Gifting Concord NH

When I first heard of the 4 Ed and Elaine Brown Supporters being arrested I was at a loss as to what I could do to help them, BUT
the sense of loss lasted about 2 minutes when my INTUITION kicked in and said go GIFT the Federal Courthouse in Concord NH.
Everyone knows that Courthouse’s are TOXIC and full of Negativity, so what better way to help the
4 Brown Supporters than to envelope the crooked judge and his crooked AG with Orgonite while they spend the next year
Lying and Fabricating excuses to send them off to jail ?

The fun part about gifting the planet and large souces of DOR or deadly orgone is that negative people(mind controlled) with NO integrity or spine to stand up to corruption insist that Orgone Energy doesn’t exist, well then guess they don’t mind Orgonite being tossed about the planet like Johnny Appleseed did years ago with his apple seeds. [Image Can Not Be Found];

Fortunately for me and other Etheric Warriors we know Orgonite works and Orgone Energy is very real and the Universe Loves it !

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