Gifting Marseille

Hi fellow warriors,

Last saturday I arrived at Marseille, which is one of France’s largest cities. Marseille is very old, and the street plan is laid around ancient architecture such as arches, obelisks, that are now surrounded with towers of course. It is known for its underground tunnels, and there is quite a bit of military. I lived in the region for a while, and knew exactly where to go with the orgonite I brought.

I arrived with some 350 TB’s and 20 small HHG’s in my luggage. Changing trains in Paris was hell, as I had to carry all this myself, on top of my backpack, and there were no trolleys to be found. My arms ached for the best part of the week.

Southern France is in desperate need of orgonite, and upon feeling out I found no busted towers here in Marseille.
I’ve been gifting everyday for several hours, and I’ve got blisters on the soles of my feet (walking), and on my hands (digging).

The most important targets are now done, and I’ve been waiting a bit to write a report, because it is great fun seeing them checking out what’s happening and who’s doing it, in their helicopters and planes, not knowing where to look and allways arriving too late [Image Can Not Be Found]
They don’ t seem to be in close contact with their dutch (I live in Holland) counterpart agencies, apparently.

I’ve busted weather balls, giant drum antennas, the most important churches, and yesterday a giant red white tower antenna on the island just offshore (Marseille is a harbour at the meditteranean sea). I left plenty of orgonite in the sea for the dolphins, but they normally don’t show up near the coast, and I have’nt seen them either, altough I tried to make contact with them telepathically.

The only thing I saw plenty were sylphs, in very large amounts.

There is still quite some orgonite left, and two weeks of vacation. I’m planning on filling up the holes on the map.
I won’t be able to do all of it, but I’ve been harassed before when doing just one well chosen target, and I still know a few good ones [Image Can Not Be Found]

The french in the south are quite suspicious, and I have been asked a few times what I was doing (I rareley try to hide myself when digging) by a guardian. They reacted positively, one telling me to bury deep enough so as not to catch the orgonite in the lawnmower, the other being sent home with an extra TB, keeping the one I was hiding in his office.

Busting known area (where I’ve lived) seems to have a good impact on me. It is as if the memories of the past get cleaned in the process, and that feels as a personal growth to me.

Will keep you informed, no pics at the moment, maybe later.

Thanks to Satish from (under contruction) for his generous sponsorship.

Will keep you informed.

sorry awfull lay-out, not my puter

That is great news.

I’ve got a couple dozen tb’s in Montpellier and will have more going there soon.

I’ll follow your posting, so as not to double up on our gifting the south of france.

I do want to gift Monte Carlo , but if you’re near there at all, don’t let me stop you from

gifting the city, since I haven’t yet booked my flight and don’t know when exactly I will


Good luck and I look forward to reading more about your trip.


Good work, Doc. The Sylphs are a telltale sign that others, too, have been gifting in the area. They start to show up when the energy balance begins to shift our way and they show up in large numbers and sizes when the balance is decidedly in our favor.robably extensively. MOre orgonite is always better, though, especially when we hand it to people, as you’ve been doing in Marseilles. I bet your and Satish’s intensive gifting in Amsterdam in recent months has brought lots of Sylphs to the sky there, for instance.

The continental French gifting network, connected to, is quite extensive and the French chatblasters have adoped Dooney’s Dodecahedron technique successfully, for which some of them are experiencing severe reprisals–always a good confirmation [Image Can Not Be Found].

There are other networks in Europe, notably the German and Italian ones, that keep tabs of each other’s achievements pretty well but most nations’ gifters, including the US, Japan, Korea, UK and Australia, don’t network with each other, much, as far as we know. The AFricans like to stay in touch with each other, even internationally, and that’s another feature that I want us all to emulate. it’s good to remember that the people who post on boards, especially this one, are an infinitesimal percentage of gifters, most of whom won’t get involved in a public communication effort. The network’s just too big, by now, for that to be feasible, even not considering the problem with omnipresent saboteurs on open-membership English-language internet forums, which might largely account for the relative silence of gifters in English-speaking countries.

We got similar sky feedback from Didier, who lives and gifts in Hong Kong, when he was vacationing at his mom’s place in (South, I think) France and sent us some photos of chemtrails being disappeared all over the sky in that location. He had just put a cloudbuster in his mom’s garden but if there wasn’t any gifting going on where she lives, there would have only been a blue hole, directly above; the entire sky was vibrant and only tiny smidgeons of chemtrails remained throughout. Didier is getting some interest among the Chinese, by the way. He didn’t say whether Sylphs show up there. Most folks still donm’t recognize those cloudforms, which is why I refer folks to for good photo examples of Sylphs.

We consider towerbusting and vortex gifting to be simply the beginning of healing a community and region, though it’s essential. it’s a benefit that the death towers and HAARP facilities become life-force generators, then, but the next phase is more labor-intensive and produces more dramatic confirmations: gridding neighborhoods, reversing deserts and extensive water-gifting. I think these are the developments that will attract capital investment, in fact, though maybe not government money. I personally prefer not to involve any government in healing our world, since they’ve facilitated messing it up for the past six thousand years or so [Image Can Not Be Found]


Hi there,

Today has been my most exciting gifting run so far. Let me give you my latest news…

A few days ago I brutally woke up in the middle of the night with the image of someone watching me through a window or mirror… I even checked wether there was anyone in the room or if I had been worked on, but I discovered nothing.
The following night I had my classic ‘being-worked upon dream’, that’s when I get chased by helicopters and on waking up I have a little work to do on myself and on the attacker of course. These dreams often are accompagnied by real helicopter visits during the day before or after, and yesterday surely, I got a few. Now I was lying lazily in the woods when they passed, reading a book with my girlfriend that always makes fun of me when there is helicopter (she doesn’t ‘believe’ in that). And frankly, I don’ t really care anymore for the helicopters, boys playing with toys.

But as I am not a grownup myself (technically speaking I should be, …), yesterday evening things started itching…
I asked my brother-in-law’s car because I wanted to gift a hospital further north, and also wanted to check a few antennas that I saw up in the hills.

So this morning I left early, gifted the hospital with only a HHG and a TB; because there was more important work to do.
I searched for some 40 minutes how to get to the hills with the antennas: I now could see this probably was a HAARP facility, as alot of antennas were placed on several hills. Finally a local showed me the way, adding it was not possible to go there. Upon arriving, I indeed saw a do not enter sign, but I could enter the road anyway, so I chose not to talk to the interphone, but just go for it. I have been working in southern france, and sometimes people put up no tresspass signs without real meaning. I had to drive for some 10 minutes before finally seeing the antennas coming closer and closer. I passed by two relatively small ones, and was happy to not have seen anyone sending me back, and started throwing out a lot of TB’s out the window. I came closer and closer to the main one, and it was the biggest thing I have ever seen, even on pictures here on EW. From down below, it had looked as if it was an ancient church or something with an antenna on its side, but it turned out to be a concrete building, without a doubt the facility headquarters, with a lot of drums, antennas and other nasty stuff.

As you can imagine, I was jumping with joy and started burying a lot of orgonite everywhere I could, including two HHG’s. I managed to get all this really close to the big antenna, let’s say at its closest some 50 yards. I did not dare to get any closer, as I could see people work there and thought it might be wiser not to be seen. When I wanted to get back, having done my duty, the car refused to start again. It is an old vehicule, more than 25 years old, and I was forced to turn it manually on the road, and started it again by going downhill again.

On the way back, I took another road, and came close to the two smaller antennas, that were not so small after all, but nothing like the main antenna. The other antennas were further even, and the road was blocked, so there was nothing else for me to do but go back.

Upon arriving down below, not having left the property yet, there was a guy looking for his goats, he asked me wether I had seen them, and I offered him a ride. He was surprised I was not working at the antennas (I told him I drove up to admire the view on Marseille). He said they did not have the right to get far up the hill, even with the goats. Last year, someone trespassed, and the police caught him by closing the road down below. The guy spent a year in jail and was fined a few thousand euros. OOPS!
As he was telling me this, we arrived at the entrance again, and indeed there were these metal shafts that can be brought up out of the road that I did not see when I first arrived (allways wondered if they would be strong enough to lift a small car). They had been down on my arrival, and still down for me to let me leave, luckily. I had been out before realizing the risk I had taken, and I have been laughing and cheering all the way home.

Sure I only busted three out of ten antennas, but the main one got gifted heavily, and the two others had a control post besides them, so probably were of bigger importance than the other smaller ones that I missed.
I could have never gotten anywhere near those antennas if it was not for having done what I did (I drove for 10 minutes remember), but I don’t think if I would have dared if I would have known beforehand.

I cannot help thinking of the people that ordered to send some helicopters to scare me yesterday [Image Can Not Be Found] boy are they gonna be disappointed.

Bye for now

Hi psychiatrist.

Wow! That is quite a journey. It’s very nice of you to gift France!

I got something that might help you.

I found the following link on the french orgone website. It is the map of all the relays, phone antennas, etc in France.

Maybe it’ll help you locate all the nasty stuff in the region where you spend your holiday [Image Can Not Be Found]

Wishing you the best