Gifting In Villages Of Mombasa

David Ochieng
11 Jul 2008 00:37
Subject: Gifting In Villages Of Mombasa
Mombasa Gifting:
It was pleasant to meet and share a light moment with the people of this region, particularly owing to the fact that this is a home region (Kenya). On the first day of our service we were overwhelmed by the reception we got. The people were lively and ready for us. We chat freely and shared most of the ideas. We did the best by educating them on the importance of the gifts.
Africans people are mostly affected by drought and whenever they hear any thing that can bring rain they are keen and ready to give it a chance like they do give orgone achance.
As much as many of them were petrified, they gradually understood the magnitude of the occasion

Problems explained by the Residents:
Mombasa is an Island. It’s a warm region thereby not favoring major agricultural activities. Due to its tourism touch the residents here are prone to HIV?AIDS pandemic, cholera and malaria are household names .Our message to them was simple :give orgone a chance and experience marvelous changes in your life and environment .We told them to believe There is nothing wrong with a person, that cannot be cured by what is right with a person

Problems we experience:

The day of our gifting was quite hectic for at times we were forced to halt our program due to rising suspicion from the area authorities at one point, we were even arrested.However we managed to complete our work with a lot of success. Thumbs up to Steve Don and members who made it possible to explore this region. We are grateful and looking forward to hear from you.
Yours timely