Gifting Compendium in Spanish

(Don Croft) #1

José Miguel Baztán Jiménez, a university student in Dominican Republic and a poster on EW, is the sole outspoken gifter in the entire Caribbean, aside from Dave Emmett in Barbados, which is at the eastern end of the island chain. There are a handful of others and apparently a few cloudbusters, here and there, but Jose is a shining example, not afraid to put his name behind his gifting and, in this case, translating efforts.

His translation of the Gifting Compendium is a priceless service to this grassroot network and I’m hoping it will make it much easier for Spanish speakers to get busy healing the world with orgonite.

Muchas gracias, Jose, hermanito!



(jbaztan) #2

Don, it’s great to do a work like this one! This compendium is one of the greatest gifts, it’s a priceless knwoledge and thanks to its simplicity I was able to achieve the translation succesfully, a very good esay, very easy to swallow, even for those like me who’s native language is not english. I feel fortunate in being part of trhe process of helping handing out this valuable info for spanish-speaking comunity.

At the same time I encourage and invite others that live in my country to contact me so we can make this effort together… I think building cloudbusters is a BIG step for this island, for example.