Gifting Country Roads in Los Angeles and Kern County

Hi Everyone,

I am Actually fairly new to orgonite and gifting. I first learned about orgonite in the latter part of April this year. I was investigating the Federal Government in other areas and that is how I came into contact with orgonite.

I started gifting in very early May. I bought my first TB’s and HHG’s and in a couple of weeks was making my own TB’s.

Every day that I drive home from work I try to take different routes down country roads and dirt roads around where I live but not just where I live. I am operating in an extremely large area. In this thread I will be posting about gifting these roads and the people that live on them. I have a backlog of posting to do on this.

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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday on my way home I drove over the Sierra Crest Highway to the Angeles Forest Highway and took Aliso Canyon Road to Acton. On this trip I gifted Aliso Canyon Road the entire length and the three bridges that go over washes. In the heavy rains of 2004 one of the bridges was washed out and the road just opened since then a few months ago.

The entire length I estimate to be 6 to 7 miles long. I threw out 10 TB’s along this length and made sure to get one at all the bridges. This road does not have very many homes on it except at the end where there are quite a few in the last mile. I need to go back and do this area a little more for the people.

Pretty exciting stuff huh. Just kidding. Someone has to do it and I am taking this area I live in as my assigned area. I just moved out here 2 years ago from the big city of LA. I lived in the San Fernando Valley.

Up till this spring when I first discovered orgonite my life was in real turmoil. Mostly due to the fact that I felt helpless to make any change within our govermental system. Oh, I already knew a lot about what was going on already especially about the bacteria and virus programme to give us diseases.

Now I really do feel empowered and I know that I am empowered.

Take care and I will be back to this post soon.


P.S. Tyrants beware for yourself

William, I gifted the Angeles Crest Hwy from the Angeles Forest Hwy to Wrightwood. That’s my favorite motorcylce-riding area and after a couple of incidences of momentarily losing control of my vehicle (crashing) I figured I better do something to make the place easier on me. :O) So far it’s worked. I haven’t crashed up there since I gifted but a lot of other people have. I saw a guy down on the side of the road Saturday. I guess guys will always be crashing their bikes and cars up there, but maybe our gifts will discouage the ritual-murders and the associated body-dumping that this area has been known for.

Maybe fewer guys do crash up there because of our gifts. I’d like to think so. I have seen some weird stuff up there.

One time I was sitting on the porch at Newcomb’s Ranch, which is a restaurant/bar on the Angeles Crest Hwy about three-quarters of the way to Wrightwood, form the northern 'burbs of LA, with about four other guys, swapping lies and kicking tires. We heard a ruckus and saw a medium-sized brown bear come scurrying around the corner from behind the restaurant, drenched in cooking oil from getting into the grease pit for a snack! As he sped accross the parking lot, he left footprints from all the grease.

A buddy of ours had JUST pulled his expensive Ducati onto the roadway from the parkinglot to ride home, as the damn bear comes out of nowhere, knocks a shoulder into the guys front wheel as it scurries by, causing the guy to lose his balance and fall over in slow-motion, leaving his bike on it’s side in the middle of the road. The bear clamored through the brush and trees on the far-side of the road, disappearing down the mountainside, leaving us laughing like hyenas and our buddy going, WTF???!!!

Ya can’t over-gift!

I think I’m going riding tomorrow.

Hi Everyone,

I put together my new CB today and put it out. CB base kit from Andy. Thanks Andy for getting it done so fast. I am sure it will do a world of good. BTW the price of copper has gone down quite a bit.


Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2006 1:29 am Post subject:

Hi Everyone This was a gifting trip I did on Aug 24, on the way home from work.

I am so excited I got my first shipment of earth pipes today. I can’t wait to start planting them. I made a lot of tb’s this past weekend also so I can use them at the same time.

On the way home today I did carpet bombed Auga Dulce Road between SR14 and Sierra Highway. For those of you in SOCAL I am sure you know where that is. It is always an adventure out here. So many roads that I can take to go home.

So take care everyone and good gifting,


Hi Everyone,

This weekend I was able to spend some time at the Antelope Valley Fair Grounds In Lancaster, CA.

I have done some extensive gifting of this area this past summer.

Nearby to the grounds are an array of six radio transmitter towers plus various other cell towers. All were gifted.

I had the pleasure this weekend to introduce a young couple to orgonite. I gave them about a dozen TB’s and told them what to do with them as well as give thm literature on orgonite and explain how it works.

That I feel was productive. Hopefully they will take the orgonite back to San Diego and do some gifting. I told them I would give them more anytime. I will boost them for sometime in this effort.

Take Care,