Gifting Kolob's Canyons And The Grand Canyon

Don Croft
19 Sep 2008 10:25
Subject: Gifting Kolob’s Canyons and the Grand Canyon
For years, my wife complained that I never do tourist stuff, so I promised her that on this trip I’d do all the tourist stuff she wanted, including a visit to the Grand Canyon.

We’ve been away from home for about a week and a half on account of the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, last weekend, which is a three day drive from our home in N Idaho. We’ve got one more tourist destination: the remote mining town of Stibnite, Idaho, which we’ll visit this afternoon, then we hope to have a chatty meal with Laozu Kelly at the Breakfast Club in Moscow tomorrow–nice way to end any trip!

We opted to go to the Grand Canyon’s North Rim after we left Sedona on Monday afternoon. We stayed in Page, Arizona, at a campground that had keypad access to the toilet/shower. We got there after the office closed and someone gave us the key code and said, ‘You didn’t hear it from me!’ Wink . The coffee shop in Page wasn’t urbane but we enjoyed doing our email there and I got a bowl of green chili. Carol spotted an NSA freak in the coffee shop and it’s a good thing that she did because when he showed up, later that day, at the Grand Canyone she got clued in to a large group of them, including three Russians, who were supposed to toss one or both of us into the void, there Cool

There’s a quarter mile path, literally out into the canyon along a sharp ridge, to Angel Point. On both sides of the narrow path is a sharp dropoff, in some places thousands of feet, and Carol was quite nervous but determined to get to the end, through the gauntlet of muscled, scowling NSA thugs and psychics. It was quite a crowd, really. It was just like the old days!

On our drive to the rim, the elementals were practically shrieking at Carol to toss them some orgonite and she was flinging the towerbusters out the window at a feverish pace for a couple of miles before we got to the parking lot at the rim. She told me to bring along 8 TBs to toss off the path into the canyon, which I did out of sight of the NSA freaks, who were standing on all of the high spots, pretending to be tourists. After awhile, you learn to sort of smell these felons and they become more obvious due to their excessive effort to be nondescript and disinterested Wink

She said that the main NSA guy, whom she saw in the coffee shop in Page, a hundred miles away that morning, was beaming us with a pocket-sized weapon in order to disorient us while some other thugs were stationed near the more exposed pathways to do the wetwork. At least three NSA psychics were giving them the timing heads up. Apparently, our Harmonic Protectors blocked the weapon and the elementals were guiding Carol’s steps. They apparently appreciated the orgonite in that area.

So, my reward for making Carol happy with the tourist thing was a fun battle with NSA shitbirds! Everyone wins (except the shitbirds).

We had gotten to the rim of the canyon late in teh afternoon, which is the best time in terms of light and shadow interplay. It really was breathtaking, even if the felonious federal shitbirds hadn’t failed to murder us.

That night, we stayed in the campground in Kanab, Utah, just north of there about 50 miles. We got there early enough that someone should have been around but nobody was. There were imperious warnings about camping without first paying (money in an envelope) and the bathrooms required keys. I prevailed on a neighbor to let Carol borrow a key, which I returned to him after I taped the lock open on the bathroom door. During the night someone undid the tape, so Carol couldn’t get in there in the morning. We left kind of hastily and Carol had a notion to ‘poop in their suggestion box.’ She said she hoped I wouldn’t post about it. Hope springs eternal, eh? Cool

Last night we stayed in a campground in Mountain Home, Idaho, and the folks keep the office open late and are very solicitous. What a relief! The night before last, we were so traumatized by the Kanab refugee-kamp horror that we stayed in a Best Western motel in Northern Utah. I think we spent the last of the money we made in Sedona by then but, to be fair, Carol and I visited some rock shops near Zion Canyon.

We had driven through Zion Canyon National Park on our way to Sedona–what a gorgeous place! It was my first tourist concession (slow, winding road and a little bit out of our way) but I felt the high, pristine energy that Carol had said was there, in spite of the world odor’s effort to stink the place up. A park ranger took our picture with a water bottle–no kidding! We noticed that she was holding up a quart-size water bottle, aiming it sideways at the drivers of the cars in front of us as we were waiting to approach the guard box at the entrance to the park and pay our fee. Carol got in her head and told me that she had been ordered by the feds to take pictures of a requisite number of drivers, ourselves being among that number. She said the ranger didnt’ know why she was doing it but, like those cuddly SS men whom Dr. Jung and the pope contrived to spirit away from the noose after WWII, she was just following orders. I suppose they gave her the water bottle/camera. She wasn’t there when we returned.

I think National Park Service employees are kind of like postal workers; most of them are good folks who just want to do a good service job and to get along with each other. There are only a few of them who actually kowtow to the federal $#!+birds and kiss their stinky butts.

Kolob Canyons are at the north end of that national park. Carol has always felt that the energy in those canyons was pirated by the corporate stinkers, mainly through the Mormon/Masonic upper hierarchy in Utah. Most Mormons are nice, reputable and dependable folks but, like any other organization, the ones at the top are horror stories on legs.

The NSA freakfest was spread out along the trail that led south toward Zion Canyon and that area, of course, was the worst in terms of twisted vortices and molested elementals. These fools apparently had more confidence in our physical fitness than Carol and I do becuase there was no way we were going to attempt that steep trail for now. We opted for the five mile round trip along the northernmost Kolob canyon and I we didn’t see a single federal agent, except the arrogant, complacent, effete, Vryal-looking NSA jerk with expensive street shoes who tagged us at the park entrance–I suppose that counts but he obviously didn’t know where we were heading.

I hope these NSA baby-killers enjoyed their group hike! Cool Did they make S’mores that night and sing Koombayah around the campfire? We only saw one $#!+bird helicopter, hunting for us, but they obviously didnt’ see us. The trailhead from where the feds deployed to try to harm or kill us is five miles from the entrance to the Kolob Canyons section of the park. Carol tossed a dozen or so TBs along that road for their edification and to help the beleaguered elementals, then we doubled back to the trailhead for the shorter canyon trail and parked there.

I hope those St George gifters will cover that long trail and will especially toss a couple score of Towerbusters into Kolob Reservoir from the surrounding road because that will really brighten up this part of the continent, I think. Carol says they’re prime gifting targets, right now. We just didn’t have the time for it but our small effort produced good effects that Carol strongly felt all the way to Salt Lake City.

About halfway along the trail to the end of the canyon Carol started to feel nauseous and I started feeling like I was getting a flu or was poisoned. The scenery was incredibly beautiful but the energy didn’t feel good in that canyon. The elementals were silent, which was curious to Carol because she usually hears them in the background anywhere we go, these days (thx to all that orgonite in the world). She’d told me to bring 13 towerbusters into the canyon and that we ought to decide where to put them after we got to the end. When we got there, I put six TBs in a tight circle in a thicket beside the Double Arch (a big, pirated vortex there), which is a big cave at the end of that finger canyon. The flat, red sand floor of the cave is around a spring.

Then, the elementals began chattering happily and it was obvious to both of us that the place that made us feel sick is also a pirated vortex, so on the way back I hid six more TBs, arranged in a small circle. She told me to toss one TB halfway between those two vortices.

On our way into teh canyon there had been three bright Sylphs overhead. Carol said they were there to protect us. On the way out, the Sylphs had disappeared and a dark storm was forming over the area where we had parked the car. I had left our little turbo-charged cloudbuster pointing out the windshield at teh sky ovdr the canyon because the trail went along the streambed and there were posted warnings of dangerous flashfloods during rainstorms. We weren’t worried, of coruse, and the HAARP-generated dark storm failed to pass the cloudbuster’s field of influence.

Southern Utah is well gifted, apparently by some folks who live in St George. There were plenty of Sylphs in the sky over a large part of that area, for about a hundred miles north of St George. Also, when we went through there 8 years ago, just about everywhere was literally dead but now there’s green grass everywhere. That’s also true throughout the high desert areas we travelled. Even the Grand Cayon is now lush green at the bottom of the cliffs. The only unpleasant area we encountered was right around Salt Lake City and that’s in spite of whole lot of good gifting.

Would the fellow who did most of that gifting in Salt Lake City please email me? I want to help him network with some other gifters in Utah because I think he can use some 3D support and encouragement by now. SLC is one of the few rmaining cities on the coninent that still has smog, I think, and I can only imagine how rotten it would be, there, if this fellow hadn’t intelligently deployed a ton of orgonite. Yikes–he’s got our sympathy. doncroft [at] wildblue [dot] net

Carol took an etheric peek at the main Mormon temple, downtown, as we passed by on the interstate and she told me that all the orgonite I hid there, seven years ago, is still in place & doing its job. A brand new temple was built just uphill from that one Wink

The reason I haven’t made any wisecracks about Kolob in this report is because I’ve got a new respect for Mormons in general, based on some recent insights. I sincerely believe it’s the ideal religion for Pajama People because Mormons are genuinely conscientious, generous and self-abnegating, sort of like how a lot of Catholics are. I’m not being facetious because all Mormons are penalized for independently examining reality, after all. As long as they don’t rock the boat the community, at the behest of the clergy, really look after each other. There’s a lot to be said for nice folks looking after each other, I think. Let’s keep that quality alive.

I admit to feeling a little disturbed at the site of ‘elders’ in pairs on the street but at least they don’t try to get in your head or humliate you the way bornagain chumps are mandated to do. I think their selling point is hive-like community security, not ideology. Mormonism is kind of weak on ideology, which is probably why the clergy penalize members for peeking outside of the Mormon paradigm.

A bad religion for PJ folks, in my opinion, is fundamentalist Christianity becuase they tend to become militant, judgemental and paranoid and they are easily manipulated by clergy. I bet you personally know a bornagain chump who is dishonest, larcenous, a pedophile and/or beats his wife but who aggressively leans on you to ‘Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.’ He probably tells you, ‘You wouldn’t have wanted to know me before I was saved!’ If any of them have the nerve to tell me that, I tell him, ‘I wish I’d have known you, then, instead of now because I’d have probably liked you, then.’

If the states secede and we all have to determine a form of genuinely representative government for ourselves, the fundamentalists will probably gang together and opt for their own brand of murderous tyranny but I think that if the Mormons are told by their clergy to do that sort of horrible thing, they’ll probably rebel because so many of them have a genuine conscience (little children who are raised by a mother instead of by the state–daycare drones–tend to have conscieces). I noticed, years ago, that many of the pioneers in the personal sovereignty movement are Mormons, for instance. It always confused me, before, but I think I get it, now. My favorite science fiction writer (I forgot his name, though–been years since I read scifi) is a Mormon and his scenarios are a lot like what the gifting network has become.

I hope I’ve mended some fences because I used to really trash the Mormons–sorry about that! I now wonder if Utah might be the first state to secede, once the average Mormon recognizes that he’s been screwed so royally by his federal governnment and his masonic masters at the top of the clergy/corporate Mormon pyramid. I wonder if the present economic collapse will wake them up.

We drove along the 6 mile long causeway to Antelope Island, in the Great Salt Lake. I tossed an 18 into the lake from shore and the upper atmosphere, which had been clear, immediately got very hazy, which Carol said is a sign that the energy above the lake is starting to balance. I asked a prospective gifter in Salt Lake City to keep an eye open for new effects, though the city is pretty far south of the lake. We want to deploy our little Hobie sailboats and do a more thorough gifting job around the lake ASAP. I added a 2HP motor to mine Wink because I’m a lazy sailor who got tired of having to beat to windward every time. I can tow Carol’s along with a rope. Gifting that lake is going to produce some amazing results, we believe.


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