Gifting Hong Kong

Hello all,

As I’m about to leave Hong Kong for 3 weeks holiday, time has come for me to let you know what has happened in the past 2 months, here in Hong Kong.

The first time I heard about orgonite was in end of March this year. I read a lot abot it, asked far too many questions to some, it seems, but I’ve made my way to what I know to this day.

Mid May, I received my CB from orgonize Africa (Georg) and installed it in my kitchen(!) under Don’s (Croft) advice by mail. Yes, space is scarce in HK and living in a house is kind of luxury Tongue out and since I wanted to try if CBs work I had no other choice but putting it in my kitchen. Cooking and going around is not easy since kitchen here are extremely small, but who cares hey? Wink

Anyway, the day I set up the cloudbuster was a fine day, hot and rather dry for once. And within hours all changed for … 3 weeks. We had torrential rain. Government official warnings were set at few times and from my window I was looking in complete awe how black the clouds were, that is when I could see something outside heheheLaughing

Suddenly, a week ago, things changed and since then we had few showers but the sky is mainly BLUE with beautiful puffy white clouds that look like sheeps in the sky Laughing and the weather is rather dry , something we only have during september-December season.

I waited that long before posting because I wanted to observe things before making a conclusion. I still think it is a bit early to do so even, but my heart sings to know it brings joy to the 5-6 millions of people here.

I am also being on zapper since that CB D. Day and I make no conclusion yet, few things have changes indeed but I want proof that it also works on big stuff.

I have talked of orgonite around me, and the response is rather … positive. I also started to distribute TBs for people to put at home (since I haven’t learned yet to make HHG). People don’t care about the shape, sicne I tell them it is good for them, they are very happy taking them home. Some of my chinese friends are helping me setting up an informative website on orgonite in english/ cantonese/french … well I hope it is a bit informative at least!

We had problems in finding resin and aluminum scraps and still do, but we make things slowly as they come to us, with a chinese friend of mine. We started to make TBs (also in my flat) a week or so ago. Tomorrow is a big day for us. We’re going to do our first gifting, behind my place on the mountain. There are quite a few micro-wave towers cooking our brains! I want to gift that before going to France.

I’m leaving this Sunday for a 3 weeks holiday back to France at my mother’s place and she gave me permission to … put a CB in the yard. Oh LORD! You bet I just can’t wait to see what it’s going to make … ahahaha. I am also planning to gift relays, dolmens and menhirs (at least those I know), churches … around her place.

I will maybe not have access to internet so I’ll let you know about all this when I come back.

I have many other “gifting” plans in mind upon my return to HK, among which gifting all around The Peak, all around that wonderful port and the waters towards the outlying islands, giving orgonite balls to our local pink dolphins and many more… but these I’ll let you know about when time comes.

I will end this message by saying thank you from the bottom of my heart to Don for all the support he gave me through emails, to Georg, for his wonderful products and all my friends in HK that help me in this quest, with no other motive than helping each other.

The best to all.