Gifting in France

Hello everyone,

I just came back from 3 weeks holiday in France. This trip was a test on orgonite since I only can find proof by myself. I have been named Nostradamus and Professor Tournesol (in Tintin comics) by my family, but everyone paid lots of attention and participated to my experiments with orgonite while I was there. They carry on monitoring things, now. I have to say people were extremely open to orgonite when I talked about it, it was very strange J of course there was little smiles but the overall is very positive!

On 26/06/2006, we burried TB’s all around the property where my parents live, and below their very old linden tree that is rather sick for a year.

On 28/06/2006 I installed a CB in the garden. I noticed the blue hole above the CB in the garden. I also noticed “melting” clouds just above the CB but I wanted others to see so I asked my mother to come over for the second cloud and she was stunned to see it works! and it brings a question: “Does the CB “sucks” the humidity out from the cloud and redistribute it into the Earth?”
I took pictures of chemtrails above where my parents live, I pointed the CB onto the trail and it made a hole in the trail hehehe , that was strange to see.

I had a great time and I was pretty lazy, so my trip was not a gifting safari. Since I had no car to go errands, my mother (drove her car) and a friend joined us to place orgonite in Charente river (nearby my mother’s place) in other rivers, in the countryside and nearby villages where phone relays stand.
There is a serious drought in France that started just before I reached there. However on 04/07/2006 we had a very violent storm and I was not at my parents place byt about 40kms away. The next day the well which we now monitor went up by 9cm which is great. Then the drought went on and still goes on. The level of the well dropped again but stabilised itself around 82cm despite the heat and extreme field watering (by the farmers). I will update the well level in here, every month, so that we can see if the CB in the garden has any incidence with the underground water level.

Date Depth in metre Weather

26/06/06 0.75 drought
29/06/06 0.68 drought
30/06/06 0.8 drought
30/06/06 0.72 drought
1/7/06 0.78 drought
2/7/06 0.77 rainy – sunny / hot
3/7/06 0.74 sunny / hot
4/7/06 0.74 very strong storm
5/7/06 0.83 rainy stormy
5/7/06 0.87 cool
6/7/06 0.87 rainy
7/7/06 0.95 sunny
8/7/06 0.94 sunny / hot
9/7/06 0.91 overcast
10/7/06 0.91 drought
11/7/06 0.87 drought
11/7/06 0.83 drought
12/7/06 0.81 drought
13/7/06 0.83 drought
14/7/06 0.81 drought
15/7/2006 0.82 drought
16/7/2006 0.82 drought

I had the chance to enter a XIIth century church in the countryside and gift below the pedestal right in front of the altar inside the church… hehehe

I also gifted a XIIth century chapel in the cemetary where my father is buried.

5 HHG have been distributed and they are now in different places in France.

I have no contact with people gifting in France, if anyone has, please contact me.


Didier Mollé

Here is the latest update on the well depth, where my mother lives.

Date Depth Weather

7/16/06 0.82 drought
7/17/06 0.82 drought
7/18/06 0.83 drought
7/19/06 0.79 drought
7/20/06 0.77 drought
7/21/06 0.79 drought
7/22/06 0.8 drought – dam opening
7/23/06 0.83 drought
7/24/06 0.84 drought
7/25/06 0.9 drought
7/26/06 0.93 a bit of rain
7/27/06 0.84 a bit of rain
7/28/06 0.85 sunny / hot
7/29/06 0.84
7/30/06 0.83
7/31/06 0.83
8/1/06 0.83
8/2/06 0.83 heavy rain
8/3/06 0.9 overcast
8/4/06 0.89 cool and overcast

Few days show without any weather type, because I had forgotten to ask my mother to let me know as well, that will be recorded too, from now on.

Dam opening = the Charente river dam was opened to let water coming downstream

What I can say is that, so far despite the very hot weather the well is remaining stable, the depth has even increased during the drought.

Plus, there was heavy rain this week and that has really cooled down the temperature .

Since we started monitoring the well, the highest depth was recorded on 3rd of August.

I was reading some of Don post and my attention was caught by something: Don mentionned about those agents who wanted to use a sniff dog to check his boat boat and that reminded me of some stange event that happened to me when flying back from France to Hong Kong on July 15th 2006:

I was at the aiport and went through the customs. In my bag pack For the past 8 years I always carried my computer cable connections , toiletries and was NEVER EVER checked. This time was the first timeI was asked to open my my hand luggage after going through the metal checker gate and the X-ray machine. The lady checked me, then my bag, asked me to open it, check even my toiletry. I joked with her and said: “Do I really look like a terrorist?” She smiled and she said:" Not at all, we sometimes check passengers".

She then asked me to wait for a while and came back with a strange stick and a cloth at the end of it, she started to wipe her stick inside my bag, so I naively asked her what it was for. She replied "It is an explosive detector … !!!

<img border=“0” alt=“Surprised” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-surprised.gif” />

She finished checking and let me go.

Another strange thing occured this week at my mother’s in France. They have quite a difficult relationship with the landlady. The former landlady was an old lady my mother was always making sure she’s fine since they live in the countryside and the old lady was living alone. They were sharing the same old farm but living in two sides of it, no door connection. The old lady died few years back and her daughter inherited the house. The son of that old lady lives in the same village and is very close and kind to my mother. The daughter has always been driven by money, living in the countryside and is a pretty nasty being. Therefore , many problems occured since the daughter became the landlord.

As I said in one of my post, we gifted the four corners of the property in June 2006. Last week the landlady offered my cousin to stay in the grand mother’s house for summer time for a very modest sum of money (which is already incredible when you know her). She also asked my mother if they would mind painting the shutters (my mother had asked her before and and her request was very bluntly denied). But this time, that nasty woman said she would provide the paint and will pay my mother and her boyfriend hand to hand for the work they would do. She’s going to give them the equivalent of one monthly rent which is not bad at all!!! My mother said she doesn’t understand why she suddenly became so kind, she never saw her like that before. When I told her maybe orgonite helped, she said she thought of it but she’s not sure [Image Can Not Be Found]


Didier [Image Can Not Be Found]

Here is the latest update of the well.

Date depth weather type

8/4/06 0.89 cool (almost cold) and overcast
8/5/06 0.85 cool (almost cold) and overcast
8/6/06 0.86 cool (almost cold) and overcast
8/7/06 0.86 cool (almost cold) and overcast
8/8/06 0.84 cool (almost cold) and overcast
8/9/06 0.83 cool (almost cold) and overcast
8/10/06 0.8 cool (almost cold) and overcast
8/11/06 0.76 cool (almost cold) and overcast
8/12/06 0.76 cool (almost cold) and overcast

An interesting thing: Two days after the heavy rain (which was on August 2nd 2006) the well starts fluctuating and from the 08th of August there is less and less water, even the weather is rather mild, we could even say cold for the season where my parents live. Let’s see how it goes … more in a week or so!


Depsite a cool and overcast weather, regular rain the well depth has decreased. This is rather stange.

8/13/06 0.78 cool (almost cold) and overcast
8/14/06 0.73 cool (almost cold) and overcast
8/15/06 0.73 cool (almost cold) and overcast
8/16/06 0.73 cool (almost cold) and overcast
8/17/06 0.73 cool (almost cold) and overcast
8/18/06 0.75 rainy and cool
8/19/06 0.75 rainy and cool


Hello everyone,

Here is this week update on the well.

  1. The weather has tremendously cooled down since I installed the cloudbuster in my mother’s garden. The weather is rather mild and cool almost cold at night and morning times. It is also raining quite a lot since the 18th of August and we can see an effect on the well level Laughing be it from natural level or water release from the dam, they both mean there is more water in the river! I’m sure we’ll see the real effect of the cloudbuster when autumn comes (that is when all those farmer stop pumping water from the rivers!)

  2. There is a new concern, so serious that it was shown in the news in France. Some people go to houses, farms and any building at night and steal anything copper! One of my aunt heard people checking on her property during one night but since she’s pretty old she was very scared and didn’t dare going out (which anyone will understand!). Now, my mother and her companion are fearing for the cloudbuster … ahahaha We’ll see if anything happens.

Despite the rain in the past 9 days, there was no increase of water level until this morning when it litteraly “had jumped” by 10cm. We’ll see how it goes next week

8/20/06 0.83 rainy and cool
8/21/06 0.8 rainy and cool
8/22/06 0.8 rainy and cool
8/23/06 0.8 rainy and cool
8/24/06 0.8 rainy and cool
8/25/06 0.83 rain
8/26/06 0.93 rain

Hello to all,

Before I go on with the well update, <strong>I have an incident to report and have no idea if it can be linked to orgonite or not and I’d be happy to have people’s input if they have any.</strong>

a 4.2 magnitude earthquake stroke west of France, 18 km NE of Cognac, just SE of Matha city at 22:00 local time (UT: 20:00) on 24th of August 2006
• Latitude : 45.85°N
• Longitude : 0.21°W

That earthquake has been felt in a 50kms diametre around its epicentre. The problem is there is usally no significant earthquake in this area, the last one was in Septembre 1972 in Oleron island (further West) and the previous one in Septembre 1935 in Balzac city (further South East of the actual epicentre). The only link could be the number orf years which is roughly the same (37 and 34 years span).

My mother lives 38km away from the present epicentre of the earthquake and they heard a “very loud rumbling thunder sound” but felt no shaking. As for my nephew, born and raised in Reunion Island (where there is a very active volcano), he was reading in his bedroom on the first floor, jumped off his bed stormed down, and said “Did you just feel the earthquake?” He didn’t say “hear” but “feel” which means he felt the shaking.
That’s it for the earthquake story.

Another incident that is most probably linked to orgonite. My mother’s house was packed with people all over summer time until last tuesday. And one’s more it seems there was some strange behavioral effect on people. I believe kids have less armor/shield than we adults have so it is easier to see changes in them than in us.

One of my cousin’s 10 yo kid is rather difficult. He is very clumsy, breaks everything he touches (without purpose), is deprived of affection and fairness (divorced parents, grand parents don’t like him, his two brothers always plotting against him …) He has lots of anger, resentment and fear, I understand him so well and that breaks my heart… My mother and I love the child as we can see he has a pure heart and only needs what anyone needs in this world … LOVE! Whenever he is with us he is very affectionate, tender, and likes to help us, he barely talks with his grand parents (my uncle and aunt) who favours the eldest son. During his one month summer stay at my mother’s house, he did NOT fight with the other kids (4 of them) while he is always at war with anyone. My mother said to me he always gave a black eye to his brothers but didn’t fight and had a wonderful time with my two nephews (my bro’s sons).

I can’t help thinking I should have told my mother to give HIM a towerbuster as a gift, since it’s all what we have left at my mother’s place to give out. He could have brought it back to his house in Grasse (South of France). As soon as I’m operational for HHG making, I’ll make one that I’ll send him as a personal gift, and hope it will brighten up the little fellow’s life

Now, the well update:

8/27/06 0.93 wind
8/28/06 0.93 wind
8/29/06 0.93 wind
8/30/06 0.98 sunny
8/31/06 0.97 sunny
9/1/06 0.88 sunny
9/2/06 0.98 cloudy

You will notice that the well reached TWICE the level of 0.98cm and it is the end of summer … a time when the river is usually drained of its very own life!!!


Hello All,

I’m sure I posted a report last week but it has vanished, it seems! Anyway as you’ll see below, the well had its ups and downs.

I called my mother today and she gave me some updates AND comments:

  • It’s raining cats and dogs in France, few regions are flooded with more than a metre of water in their houses.

  • My mother and her companion do not understand why they suddenly had to add a 1,5 metre rope extension to the existing one (which was more than 10m long). it seems the well is deeper than before (!) not by 10cm but at least by a metre. I will say that when we had that big storm while I was in France, I also was stunned by the fact that I had to put my arm down as far as I could because the rope was not long enough (and before there was enough rope coming out of the well !!!). I’d be happy if someone could tell me why a rope can be more than a 1m shorter for no reason!

In the past four days the well has gone up from 0.75cm to 1.51m deep!!! This will tell you how much rain felt.

Since she’s getting quite updated on what to ask, now, she went to see one of their neighbour (a farmer) and asked him if “by chance” the dam water gates of Charente river had been opened. He bluntly replied: “As if you tought that was necessary to open those gates! Haven’t you seen all the rain we had in the past few days?”

9/3/06 0.93 overcast
9/4/06 0.93 overcast
9/5/06 0.88 overcast
9/6/06 0.87 overcast
9/7/06 0.85 sunny
9/8/06 0.82 sunny / windy
9/9/06 0.8 cloudy
9/10/06 0.8 hot and cloudy
9/11/06 0.75 cloudy
9/12/06 0.76 hot and cloudy
9/13/06 0.75 hot and cloudy
9/14/06 1.1 thunder / rain
9/15/06 1.2 rain
9/16/06 1.51 rain

Herre is more than a month update on the well. There were storms and heavy rain but the well remains stable at around 1.5m. Now the normal cold season should have started but my mother’s flowers still blossoms and the lemon tree has also blossomed again.

9/17/06 2 sunny
9/18/06 2 cloudy
9/19/06 1.87 cloudy
9/20/06 1.74 sunny
9/21/06 1.74 sunny
9/22/06 1.55 rainy
9/23/06 1,49 overcast
9/24/06 1.42 overcast
9/25/06 1.39 rain
9/26/06 1.3 sunny
9/27/06 1.23 sunny
9/28/06 1.19 forecast cool
9/29/06 1.2 forecast cool
9/30/06 1.23 overcast
10/1/06 1.14 cloudy
10/2/06 1.47 heavy rain + storm
10/3/06 1.51 cloudy
10/4/06 1.5 cloudy
10/5/06 1.49 cloudy + wind
10/6/06 1.48 cloudy + wind
10/7/06 1.6 rain
10/8/06 1.55 rain
10/9/06 1.54 rain
10/10/06 1.53 rain ansd sunshine in the afternoon
10/11/06 1.52 sunny
10/12/06 1.36 sunny
10/13/06 1.34 sunny
10/14/06 1.3 sunny
10/15/06 1.36 sunny
10/16/06 1.36 sunny
10/17/06 1.25 cloudy
10/18/06 1.25 cloudy + rain
10/19/06 1.24 rain
10/20/06 1.29 rain
10/21/06 1.5 rain
10/22/06 1.62 rain
10/23/06 1.66 storm and rain
10/24/06 1.6 cloudy
10/25/06 1.53 cloudy
10/26/06 1.53 sun
10/27/06 1.52 sun

Here are the last two weeks report:

10/28/06 1.52 sun
10/29/06 1.51 mon
10/30/06 1.4 tue
10/31/06 1.36 overcast
11/1/06 1.36 overcast and cold
11/2/06 1.34 sunny / cold
11/3/06 1.34 sunny / cold
11/4/06 1.32 sunny
11/5/06 1.3 sunny
11/6/06 1.25 sunny
11/7/06 1.25 sunny
11/8/06 1.25 sunny
11/9/06 1.25 sunny
11/10/06 1.25 sunny
11/11/06 1.2 rain
11/12/06 1.21 overcast
11/13/06 1.18 overcast
11/14/06 1.15 overcast
11/15/06 1.1 sunny
11/16/06 1.08 rain and wind

Not very encouraging, is it? <img border=“0” alt=“Frown” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-frown.gif” />


Ho la la! Two months without posting reports on the well. Sorry, I was ill then the year end holiday and starting work again Yell Anyway … my mother was keeping on meticulously writting down the info. Here is the latest report. My parents left the house for a X’mas holiday on the French Riviera (much better than the rainy Charente in winter hehehe …

The day with the small storm they were still away but they learnt it from their farmer neighbours … here it goes …

11/17/06 1.08 grey sky
11/18/06 1.07 grey sky
11/19/06 1.08 sunny
11/20/06 1.4 rain
11/21/06 1.45 rain
11/22/06 1.66 rain
11/23/06 1.75 rain
11/24/06 1.75 rain
11/25/06 1.7 grey sky
11/26/06 1.8 sunny
11/27/06 1.75 grey sky
11/28/06 1.65 grey sky
11/29/06 1.6 sunny
11/30/06 1.5 sunny
12/1/06 1.3 grey sky
12/2/06 1.3 rainy
12/3/06 1.38 rain and wind
12/4/06 1.47 rain and wind
12/5/06 1.68 grey sky
12/6/06 1.68 grey sky
12/7/06 1.73 rain
12/8/06 1.75 rain and wind
12/9/06 2.05 grey sky
12/10/06 2.05 grey sky
12/11/06 2 grey sky
12/12/06 2 grey sky
12/13/06 1.8 grey sky
12/14/06 1.8 grey sky
12/15/06 1.78 cold
12/16/06 1.6 cold
12/17/06 1.6 cold
12/18/06 1.58 fog
12/19/06 1.55 cold and sunny
12/20/06 1.55 cold and sunny
12/21/06 1.5 cold
12/22/06 holiday
12/23/06 holiday
12/24/06 holiday
12/25/06 holiday
12/26/06 mini storm
12/27/06 holiday
12/28/06 holiday
12/29/06 holiday
12/30/06 holiday
12/31/06 holiday
1/1/07 Holiday
1/2/07 holiday
1/3/07 holiday
1/4/07 holiday
1/5/07 1.63 rain
1/6/07 1.6 grey sky
1/7/07 1.6 rain
1/8/07 1.6 grey sky
1/9/07 1.63 rain
1/10/07 1.67 grey sky
1/11/07 1.7 grey sky
1/12/07 1.73 rain
1/13/07 1.63 grey sky
1/14/07 1.5 grey sky
1/15/07 1.57 sunny
1/16/07 1.55 grey sky
1/17/07 1.5 grey sky, wind and rain
1/18/07 1.49 grey sky and rain


Latest report below. It makes 9 months that we’ve been monitoring the well and according to the different factors we’ve gathered we now can come to the following conclusion:

  • The well is connected with the “Charente” river itself which passes by about 200 metres away (which means the well is not an independant stream)

  • The cloudbuster has no influence on the well level since the well gets more water as soon as the river gets higher.

If you check the latest mesurements (below) you’ll notice that the well has finally reached 3 metres high. The river covers an enormous area and many roads are closed to circulation, which means that after all, even the CB does no effect the well, it may have an effect on the rain patterns in the region which in turn increase river output.

I think this thread is coming to an end now. Thanks for reading it.

Didier Smile

1/19/07 1.36 dull and rain
1/20/07 1.4 dull and rain
1/21/07 1.46 dull and rain
1/22/07 1.6 sunshine
1/23/07 1.7 dull and rain
1/24/07 / frost all over, impossible to mesure
1/25/07 / frost all over, impossible to mesure
1/26/07 / frost all over, impossible to mesure
1/27/07 / frost all over, impossible to mesure
1/28/07 / frost all over, impossible to mesure
1/29/07 1.7 overcast
1/30/07 1.69 overcast
1/31/07 1.65 overcast
2/1/07 1.55 overcast
2/2/07 1.5 overcast and cold
2/3/07 1.4 dull and cold
2/4/07 1.4 sunshine
2/5/07 1.4 dull and rain
2/6/07 1.4 sunshine
2/7/07 1.39 dull
2/8/07 1.39 dull and cold
2/9/07 1.65 rain
2/10/07 1.67 rain
2/11/07 1.69 rain and stormy
2/12/07 1.8 rain
2/13/07 2.11 sunshine
2/14/07 2.08 rain
2/15/07 away
2/16/07 2.08 sunshine / wind
2/17/07 2.05 sunshine / wind
2/18/07 2.01 dull
2/19/07 1.67 sunshine
2/20/07 1.65 dull
2/21/07 1.62 dull
2/22/07 1.62 dull
2/23/07 1.62 rain
2/24/07 1.72 wind and rain
2/25/07 1.82 wind and rain
2/26/07 1.82 drizzling
2/27/07 1.85 rain
2/28/07 1.9 rain
3/1/07 1.95 rain
3/2/07 2.3 heavy rain and wind
3/3/07 2.85 rain and wind
3/4/07 3.25 very sunny
3/5/07 3 sunshine / dull