Gifting High Mast Lighting

In order to understand the magnitude of the vast network one must first understand the STEALTHINESS OF SOME OF IT’S WEAPONS.
A good friend of mine recently requested that I do another post concerning the subject of the high lighting masts because many of our gifting advocates may not be aware of their place in the network. You can put a tb in the cement base of these lights (when the base of the lamp is raised about 2 inches over the cement foundation) and push it through a small screen covering an opening. These masts are an extension of the weather control network and are supposed to have surveillance cameras located in the top near the actual light bulbs. I am not sure of the purpose of the small antennas at the top of each individual mast, but the entire unit is a dangerous radiation producing antenna at the very least.

The first post I did a few years ago can be found here:

We have seen a few excellent posts that show cell tower technology evident in buildings, signs, artificial trees, church steeples and other structures. I seriously doubt we know the entire scope of this subject.
I remember when I was a kid we played with walkie talkies and a friend told me we could put the antenna on an artificial Christmas tree made of METAL and the entire tree could be used as an antenna improving the range of the walkie talkie. As far as I remember it worked.
The point I am trying to make is that UNGIFTED areas pose a considerable higher risk to citizens because the UNGIFTED ANTENNAS would be using everything made of metal as AN EXTENSION OF THEIR WEAPONRY unbknownst to the PJ populace!

Please share your intuitive hunches and other related data here if you like.

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Here are some excellent comments in reference to this post from another good friend of mine:

ANyway, personally I never saw antennas over the light masts but them masts are bad enough even without. My contribution is that even cars body work are metal, add that cars have theri onw antennas and these days they have gps, drivers and passengers with mobile and other wi-fi gadgets. The digital car radio ….
One other thing is bus and bus stops, they must all be connected to a network because the bus stops are able to display the waiting time for the bus arrivial. So there is a gps on the bus, and the bus is likely also to be connected to the “central” and police for security. Likewise are trains, trams. Domestically i feel the tv decoder or tv set send various frequencies that may affect the viewer brain, (probably this needs to be checked with a reputable energy sensitive).