Gifting in Singapore

Thanks Don for the invite.

A brief history: I first came across orgonite in 2012 while reading up on chemtrails and did a bit of gifting in Singapore that year. Moved to the UK between 2013 and 2015 and gifted parts of York. Returned to Singapore in late 2015 during a very bad spell of haze and resumed gifting.

I remember seeing the occasional sylph in Singapore in 2012, but it was in York that more confirmations appeared, including visits by black helicopters and propeller aircraft. Once a helicopter flew straight towards me, turned around (after being blasted at) and left in the direction it came from. I started doing timelapse videos of the sky to keep a record of clouds and chemtrails.

Back in Singapore, I started making and selling orgonite to fund my gifting efforts. Lately, more sylphs have been showing up, together with chemtrails which are often sprayed across them. Sometimes trails would be sprayed at night when I’m out gifting. There was also an increase in email hacking, especially when communicating with Don and Gare, and I have been disconnected twice while checking out orgonite-related stuff online. More signs that somebody does not want this place to be gifted.

For those interested, the timelapse videos can be found here:
Singapore, facing NE:
York, facing SW - not all uploaded yet:

Hope these videos will prove useful in some way. Once again, thanks to all who have helped, and I’m happy to be part of this unorganized effort.


Welcome, Yu, and thanks to Gare in Thailand for lending support and encouragement.

I didn’t know you’d done the fieldwork in England but it’s a good country to get some awareness of the opposition, I think, because it had become the headquarters of the ancient syndicate that came close to destroying our species, not long ago, and it drives them bat$#!+ crazy whenever someone performs healing on their home territory. By now, I think it’s one of the most thoroughly gifted countries on the planet, according to reports of Sylphs seen just about everywhere, there. The enemy still go off the rails a bit whenever someone does systematic work there, though Cool and I think their arrogance causes them to fail to notice that their intimidation attempts are interpreted by most of us as encouragement and confirmation. At least they’ve been losing their complacency at an increasing rate, though. It’s got to be frusrating to them that they’re just not apparently allowed to shoot us all or disappear us into their Gulag Archipelago, nor to even charge us with terrorism in their unlawful tribunals, as they did to that Oregon rancher and his son for doing absolutely nothing unlawful. I love it when they blatantly show their iron hand but I feel bad for that innocent family, of course.

There have been a lot of gifters in Singapore over the years but I haven’t heard from or about anyone, yet, who has done a lot of systematic work, there. As Yu mentioned to us, it’s difficult to hide orgonite in the environment because everything gets so thoroughly cleaned regularly so he’s been dropping it as much as possible into water and has seen an opportunity to distribute orgonite by selling it. Singapore seems to be well suited to getting orgonite distributed, this way, on account of the population density. I tried adding his website link to the vendor list but it kind of hang fired on account of my incomputeracy (we just got a new WordPress setup and I’m having to re-learn some simple administrative tasks, sorry!) so Coach Dooney will sort it out, shortly. NSA hackers find me an easy target. I don’t mind losing a few little personal battles since the enemy are losing their war against humanity, after all Wink --and we’re all helping to defeat them in a measurable way!

Here is Yu’s orgonite website:

Orgonite is a growth industry, obviously.

Here are some more observations.

It sure isn’t easy to hide orgonite here unless it is buried. I kept track of a few pieces over several months. Eventually they were removed, except the one buried which somehow resurfaced and was left in plain sight! So it may be necessary to re-gift areas once in a while.

I also mentioned to Don in an email that there are few death towers here. Instead, the panels are attached to buildings and street lights. Those on street lights tend to be grouped together at road intersections. They may be related to a new Orwellian system to monitor every car on the road, but it seems overbuilt just for that purpose.

After making or gifting orgonite I have noticed a few times that it would drizzle for a bit even though the weather was fine minutes ago. Sometimes a line of small dark clouds would appear in the distance. Not sure what that means but it’s probably a reaction to more orgone in the environment.


On the way home from downtown last week, I made a detour to drop a few TBs along the Singapore river and near the parliament. Next day, one of the members of parliament announced that he was resigning. Coincidence?

Tuesday night I set up a 108 to replace a larger one outdoors that kept getting knocked out of formation. Huge sylphs appeared in the sky Wednesday. Timelapse video can be found here:

Here are some (mostly sylph) photos that were taken in the last few months.

dor-2016-01.jpgA streetlight with panels. I started seeing these in 2013 while on holiday here, though they could have been around much longer.







The last photo was taken when I had not begun gifting that place. Saw this large sylph already in the sky.


(images missing)