Gifting In Southern Iraq

Hello all,

I’m a first time gifter and I get to start in Iraq. Someone donated $500 worth of orgonite tb’s to me. I’ve put out about 75 so far. Everything seems less harsh around here now. I find myself in unusually happy states from time to time which is especially significant for being here! The base i’m on is 7.5 long and about 1.5 miles wide. I’ve got a few more places to get and I’ll be done. I’m waiting for oppurtunities to gift the surrounding areas. Can’t wait to get back home and start gifting the U.S. [Image Can Not Be Found]

Good job, Joe!

Sparkling rays of divine protection upon you and your gifting!!!


Great job Joe! After Iraq is gifted, the war will be over ! Then you will come home and gift these United States. Hope It’s soon!

Thanks guys. I think the gifting came at a critical time too. Zerog and I started gifting at about the same time, him a little bit before me. The ballots just came in for the elections. If the elections go well it will allow for a timely US pullout. By August the plan is for only 50k troops in country. At the moment we are below 100k for the first time since the war got heated. Were at 98k now. Should be totally out at the end of 2011. Obama recently talked about his plan of an Afghanistan pullout around the same time….I wonder if he will declare a time of peace at that time…hmmm