Gifting Emilia, Tuscany, Liguria regions with photo reports

Hello, three photo archives of places I have gifted in North Italy in three neighborhood regions Emilia, Tuscany, Liguria.
Firstly I after starting gifting in 2010 a bit in London, than Milan and Lombardy, after about a year I was linked to two lady gifters from Genoa (Giuliana and Emanuela) that had already started gifting locally and owend a CB, so we did in the Liguria region a Celtic sacred mountain with many antennas called Mount Beigua. Then another time us three joined with an early gifter from Salerno (Vittorio) that is also the author of the very good website which is about orgone and gifting, and we gifted the harbour near the aquarium and the antennas on the hills for which there was a dramatic effect on the whiteout in the sky made of artificial clouds and had some interfering synchronicity of encounters. And we went on gifting inland in the Trebbia valley where we also did a radar ball, and an array all the way inside near the Piacenza area in Emilia, we also gidted the array of Portofino which is on the easter side coast of Genoa.
I did other trips to meet the gifters in Genoa and separately with managed to do other smaller arrays on other hills.
Years later I did the estuary of the river Magra with about 5 kg of tbs and the Mount Parodi antennas not so thoroughly though which are both in the area of the ligurian city of La Spezia near the border of Tuscany and Emilia. These various missions achieved the results that all catastrophic weather precipitation of earlier years that caused damage and destruction ceased.
In the Emilia region I started gifting on my own firstly in Piacenza during 2012 drought, then again with Giuliana, then I moved further south with a friend (Pietro) we did our first mountain array of antennas near San Pellegrino Parmense and other antennas. With the same friend we did another mission in the val Reno near Bologna, we gifted in the Sasso Marconi, Marzabotto, and Monte Sole on a site of a SS genocide. We had good sky confirmations with the sky gettting clear and the flat greay blankets clouds changing in white rounded puffy clouds. We tourned on ourself after the Castle of Savignano and went to gift Mount Formiche sanctuary antennas and the Mount Armato back in the area of Bologna.
I did other gifting on my own in the Emilia region in various valley including the rock of Bismantova a flat elevation mount which is part of the protected UN natural regions. The rock of Canossa, Cervarezza, arrays near the city of Reggio Emilia, the Cisa Pass, the Aulla, Podenzano, Arzelato which are toward overthe appenines range descenidn toward the coast. The arrays in Serramazzoni, Faeto, Festino, the Mount Venere, Monzuno, Lake Brasimone enregy research center, Val Savena, the Futa Pass near tuscany at the German war cemetery and antenna, Monghidoro, etc. Did gifting in other valleys Val Nure, Val Grue, Val Tidone, Val Groppallo, I observed that gifting sites during a clear sky scenario can sometimes land to the formation of small clouds in the sky above the gifted sites.
In the same year I also did a trip with Pietro to Tuscany and with did the 20 antennas on mount Serra near the city of Pisa, a few hhgs in the river Arno in the city of Pisa and also on later occasion on my own, then we went gifting south in Piombino an array which i later read gifting in that area was done before by some German gifters, and all his antennas around, I then went to Tuscany on another 5 trips during 2015 2016 and touched again Piombino doing the harbour and the Etruscan city and bay of Populonia, on a beach I- experimented buring three earthpipes closed togheter, then and array over Florence the mount Morello, the Mugello area, the Maremma area doing the arrays of Argentario on the coast which needs another addition to the couple of farthest antennas, inland the Nusenna antenna, the highest mountain of volcanic orign the Mount Amiata, then the antennas near the Roman Etruscan site of Roselle, some gifting in the city of Grosseto and other various sites in the Maremma region such as Montieri, Tirli, the radar of Poggioballone, Follonica, Massa Marittima, San Vincenzo, Rosignano Solvay chemical plant, three bridges on the river Arno in the center of Florence, Viareggio, Ronta, the mouth of the river Arno with three large HHGs, the canals and outskirts of the city of Livorno, the radar in Valbenedetta, the arrays of Carrara Santa Lucia Fontia and the one on Campocecina where there is also a monument Shoa park over the marble caves of Carrara. Did also 40 km east of Florence an important moutain array the Monte Secchietta Valleombrosa. The carsic lake of Accesa.
On some of these mountains I did gift also in the forest if there was site of interest or also like on mount Amiata an erratic rock of triangular shape that happened to have a large black foulard on the ground made of red five point stars.
I also gifted on two occasions with pleasure some of the Val Cecina in Tuscany geothermical electrical plants using earthpipes and tbs and hhgs and seen shilps and clouds creations.
There are some maps in the photo blogs shown below, some maps are just geometric alignments. I had discovered a equilateral triangle of sites .
Te bulk of the gifting was done using basic aluminum and quartz or mixed with rose quartz, sometimes amethysts or lapislazuli or obsidiane or silver was added, I have used not more than 40-50 earth pipes made with alluminium pipes and of course various pyramids and cones.
In various occasion some support with the material from older gifters from France Germany and some founding too from people from the Ethericwarriors forum.
In the beginning I uesd to hide in bushes or fling orgonite then I started more systematically to burying them.
I used to post all the gifting reports on the old Ethericwarriors forum before one day the webmaster was deceased and contemporaneously the website mysteriously disappeared, during the time of activity I shifted the blogs or servers for the images, now a collection of them are available in these three photo blogs below.

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There are some news that gifting is continuing by random special people, like a new CB was installed i the country side near Milan by a 70 yrs lady that intends also to do some neighbor antennas, and a couple of hundred tbs by a engeneer from Bergamo

Thank you for posting this @Silvio, these accounts are inspirational, and shows just how much orgonite is still needed and continues to change the world.

Great images too, this is a collection of well-made orgonite.

It looks like the forum missed you!

Also I did in Tuscany a bit of gifting on the array of Camaiore Pedona, and in Liguria in the 5 Terre in coastal places called Bonassola and Framura.
Regarding earthpipes if the soil is hard the metal can bend under the hammer, I used 1 mm thick aluminium of diameter of at least 40mm and put a piece of rubber on top of the EP to act as a silencer, and first digged most of the hole with a crowbar then inserted the EP and hammer only to finish inserting the EP.
Lately I made a batch of tbs using clear quartz, rose quartz and shungite grains they feel strong, in the past I received tbs from Gerrmany that had also gold leaf and mixed metals they felt quite harmonious.
Today in town there was a large bird hovering high above a place I gifted yesterday with antenna next to a geriatric hospital and vaccination site, for me a confirmation that gifting still matters at least in the heaven.

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Great work! Still gifting here. Looking at great lakes map now.