Gifting Capital Of WI

As gifting from Milwaukee and lake Michigan expands north,south and west…. Madison was next, it is about 80 miles west of Milwaukee. I never expected Gifting Madison would be so much fun. On our way we saw the usual: black choppers,white unmarked spook planes (they can hover)and chemplanes.When we approached the target area… we couldn’t believe our eyes! F16 fighter jets took off from the Madison airport and circled us!! Never have we felt this type of resistance from any of our missions. We knew instantly that this ‘energy vortex’ was vital to their control. The amount of haze, giant towers, weather balls, and cell towers were mind blowing. Madison sits on very high ground between a 4 lake chain. The lakes are deep and spring fed. On the highest point sits the Capital Building. (I wonder how many capitals are built on vortices)A total of 50 microwave weapons were destroyed with over 100 tbs. [Image Can Not Be Found] We only did half of the towers.Wow! Of course gifting the capital opened up a giant ‘swirl vortex’ and a monster elelmental! Can’t wait to get back and finish. I hope the F16’s greet us again. I love airshows. [Image Can Not Be Found];

Sounds awesome. Being a spoiled member of this high quality board I just cannot avoid asking: did you have a camera? [Image Can Not Be Found] Otherwise I must take a deep breath and push my pineal gland harder than usually. Already easy to tell the inevitable success of your gifting resort by the way of welcome. Some may want to hit the last nail with some EPs.

This sort of reports should on the main cover of national newspaper I think.



Yeah, front page news it is. Instead we get ‘the matrix news’.

I’m charging up my camera. Missed a lot of cool pictures……

Pineal gland secretions may work better, however [Image Can Not Be Found];

“(I wonder how many capitals are built on vortices)”

I guess the answer is ‘all of them’.

Years ago, prior to my having any knowledge of most of the subtle energy topics discussed in this forum, I read a story in one of the tabloids, National Enquirer I think it was. It had a picture of a State Capitol building – was it Nashville? No, it was Memphis! I remember the Egyptian connection. The building was up on top of a large, stepped mound of earth, the headline something like ‘Memphis Capitol building built on top of ancient pyramid?’

I looked at the picture and said ‘yep, sure is.’ Some years ago now I searched and searched the web and couldn’t find a picture that showed it clearly, nor any further comment on the topic. I believe I shall go take another look, now, see if I can dig anything up.

Funny, tried to upload a jpeg, told ‘can only upload jpg’, yada, was unable to. Here’s a pretty clear pic of the pyramid-sitting Tennessee Capitol building:

I would further note that virtually no ‘official’ images show the pyramid, or the building from afar, where that can be discerned. The image at the link above is a private person posting a picture…the only other image I could find showing the pyramid was a very old photo, and even that did not provide the crystal-clear view you see at the link I posted.

St. Peter’s in Rome, of course, documentedly sits on top of ancient temple structure upon ancient temple structure. I’ve read that there’s a hole under the current altar, literally 80, 100 feet deep, down through all the layers, all the way to the ancient, neolithic stone altar of the proto shrine.

Same ill-intended, black magic-driven telluric energy manipulation, different day.

We won’t even get into Jerusalem, ‘holiest city on Earth’ I mean ‘mouth of the underworld’.

Thanks for flipping the polarity on their maginot line-like system in Mad-town, bwahahahaha as they say on the internet.