Gifting cell towers

(jbaztan) #1

Hi Everyone, my name is Jose and I feel very lucky and happy to post some of my experiences here.

Yesterday I gifted 2 nasty big towers one of them with a LOT of drums, two mini-hospitals (clinics), and a little guy who was in the streets cleaning frontal crystal of cars, its very funny to gift like this…

The good thing is that these people I gift on the streets, they all live in those nasty neighbors where are good to gift sunday mornings, I give a tb and some money and they take it to their homes, so I dont have to go risky etc…are confirmations only seen only by human behavior back in those neighbors? since the sky is clear here I dont get those confirmations…

Later, after gifting those towers I read a post from Don and felt inmediatley related to it:

  1. Where does the electricity for these new towers actually come from, since there’s rarely any generator noise coming from the fortified concrete bunkers, which we can presume host large emergency generators? If you live in a less-developed area of Africa, by the way, you likely hear these diesel- or propane-powered generators running most of the time and there’s likely an armed guard in the enclosure.

Don, this is exactcly what we have here, a little cabin with a guard in it, and a bathroom next to him, this is how I gift these towers, I ask the guy to let me use the bathroom and I deploy the tb’s into the toilets tanks, and its constantly in water, just below the big tower, I call it “the bathroom technique” hehehe, happy to share this and eventually more, Jose