Gifting Lake Kaniere

I decided to pick up the pace concerning gifting water bodies and rivers this year , so started with a lake 20 km from where I live. This lake is called Lake Kaniere and has a reputation of being rather spooky because of its depth that is over a thousand feet deep.
As an imediate confirmation, we had no sooner decided to make the gifting run, when the sylphs began to make an appearance and started to circle around. We wasted no time in getting our gear together and getting out on the water, now the sky was quite clear when we got out onto the water but as soon as the orgonite had been spread out into the water a layer of very low cloud appeared over the lake while off in the distance some sylphs could be seen approaching the lake.

We parked up on a beach for an hour to observe effects of the orgonite and noted with glee as the low cloud began to burn away over half an hour to reveal a sky covered with sylphs happily charging up from the water below them.
Some of these sylphs were truly massive to behold with my camera only being able to capture a third of thier entire form.

This was our first gifting to a large body of water, and my first experience of the after effects. It seemed that slight shadow had been lifted from the area that allowed the joy to return. The wind reduced to a perfect light refreshing breeze AND A BIG BLUE SKY!. Since that day only the heaviest of spray days will allow a trail or two to stick, but only up to half an hour or so. It would now seem that instead of wasting thier spray directly over us here, they seem to fly just out of range to the north and to the south of us so that thier trails will stick longer but when it drifts into range it transmutes very fast. Every blue sky day we have since that day is not without sylphs keeping a vigil.
More to come soon.