Gifting in Mbita Mountains

I did the gifting in the mountainous regions of Mbita with one of my friends who is a witch doctor called Maji Marefu, in fact me advised me that we gift those mountains, even the drier areas will have sufficient rainfall for the community around. So from these works that we did ci hope of seeing good result.


Dancan, I’m very happy to know that Maji Marefu is working with you in the field in Tanzania! I wasn’t able to find Mbita Mountains on and I like to closely follow the kikundi’s work so is there a town nearby that I can look for on that website?

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Hi Don,

Thanks a lot yes we are working with Maji Marefu in Tanzania, but him being magic player and a medical a researcher, we came with him up to Mbita hills in Kenya in search of some specific medicinal drags, and up that search on the hill of Mbita we suggested to do gifting there too. All in all the work was at a high success , for in that mission i managed to do a lot of things.

Thanks Dancan