Gifting lakes

with this report i want to show you the gifting of Endine lake in lombardy (italy) because effects were very nice during the gifting and some days later and still more…and it extend the cover- umbrella of my CB more 15km.

i 'd like to replicate in small the succesful of Geneva lake, and in the future also Iseo lake, bigger one.

i will check the waters in few weeks…

with 2 friends we’ve rent a “pedalò boat” that is a byke boat, and we’ve float all around the lake with 50 tb & 3 mini CB.

this lake is not very big, i think 9 km lenght.

you can search it on google earth.

there was a light chemsoup at starting, but it dissoved very fast…and some entities

this is the lake and the mountain overthere i can se it from my home and checking sky over the lake

some sylphs coming on when we almost finished gifting

this long sylph, came from the mountain over lake, and positionin at center of it, she’s gone back all over the lake


from my home 1 day later a long big blue hole over lake’s lenght

the raimbow too over lake

sylphs and other à GO GO

always blue hole over lake

nice hole over all long the lake in 10.23.07

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