Gifting in Belgrade, Serbia

Dear Don, You might remember me, I’m from Belgrade (Serbia) and you’ve helped me with a zapper advice about a half year ago. I just wanted to say Hi and let you know I’m in the process of distributing orgonite in my city, since early July (took me long to start). I made a cloudbuster too, and it seems to work as advertised

The sky used to be mostly gray from chemtrails but now it’s very clear blue or it quickly returns to blue even on the days of the heaviest spray attacks. Also a light rain occurs regularly every couple of days which clears the atmosphere even more. I’m not sure if I can notice any effects of my ground and water gifting though. I’ll keep it up and we’ll see. It is interesting that there are almost no towers here, only a two or three dozen at most, for a city of two million. And they seem totally legit to me -erected in the late '90s cell phone outbreak. That is certainly strange when I read there are many more of those in much poorer countries, in Africa and even on Himalayas. Maybe the people here are already so thoroughly beaten down that we don’t qualify for electronic mind control. Of all the calamities in recent years and decades, this treasonous marionette government is definitely the worst, with its false democracy and deceitful propaganda of globalism and consumerism, a complete opposite to Serb national spirit, all in the face of rapidly increasing poverty and pillage of national wealth. Serbia is now probably in the worst condition ever in its history and the free fall is continuing.The nation’s psyche is split in two, one half successfully deceived and the other defeated, going with the flow in apathy, without enough strength to reclaim integrity and power. It seems that no leftist activism or rebellion has any chance of rebirth here either, perhaps not until we crash right down into hell’s bottom. I do have faith, this is simply the reality at present. Like USA, Serbia is home to some of the best people in the world as well as to some of the worst. In fact this duality is so characteristic of us that we should put it on our coat of arms or something. That and the “no waking up until we reach the bottom” historical pattern. We never had a respectable Constitution like the USA but the faith and traditional values are lofty and mostly uncorrupted. Anyway, me and my girlfriend haven’t had any interference yet and there probably isn’t much danger for us here because this country has never been a NWO stronghold and the “chosen few” are too busy with transition to ultraliberal capitalism to worry about anything else (but it is known that there is an open season for 3-letter agencies to go after bigger targets, like the Serbian nationalist defiants). It’s also possible that we’re doing something wrong, or ineffectively. We are gridding the city, mostly not targeting anything in particular, and seriously I’m not sure of the quality of orgonite I make (how could I know?). I also feel the CB doesn’t work in full effect because it doesn’t make holes in the clouds and it does not directly disperse the trails above it (instead I see it preventing them from evolving into the “soup” phase). I live on 4th floor and keep the CB on my balcony, not sure how to ground it. Do you know, how much orgonite is needed for uranium contaminated locations? Okay, that’s enough for now… I’m happy to see you are doing well Don, congratulations for what you have accomplished in Florida! And yeah thank you for what you Are, for the courage and inspiration, for orgonite, for calling so many people to fight. And for drawing our attention to the sky, there is one whole world up there! If you have any advice or questions, I’d love to hear them of course. Best regards, Igor ===============================================================
Igor, it’s great to hear from you! It’s been a lot of years since we corresponded but I still think of you often. The reason we keep Etheric Warriors is so that isolated gifters like yourself can measure their own effectiveness and confirmations, of course. Most folks who gift, even many who gift entire cities and regions, choose not to participate in forum efforts, of course, but these represent the vast majority and most of them keep tabs on how this network is developing, at least. Thanks for letting me know about the absence of death towers in Belgrade! The only other cities that I’m aware of which also have few or no death towers are in Russia, including Moscow. Ljubljana, which used to be part of Yugoslavia, apparently has a lot of towers, though Meta has probably gifted them all by now. I haven’t heard from anyone in the other countries that were part of Yugoslavia. It’s possible that the Russian government started distributing cloudbusters and orgonite extensively, four years ago. I doubt the lack of towers indicates successful mind control, since these are apparently not for mind control, per se: they seem to rather be for increasing deadly energy in the atmosphere, also to enable a small military/police force to disarm and control large numbers of people. The ‘disarming’ part wouldn’t apply in most countries, of course. You might be seeing some hopeful signs in the areas of the city that you’ve grid-gifted. Pay attention to the behavior and attitudes of the inhabitants, okay? This is one of the keys to acquiring empowering confirmations. The best confirmation, otherwise, is what you’ve already seen, which is the clearing of the sky, frequent gentle rainfall and the failure of chemtrails to destroy these positive developments. Before, chemtrails had consistently obliterated rainclouds and blue sky. We enourage folks to look beyond standard paradigms, such as communism and fascism (capitalism) because the solutions for humanity’s old problems are coming from another, new direction and these are characterized by grassroot, empowering efforts like ours. Centralized power has always been a root cause of evil in the world, of course, because it signals disempowerment of individuals. It may be that before long you’ll discover that you have a new confidence and hopefulness. This sort of creeps up on persistent gifters. Maybe there are a thousand potential Nicola Teslas in Serbia now and maybe they’ll be encouraged by your wonderful efforts to stop hiding under a basket [Image Can Not Be Found] Many cultures like yours and mine are a result of programmed schizophrenia but now is the time for healing, as many are seeing. If you’re adding a full volume of metal to resin and including even a tiny bit of crystal in each ‘field piece,’ then you can be confident that you’re getting the job done. Frankly, this can all be accomplished without crystals but it would take twice as much orgonite to get the same results. The more appropriate use of gems, minerals and crystals in orgonite is for personal use, not for environmental healing. One is less likely to create blue holes with a cloudbuster in an urban area, by the way, but as your gifted area expands, those blue holes will likely start occurring. It’s probably helpful for you to see how long it takes for the spew to disappear. Most gifters don’t have the patience for that but you apparently remember when the chemtrails spread out to cover the sky and destroy all of the cloudcover, so you have a good comparison. Most folks who have just recently noticed chemtrails didn’t notice them, before, when they were actually a threat. A cloudbuster doesn’t need to be grounded, by the way. I guess we knew that, before, but the little CB we used in our boat busted up some huge thunderstorms in our path, many times, and was applauded by some of the most dramatic and brightest Sylph displays we’ve ever seen. Please watch for Sylphs because they will show you when the energy balance in your atmosphere has shifted over to the positive side. The first Sylphs will seem tentative, then they’ll get bigger and more impressive along with the expansion of your gifted territory. We’re the etheric infantry on the ground and after the Sylphs get established, they’re the etheric Air Force, along with the white lenticular clouds which are generated by the fine energy of The Operators lovely ships. It’s fun to watch Sylphs ‘eat’ chemtrail remnants. If/when you get a chance to spend some time at the shore or in a boat on the sea, you may have the opportunity to cultivate a working relationship with dolphins and/or whales by distributing orgonite. This is yet another powerful confirmation of orgonite’s power and it helps us know that this gifting network is an essential part of a very vast, timeless one. Here’s where science becomes indistinguishable from spirituality. Anyone can get to know dolphins and whales now, we believe, but some patience and intelligent, persistent effort may be required… I think that when you distribute orgonite in the areas where treasonous American pilots dropped those uranium-laden bombs on your city you’re also going to get some very fine confirmations of orgonite’s (and your) power to heal our world. Pay attention to how you and others feel in those locations, before and shortly after you gift there. Toss as much orgonite as you feel is appropriate, of course. This is the only way you’re going to be able to gauge orgonite’s effects. Too much is better than too little but persistent experimenting will show you how much is ‘enough’ for a particular application. We generally put one simple towerbuster (30CC or so) per city block but we put one on each of our neighbor’s property for two hundred meters all around in order to protect ourselves from the Fudds’(slang for ‘alphabet soup–three-letter–agents’) interference, though of course that’s only partial protection. You’re very fortunate to live in a country where these sewer rats don’t feel inclined to interfere with gifters. Meta, in nearby Slovenia, also enjoys this benefit. We discovered, years ago, that it doesn’t take a lot of orgonite to neutralize radioactive material in the environment, just as it takes very little orgonite to cure the sicknesses that radioactive material causes in people. Some of what I’m saying buggers people’s credulity but anyone who will expend the effort will get the same confirmations that Carol and I, and many others, have achieved. It’s becoming clear that Pajama People lose interest in supporting centralized power when orgonite has been distributed where they live. The WorldOdor, which is characterized by centralized power, has to rely on terror and schizophrenia in order to get support from the masses, of course, and orgonite reduces that. We’re also diligent in our regular efforts to interfere with government-terrorist plots because this, too, hastens the demise of the World Odor. Part of their scam has been to get people to assume that these problems you mentioned are national problems and that globalism is inherently bad. Rather, these old problems are endemic within the human specie so only a planetary, grassroot solution will ultimately resolve them and this indicates widespread, spontaneous individual empowerment and responsibility. The World Odor’s cancerous version of globalism (as modeled nationally by communism, theocracy and capitalism/fascism) won’t be achieved because too many of us are awakening now and taking positive steps to end tyranny and choose cooperation and synergy, instead. In the World Odor’s version of globalism all national identities would be forecefully erased, as the American government and missionaries attempted to erase Indian cultures. In the more organic, current underlying process of world unity, cultural distinctions are appreciated and even celebrated, adding to the richness of our realization of what humanity is. After millennia of intermarriage and cultural cross-pollinization we’ll develop an inconceivably beautiful identity as a planetary culture and maybe our progeny, by then, will physically resemble classical Hawaiians. We’ve all been programmed to be terrified of ‘losing our national identity’ by the very people who have destroyed all national sovereignty in the past few decades and this is just one of the many aspects of the programmed schizophrenia that typifies how the World Odor has gained influence in recent centuries, of course. It’s time for us all to stop swallowing these freaks’ baited hooks, I think. ~Don

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