Gifting Inland Waterways--a new approach to atmospheric heal

When Carol and I moved back to Idaho from Florida a few weeks ago, Dooney and Stevo agreed to keep our boat on their property in Western Montana in preparation for gifting Flathead Lake, which is a very big lake formed by a retreating glacier, thousands of years ago. I guess some of that glacier was left behind to the east, upstream and uphill from Flathead Lake (Glacier National Park).

Flathead Lake is on the Flathead Indian Reservation, which hosts several tribes: mainly some Blackfeet (Carol’s ancestral tribe through her mother, who was born on a reservation), Kootenai (a mountain-dwelling tribe whose traditional land extends into Canada), and Salish (coastal Indians of British Columbia and the American Northwest who apparently migrated to the region long ago–Navajos migrated from that coast many centuries ago). As far as I know, there’s a tribe called Flathead there, too–maybe they were named for a haircut. Indian culture is pretty complex, after all.

Reaching the lake was quite a surprise, as the shore was completely surrounded by expensive homes. Also surprising, to me, was the very clean, clear water of the lake.

We were eager to see the effects of inland water gifting and we sure weren’t disappointed because by the end of the three hour run around most of the lake the oppressive sky overhead was completely healed by the time we rewarded ourselves with a lovely Thai dinner at a restaurant on the southwest shore.

The lake is 25 miles long, north to south, and averages about five miles wide and there are beautiful, wooded and mountainous islands in it which we enjoyed motoring around on our gifting run… The fairly short river from Glacier National Park empties into the north end and the Flathead River comes out of the southwestern end, eventually joining another river from Lake Pondereille, another big glacially-formed lake which is north of our new home in Idaho (Coeur d’Alene). All of that water finds its way to the Pacific, eventually, through the Columbia Basin, which we’ll also probably gift before summer comes.

The magnificent blue-sky and Sylph confirmations we achieved that day with a couple hundred towerbusters have encouraged us to do many more of the region’s big lakes. We want to see what lake-gifting does to the general climate and ambience.

Dooney was the first in the boat to spot an undine (the undine was tracking us, apparently), which we didn’t realize dwell in lakes. Some of these ancient elementals are perceived as being thousands of feet tall when they rise up from the water, which puts their ‘heads’ into the realm of the Sylphs, with whom they’re likely close friends. Jeff McKinley, whom we miss terribly by now, is the first gifter/blaster to have developed a close working relationship with massive undines and that may have been an essential dynamic of our earliest joint HAARPicane busting efforts a year ago and is likely still happening, even when we’re not consciously aware of it. Notice how thoroughly the persistent HAARPicane efforts are dispersed, even at the source off the coast of Africa. That’s more than our gifting efforts and even the involvement of the dolphins can account for, I’m sure. Contrast that with how the HAARPicanes formed off the Mexican Pacific Coast are undisturbed. Yesterday, in a Laundromat, we watched the Weather Channel for the first time in several weeks and it was fun to see how studiously these talking heads are now avoiding discussing the weather in the Caribbean [Image Can Not Be Found] A few weeks ago they were still bleating at every commercial break, ‘We Are the Hurricane Experts!!’

What I’m really hoping is that my reports of inland water gifting will encourage others to get out in whatever boats or aircraft are available and thoroughly gift the inland waterways where they live and watch the display in the atmosphere for long after that, keeping us all informed, as we’ll be doing.

This just can’t be conveniently done from the shore. I’m going to report our subsequent lake and river gifting efforts and their confirmations, for the record, but Carol and I have always wanted this work to get beyond just being identified with us. Fortunately, the massive-scale efforts and confirmations, throughout the five-plus years that this network has been expanding, of gifting pioneers like D Bradley, Georg Ritschl, Kelly McKennon, Steve Baron, Doc Kayiwa and others have proven beyond doubt that this empowering movement transcends personalities and the scale of confirmations is directly related to how much intelligent effort anyone is willing to expend to achieve them…

By now, most of us aren’t very conscious of scale, so we’re not intimidated when we attempt to change a big area of nasty sky into a home suitable for Sylphs. We still get a thrill whenever our cloudbusters poke those terrific blue holes in dreary cloudcover and the World Odor’s harmless but sometime-omnipresent ‘skywriting.’ At least we’re not taking much for granted even when we’ve come to expect these dramatic results in the atmosphere from our intelligent efforts.

We can dramatically clean up lakes and rivers by casually tossing a small amount of orgonite from bridges and from wherever the highway is within ‘littering’ distance of the water. The Mississippi River, which was always the opaque color of ochre mud until a few folks in Iowa and Missouri tossed orgonite in it a few years ago, is a case in point. Now the Mississippi’s water looks closer in color and transparency to the more pristine Ohio River’s. I have some intimate knowledge of that because I visited the Mississippi’s muddy banks many times throughout my life and even sailed a home-made boat for a thousand miles along its length in my youth. I remember when even the tapwater in St Louis was brown (early 1950s) which was pretty traumatic for me [Image Can Not Be Found]. When I sailed through the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers at Cairo, Illinois, I was rather shocked by the contrast in water quality, then. That was 1970, in one of my earlier vagabondage phases.

We each also get a wonderful feeling when we see the effects of ‘orgone capacitance’ that long term exposure to orgonite produces in anyone. This curious effect is evident when we shut off the grim airport gestapo’s mean old metal detectors as we walk thru them with all our metal or witness the dark clouds parting in our path as we drive down the highway. Makes us feel kind of like Moses, maybe [Image Can Not Be Found]: ‘Paaaart!’

The several hundred miles of ocean and waterways we gifted with Jeff in South Florida and the Bahamas over the past year were pretty rank, lifeless and dismal when we started. They’re wonderfully clean, vital and clear, now that there’s plenty of orgonite there, and the previously-dead, 150 miles of reef we gifted from Biscayne Bay to well beyond Key West is alive and vital again. The Gulf of Mexico, immediately on the ‘other side’ of those keys (islands) was stinky, abandoned and opaque and now it’s clear and loaded with snorkelers.

The Florida and Caribbean sky cleaned up the same time, as we progressed with the water gifting but we seem to be taking another tack in the beautiful Northwest because the water, here, is already clean but the atmosphere needs a lot of help. Gifting this already-clean water produces healing effects in the atmosphere more dramatically than tossing the same number of towerbusters on the same area of land could do, apparently.

Carol and I cut our etheric teeth on the atmosphere of this region by disabling thousands of death towers and HAARP arrays and earth-piping a lot of underground bases so we’re in a position to make these observations. After we do a few more big lakes we’ll have a better handle on this apparent distinction.

When Jeff and I gifted the waterway across South Florida, including a line across Lake Okeechobee in the ‘high’ center of the peninsula, we seemed to be part of a cheerful Sylphs’ parade for halfway across, then obliterated two nasty thunderstorms that were in our path, over the lake, and a lot of bottlenose dolphins gave us a cheerful sendoff along the first twenty miles from the Gulf of Mexico. This was our first taste of river-gifting and you can toss a TB right across those slow streams. We observed, by the way that the water level in the Gulf of Mexico, where we started, is six or seven feet higher than the water level of the Caribbean Sea, where we ended. I bet you assume, as we did, that all the oceans have essentially the same level. When that massive, furious thunderstorm grew out of the Everglades as we gifted along it’s entire western shore from the south, it quickly filled the sky over the entire landmass of South Florida but ended at that line we gifted across the state, earlier. By then, we had also gifted around the entire peninsula south of that line, too, and for many miles north along both coasts.

One of the confirmations that this storm was artificially-generated was that it wasn’t mentioned or even shown (Doppler radar imagery) in any of the regional newscasts but was clearly shown in the national weather program. Since all of the HAARP facilities in the region had been gifted we assumed that it was being generated from underground. We have the distinct impression that non-humans were expressing their rage at us and Carol later confirmed it. Unlike HAARP, these petulant aliens can only do this in the short term and I bet these freaks spend a lot more energy on these impotent displays than they can afford. Jeff and I laughed all the way home.

The rivers out here are much bigger, so gifting them might influence the atmosphere even more substantially. Carol and I want to take on the Snake and Columbia Rivers, starting in Lewiston, Idaho, which is actually an inland port for sea-going ships. The Snake River upstream from Lewiston isn’t navigable for our workboat.

Most of the death towers and HAARP arrays in this region have been disabled so what we’re doing now is more along the lines of what Dr Reich was accomplishing with his own atmosphere-balancing efforts. I think that gifting these new weapons has simply been our pre-requisite for discovering orgonite’s longer-range potential to heal our world but the towers have been a wonderful tool for learning and empowerment for many thousands of us in this unorganized, global network. So have the chemtrails been, of course. Did you know that most of the folks who see chemtrails now, when they’re just harmless skywriting, were unable or unwilling to see them years ago, before the timely distribution of thousands of orgonite cloudbusters, when chemtrails were actual threats to our health and environment?

It occurred to me when I woke up, today, that if we estimate the average cost of a death tower or HAARP array at a million dollars, the ‘missing’ three trillion dollars of the Pentagon’s budget, which Mary Anne pointed out was demurely announced by the What To Think Network the evening before the federal-government terrorists blew up the World Trade Center (and never mentioned again) would buy about three million towers, which is perhaps how many of these horrors were thrown up around the planet in populated areas in the few months following that terrorist event. Food for thought, eh? We know they didn’t spend it on war because the concurrent ‘invasion’ of Iraq by our little treasonous army was just a cakewalk, then.

The World Odor has traditionally gotten stupid Americans to finance and enforce its global poison agenda since 1913, when that treasonous Congress handed the financial authority of the US Government over to City of London bankers and thus financed World War One and every other global mayhem event since then, also communism abroad and National-Socialism at home.

Not all of us in America are stupid, of course. The gifting movement started here, for instance, and most of us, like the Swiss, are at least smart enough not to turn in our weapons to these global fascists.

I expected the south end of Flathead Lake to be shallow and treacherous and I was a little nervous whenever we got close to shore or islands. I paid a lot of attention to the sonar gauge. I’ve never seen so many fish on that gauge, by the way, and there were a lot of big ones near the bottom in places. It’s the north end that’s shallow, though, on account of the estuary formed by the river that fills the lake from there and we passed over many miles of shoals at the north end.

It was in the shoals that the psychic majority in the boat saw two dense and menacing DOR ‘fonts.’ Carol and Dooney guided us to those little areas, where we tossed a lot of TBs. When we got into each one, the sonar gauge malfunctioned and I was a little nervous, as the water in those areas was uncharacteristically murky and discolored. I’d have been more nervous if the bottom weren’t soft sand, of course, but I didn’t relish the thought of us having to get out to shove the boat off a sandbar, as Carol and I had to do when we ran aground near Key West not long ago. We were all bundled up against the chill air and of course the water’s even colder. Charley and Blackjack (‘Jacques Noir’), who are Dooney and Stevo’s big dogs, came along and were very genteel but were not happy campers that afternoon. Charley took up most of the padded passenger bench in the stern, Jack lay on the floor, forward, and both of them were wrapped in space blankets most of the time.

As soon as we motored out of each of those pirated vortices the sonar gauge came back to life. The only other time that happened was when we passed within a hundred yards of an unbusted tower in KeyWest. We gifted that horror, then, and each time we passed by there on subsequent gifting runs the sonar gauge wasn’t affected at all, of course.

Another new interference feature may be the boat’s newly-malfunctioning digital fuel gauge. We were almost directly across the lake from the boat launching facility when the fuel gauge started showing the ‘empty’ signal, though we’d put in enough fuel to circle the lake three times. Halfway across the lake, the gauge momentarily indicated that the tank is half full but the consensus of the psychics in the boat was that the sewer rats can often have their way in the digital realm. Two days later, we all went after the hacker horde with a vengeance, by the way, on account of their long-term, omnipresent digital interference with the email and internet access of members of EW and even people who email us. The sewer-rat agencies’ hacker onslaught certainly diminished, right after that international chatblast effort, but we clearly need to do these sweeps on a regular basis.

All three of the psychics in the boat got a clear impression, when we were in those two distorted vortices, that the Rothshilds, who have an extensive hive northwest of the lake, are involved with whatever activity/facility was poisoning the vortices and dirtying the water immediately around them. I think we unwittingly (thanks, Operators!) stepped on those monsters’ tails by gifting the lake and especially those pirated vortices because the next day, on our way home with the boat after a wonderful weekend visit and gifting run with our good friends and compadres, Coach Dooney and Dr Stevo, Carol was remotely assaulted by that particular Rothshild parasite and a couple of his would-be wetworkers. Carol and I dodecked those freaks and she immediately felt better, though it took the rest of the day for her to heal from the physical effects of the assault.

Near-impotent reprisals by the world odor’s parasites after a good gifting run is one of our favorite confirmations.

We’re going to gift the holy living $#!+ out of that Montana/British-Columbia Rothschild (no, it doesn’t mean, ‘rotten child,’ even though these rat-faced predators might all remind you of the Menendez Brothers) hive pretty soon, of course, which probably includes that big weatherball on a mountaintop west of the lake, which we fortuitously spotted on the gifting run. Stevo figures that it won’t be as hard to reach as some of the other mountaintop weatherballs they’ve gifted, on foot after long climbs in restricted areas, in the taller Bitteroot Mountains to the south. Carol remembers when none of the mountain roads in this region had those new, characteristic locked iron gates across them. Indian land still has none of those, by the way.

Maybe we can all ask armed Indians with military background to be our new Homeland Security and just take a day or so and sweep these new Nazis, the treasonous federal government, from power in exchange for all of that alleged ‘federal land’ that they stole from the Indians’ ancestors after slaughtering their families.

I bet you think I’m kidding [Image Can Not Be Found] but the really creative solutions are what get results, as we’ve all learned from our own productive gifting and predator-blasting efforts over the past few years.

I’m formally asking the Indians to consider this, now. There’s a lot of power that can be unleashed by simple suggestions like this one, no matter how unlikely or unrealistic you feel it might be at the moment. I suspect that if someone had told you, ten years ago, that you’d be doing this gifting work in the twenty-first century and routinely getting these powerful, empowering confirmations you’d have laughed out loud and tried to forget he mentioned it. I think I’d have done so, but more like twenty years ago, when I was still a wage slave. Fifteen years ago, after I started working for myself on a hunch and began supporting a family of six, I yearned for this sort of certainty and empowerment.

We need to stop the wholesale slaughter, institutional molestation and whimsical incarceration of millions of children and innocents (mostly non-whites), here and abroad, by this treasonous corporate regime and its stupid police and military, one way or another, and I think these government parasites will surrender or just go live in their vast underground hideyholes if anyone above a certain magical number (just a few thousand?) will simply confront them adequately, openly and resolutelys as I’m doing now. These criminals who pretend to govern us sure aren’t on solid ground any more and their main supporters, the wealth-addicted Europoid Depression Babies, are mostly sick and dying by now, sucking their last on the pendulous, shrivelling, poisonous National-Socialist teat. Sieg, Heil and adieu. I want the Indians to make money in interesting ways besides just fleecing hordes of stupid, Europoid gambling addicts, even though that’s been a nice form of payback for them.

The future is bright, indeed, though not apparently all white, and nobody will be goose stepping any more, nor is anyone stampeding to join the military, nor will anyone support a draft if this treasonous regime is stupid enough to demand it. The latter might be the most evident sign that this fascist regime is about to fall. What might have required all the military might on the planet to accomplish, ten years ago, might be accomplished without shooting a single predator pretty soon because Sun Tsu was right, after all.

Stevo envisions the entire, treasonous federal government and their millions of Homeland Security Abominations, including the naturalized ones who only speak Russian, German or Mandarin, meekly and voluntarily donning orange jumpsuits and terrycloth slippers and filing into their own corporate-run prisons before long, pending treason trials by new, lawful, local, county and state courts, and I’d love for us all to hold that happy image in our minds for now. Maybe we can implement what the South African government did and grant amnesty to many of the murderous traitors who will publicly confess their specific crimes and ask their victims’ and their families’ forgiveness. I doubt that will apply to the authors and supporters of the treasonous and potentially murderous legislation that followed the demolition of the World Trade Center.

There are no foreign military threats to a nation that has an armed populace of 300 million, of course, so we don’t have to have a national government in the short term, if ever. When we start voting in local, county and state elections without the controlling influence of the centralized national government’s corporate sponsors our votes will actually count for a change and elected leaders will be accountable to us, rather than to someone in Washington and/or London who fills these present, cynical parasites’ pockets with blood money. See how national ideological and even political debates are moot under these circumstances? Real power has always been in localities, counties and states and National-Socialism was designed to blur that vision and to create a nation of self-gratifying slaves.

We already essentially have world unity, thanks to the internet, universal literacy, a global market place, relative freedom of travel and relative prosperity, so why don’t we just take the next logical step and invite excessively centralized government into the void? If one or another nation raises a huge army and is intent on conquest, we can deal with it decisively as a specie. The methods that we’re developing which have been used to neutralize mass murder plots can be adopted by anyone and that would be a lot more efficient, timely and humane than shooting or even arresting the conspiring predators who may acquire too much influence from time to time.


That, already clean water amplified into atmosphere-clearing more rapidly was a great ah hah; also intrigued with the DOR fonts of turbid weird zones which blew out your sonar reads on the Flathead Lake run. Appreciate accounts of large scale gifting runs and swift validation.

(Would appreciate further report from the fellow who gifted foul waterways in New Jersey.)

This gifting inland waters is thrilling. (And in the ocean, healed coral reefs and thwarted haarpicanes. WAH.) The sheer magnitude of outrages by corporate predators had seemed overwhelming to me in the past. No sooner are they occasionally nailed, than the greed-hydra tentacles into new zones. If indeed and in fact pollution, atmospheric and water, can be healed by orgonite, JeezLouise, drop the remotes, folks, this is the greatest show on earth.

And then, there’s personal pollution!!.. the poison we can eject into life by being unbalanced or downright mean. This, too, seems to shift around orgonite. Was just writing Don about 2 local instances, which startled me with validation –

Early summer, I buried TB’s, even dug up part of the granite walkway to sink a big HHG by the front stoop of friends. Interesting creative family, but rage-aholic en masse. I was careful to only interact with them individually. The house now shelters good health, deep sleep and kindliness. It feels radically different there, welcoming, nurturing, instead of careening and chaotic.

The other example – a woman who’d been married to high level gumint/bunking guys, channeled lizard energy, and had done me serious dirty last summer. One of my first little outings was to gift her business. She’s really not a nice person, so there were other factors operating, but she’s gone, having gone out of business.

Don, am very struck by the call to Native Americans, who of all people have first dibs on expelling parasites.