Gifting in Spain and Feed back on Atle

Gifting in Spain + Feed back on Dr. Atle

Hi I’m back from my holiday in Nerja, Spain.

First of all I want give you a feed back on Atle in Norway. He has received the parcel, thanks for boosting it! He is now going to gift the area where he lives; he should be able to with 15 kg of “plant stimulators”.

And the Supreme Court case went fine as well! The judge decided that the DA had no licence to lead the court procedures against Atle and nullified everything, even the two previous court cases (that Atle won). That means that the “real” DA must decide what to do against him. Other than that he is a free man. (I told Atle in e-mail today that I believe that they are saving their own skin by sacrificing one of their own. It’s like a chess-game to them after all. I also told him that I would be surprised if they indeed try to go for another court case, because the more noise around it, the more people are waking up. I don’t think they want that). So you see…you did a very good job boosting, and Cesco did a good job gifting it! On behalf of Atle, I thank you all. AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

We (Sheila and me) brought 40-50 TBs with us to Nerja. With the suitcase on the bathroom scale, I filled it up to the limit. On arriving, we were faced with a complete “white-out” were you couldn’t distinguish the waterline for the sky. We hired a car so we started gifting right away. Nerja is a small place and I wanted to see, as an experiment, what would happen if we went for every tower and HAARP mast etc. My guess would be 15-20 towers including the masts on the adjacent hilltops. We put some in a muddy fish dam and the ocean plus around the building we stayed in. Sparingly, of course, as we only had the few TBs. After 3-4 days, the fish dam had clear water, and the mud had sunk to the bottom.

I guess it took 2-3 days and then we had the most fantastic weather! We saw helicopters! We saw the sky! We saw the Sylphs! We saw the Sun! We saw the moon’s shady surface! The latter I cannot remember having ever seen before. The chemtrails didn’t stick after that, no matter how much they tried. And we have a healthy tan.

Not only that, on the last day we had rain…. really nice clean rain. The locals told us that they’ve hardly had rain for a whole year. It rained for a day or so in February, and before that nothing. So Sheila and I had a very happy time “knowing something that nobody else knew” you know!

All this was possible with only the cheapest kind of TBs: the crystals were like the ones you can find on the beach plus aluminium shavings and resin, baked in muffin pans according to the recipe with charged water drops. Just like Don said…it’s all you need.

Of course we had our SPs and Zappers with us beside a couple of HHgs placed on the bedside table. Which was needed, because I did feel some attacks toward me but I’ve been practising boosting (which I still haven’t learned properly yet). By just saying the word BOOST, I could feel an energy build up in my heart. I boosted whoever it was, and after that blessed Peace.

I want to share this with you, though. While I was in Nerja I was reading the book “Earth Energies” by Serge Kahili King, which was recommended by Don. Well, it is very interesting, because it gives you a history of the documented facts about Orgone, from Mesmer, Reichenbach to Reich etc., and also how to experiment with it further. After having left the house, with all the orgone in it, I felt a bit “bare” with hardly anything around me, so I took Mr. King up on one of the exercises; how to make orgone the cheapest and easiest way possible. I took 3 plastic shopping bags and put each inside the other, in such a way that it would act as dividers for sheets of aluminium foil. (You can use any plastic, of course). I cut 5 suitable lengths of foil and put them between each compartment side of the shopping bags. 5 layers (but it can be more or less). It worked as a water charger, food protector and is very nice under the pillow in bed. I tell you, it makes Orgone and it’s worth a try if you have nothing else! Sheila grabbed the first one I made and wouldn’t give it back. So I made more and more and more…

Another thing to be mentioned is this: it started blowing fiercely from the south and the north intermittently. So, I had been reading about Radionic Machines in the book and was thinking; that’s what I should be playing with now, a radio. I mentioned it to Sheila, who said: “But you have the SP, isn’t that enough?” …Brainstorm… Yes, why not! We put a map of Nerja under it and intended (to the SP) for the wind to be more moderate. Sheila was trying this out as it was her SP and I swear…before she got up from the chair, the wind stopped outside. (I folded up the map and put it inside her SP bag). It was quiet for days…until she wanted to see what happened if she removed the map. She did, and it started blowing again after ½ hour. I said: “put it back on!” She did, but this time it took 1½ hour before it stopped. You know, I am definitely going to look more into Radionics.

I don’t know how important this is, but as we were sitting in the air-plane ready to leave, the captain tells us that we had to wait, because two more people had checked in, but didn’t get on the plane. After 15-20 minutes he calls again to say that they couldn’t find them, but had found their luggage and removed it from the plane, and that we were ready to go. Now, this time I thought; security is actually in our favour. Hey? What do you think?