Gifting Forts - Last week I have gifted two old forts in my neighbourhood

24 May 2008

Last week I have gifted two old forts in my neighbourhood. They are part of the Dutch “Waterlinie” – a defence system by which the military could flood large parts of land, thus making it inaccessible for troops and cavalry to move forward. Of course, this was no longer of use when airplanes made their entry in war.

Fort Everdingen is still in hands of the states Department of Defence, but fort Asperen has been handed over to the National Department, as cultural heritage – for this will be the policy on all the Dutch forts in the coming years. Most forts will be restored for recreational exploitation or surrounding land reshaped to make more room for river tides.

Gifting both forts was on my long term to-do-list. But it wasn’t until we took a closer look at possible locations for weather manipulation, that we suspected fort Asperen to be a possible HAARP target (not confirmed yet). Surely, those forts were mainly build underground. And recreation can be a great cover up for increase of personnel activity. Just follow the money, right?!

Anyhow, we didn’t get around asking the psychics for confirmation on possible HAARP activities at Asperen. For during last weeks chat, Dooney and Stevo discovered that my bad physical condition was partly caused by junk energy, beamed to stop me at forehand from gifting the forts. Though both forts could do with earth pipes, Everdingen was a target for sure. This may sound like a very straightforward thing to act upon. But since there is a lot of turmoil going on in my life, which might explain my condition – and the forts being very serene and lovely places to spend time in nature, I needed some time to adjust to the idea.

(photos’s fort Everdingen and fort Asperen)
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Gifting can be very mind bending. Especially when you get confirmations on the spot. Being in a bad shape, I took several trips to gift both forts. On my first trip to Everdingen I rested by the canal side for a while, to watch a man – who had walked by – hide himself in the bushes! Now he could have been a bird watcher.

But on my next trip to Everdingen, another man was definitely waiting for me on the bridge at the far end of the canal, the only spot where I could pass over. He had a too well trained body to be a normal fisherman or hiker and had no gear besides a mobile phone in the middle of nature. Leaning against the fence, his back to the river view, he kept gazing and gave me fierce looks when I greeted him. From my work in prison, I definitely recognize when I am checked out for security reasons.

At the other side of the fort – the only spot where you can access the road to walk around – a guy in tourist outfit startled at my sight and couldn’t decide if he’d greet me or pluck his camera for appearance sake. When I went to fetch my bike, he followed me around the fort’s road to hastily grab his bike and race away. Funny place for him to park his bike off-road in the woods. Both men probably split up to make sure I crossed their paths. I saw no-one else besides them.

A more welcoming kind of confirmation was the cuckoo bird who followed me around! Birds really give clues sometimes. This cuckoo almost lured me to a quit place where I could gift more easily and stopped his ongoing cuckoo-ing at the very moment I was done. He later flew next to me – again loudly cuckooing – when I rode home passing another small fort. This small fort is 1km apart from Everdingen and residence of “krakers” (: Dutch anarchists who are allowed to claim empty buildings to live in). Surely the two forts are connected by old underground tunnels. Their parked cars (SUV’s!!) and other activity also make great cover for possible personnel entrance. I also took a picture of this cloud above fort Everdingen, half an hour after gifting.


(photo’s cuckoo and cloud)
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