Gifting Lake Geneva II

Thanks for the very heartening report, Steph! Carol and I are very impressed that you fellows did all this during the winter and I want to put Marco’s wonderful vendor website, , in the list on EW’s homepage.
I didn’t get to your post until after Sunday’s chat session. Yesterday, the psychics took a look at the Vryal base under the lake and saw that you had caused them to stop their activities there. A couple hundred TBs in the lake will likely force them to finally leave the area, which would be a wonderful psychological and tactical victory for our side. There’s sure no rush to get that done, of course. Meanwhile the attacks from these freaks are getting less and less aggressive and effective.

Distributing orgonite in the towns bordering the lake is something the psychics hadn’t contemplated but it’s extremely useful to do it.

I use the ‘vryal’ spelling because when Dooney posted the report of our chatblast session and added that spelling EW apparently went down for awhile, as she predicted and we consider that a confirmation that Carol’s explicit dream of the spelling is on target. The way our Sunday effort closely followed yours is probably another psychological victory over those degraded, effete old parasites. It was a fun day for all of us, too.

It’s a good idea to post about very explicit dreams like that one.

The trick to knocking down the DOR field that emanates from nuke plants is to get enough orgonite into the water that is used to cool the reactor. This is always exposed to the atmosphere and is probably the lake, itself, in the case of the nuke Didier mentioned. There’s some good evidence that gifting the cooling water often disables the reactors and causes them to become harmless.
You’ll know ‘enough’ orgonite is in place when the visible DOR is gone and it feels good to be near the place. When we did an extensive underground nuke facility on the Florida coast it took five or six visits, on land and sea, and a hundred or so TBs before we finally tamed it and cleared the ocean water nearby, which was horrid and sickening in the beginning.

Most nuke activity in the US is hidden underground, so the only way to affect it is to get orgonite into the cooling water that’s on the surface. In this case, the double ponds are usually rectangular, shallow, gravel-lined and surrounded by a chainlink fence, sometimes with barbed wire or razor tape along the top… One of these little nuke generators may power twenty or thirty death towers and the powerlines are underground, of course. A small nuke can power an entire small city, so you can imagine how much power is going to these death transmitters.

According to my map, Lake Geneva is approximately the size of the three lakes, near us, which we gifted by boat, last fall, with Dooney and Stevo in our Zodiac (French make wonderful boats) and each lake was done in a few hours with a couple hundred TBs, tossed more or less randomly. We’re not masochists (much) so we hurried to get it all done before the cold weather set in. In the spring, as soon as it’s feasible, we’ll gift the major navigable rivers (Snake and Columbia) in our region, including the stretch near a big array of old and new nuclear power plants which have killed untold thousands of people with cancer and poisoned the landscape for many miles around.

Putting ordinary orgonite in water produces extraordinary healing effects and I envy anyone who lives near very polluted water, these days, because this is a wonderful test bed for ordinary orgonite. It’s the grand confirmations that help us understand orgonite’s potential, after all. Feeling especiall8y good when we’re gifting is certainly enough confirmation for most gifters, though.

Jeff McKinley came to visit us in Idaho during the xmas school break (he’s a high school teacher in Florida) and he mentioned to Dooney and STevo that when he and I were on the ocean, looking for DOR sources on the seabed to gift he was easily able to see the energy and navigate toward it, then was easily able to tell me when the problem had been corrected. On land, he didn’t have as much confidence but I want everyone to know that when one has psi potential you can put him/her on the spot and assume you’re going to get good intel to act on when you’re on a gifting sortie together. There’s no need to wait until this person achieves an arbitrary standard of excellence, of course. Experience is what builds confidence, after all, and synergy between two or more gifters (as you five probably know) is much nicer than several gifters working separately.

Jeff told us, yesterday, that Carol sort of tricked him, last year, into seeing the confirming sign that a tower has been gifted. She said, ‘Look for the wires that run parallel to the tower.’ He saw ‘wires’ then when we got closer he knew that the dark ‘wire’ is just the transition zone’s edge, beyond which the horrible DOR broadcast by the death tower turned into healthy orgone. An awful lot of energy sensitive people, including children, can see this ‘dark line’ confirmation, which is probably the edge of a more or less cylindrical, vertical energy field, centered on the death tower. HAARP transmitters throw the energy upward at various angles, of course, but death towers aim the energy at people.

After six years there are only three mature psychics available for the chat sessions and for years I tried to recruit talented psychics to help with this essential task. All but these three ended up either betraying us through egotism (appareently manipulated by the sewer rats) or running away. Bradley’s a different case, of course, and I’m hoping he’ll become active again in the public effort before long. Maybe the trick for a psychic is to simply be essentially repulsed by his/her own egotistical promptings. I don’t know, but before too long I suspect there will be scores of good psychics doing this work in the same unorganized way that gifting takes place. Meanwhile, I hope more and more gifters will put their psychic co-workers on the spot more when they’re on missions.

The trick is apparently for a psychic to know that confidence and hubris are very different things. The next trick is for gifters to avoid psychics who exhibit hubris (‘exxagerated confidence and arrogance’) and encourage the shy ones.
When Carol and I got together in June, 2000, I really pushed her, in a nice way, to give me psi feedback about a number of things, mostly related to our work together… Nobody had ever done this with her, before. The only reason most folks wanted intel from her, before, was for personal comfort or gain. She appreciated my confidence in her, as most energy sensitives and psychics appreciate being consulted about stuff like the work we’re all doing.


A warrior called Braikar from our french boards ( and asked me to post that, because it may be interesting for those who gifted it… :……thinkc.htm……&l=en

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Thank you for the links to these pages. These wonderful pictures date from early 2005.

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