has a special winding around the crystal and a rare-earth magnet. IN addition I gifted a dozen HHG’s and some regular TB’s.
After I had gifted all the sites accessible on roads and was returning home I saw that it had only reached 107 degrees that day and I had traveled 260 miles.
If all goes as planned this week should start to see some improvements in the water quality of those two rivers .I have one more sortie to perform and it will be the most intense and difficult

The third will be the sea itself the biggest obstacle will be to procure a boat and in the desert that will allow me to increase my ‘intent level’ until it happens
I wanted to record this journal entry before the rivers started to clear so that at least this forum will know why when the ‘what to think network’ finally opens it’s huge myopic eye and embraces the possibilities inherent with people committed to environmental healing.

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