Gifting Nuclear Power Plants

Don Croft
03 Nov 2008 16:23
Subject: Gifting Nuclear Power Plants
My partner, Alejandro, wants me to compile some tips for busting nukes so he can translate them for our español gifting compadres and it seems like a good time to reiterate the protocols that have worked for us, over the years, also to discuss some of the weird parameters we’ve encountered. I promised Ale that I’d minimize the American colloquialisms for the sake of our readers in Spain, South and Central America, the Caribbean and bits of Africa who mainly speak Spanish.

Maybe after Carol and I spend a month with Ale and Maestra Javiera this winter, I can make some progress beyond my present ability to communicate in Spanish horriblimente. I would love to read the Spanish gifting reports!

Eight years ago, Carol and I discovered, beyond doubt, that simple orgonite turns ambient death energy into healthy life force. We had been working with orgonite together for a few months, at that point, but hadn’t found an opportunity to see whether orgonite can be overwhelmed by sufficient death energy.

As we were driving south, past the nuclear powerplant that’s north of Portland, Oregon, Carol followed our camper in her car and the closer we got to the nuke plant, the harder it was becoming for her to see the road because bright ‘blobs’ of healthy blue orgone (life force) were spillling from the camper in all directions, blocking her ability to see her surroundings. Psychics, like Carol, can normally suppress their ability to see subtle energies in order to function but this was an exceptionally strong occurence.

At the time, we had a few orgonite pyramids in the camper–about forty pounds of the simplest orgonite, divided among seven pyramids. Carol hadn’t yet started experimenting with the addition of gems, coils, shapes, etc., to personal orgonite. I had made those crude pyramids on a whim, a year or so previously.

She signalled for me to pull over, then I think she drove in front, after that. As we continued south from the nuke plant, there was less and less of the healthy energy flowing out of the camper.

A year or so later, when we returned from our first year in Florida, we tossed some orgonite into the Columbia River in the vicinity of that nuke plant. A year or so later, after I’d purchased my towerbuster-launching spudgun, we placed a dozen or so towerbusters into the river, closer to the cooling-water inlet and within a short time, that nuclear power plant had stopped operating. Carol feels sure that it was on account of orgone-saturated cooling water getting into the reactor core to make a fission reaction no longer feasible or possible.

I’m writing this at Ale’s request because someone asked him, ‘How much orgonite does it take to disable a nuclear reactor?’ He asked me to comment on that and if it were a simple answer, I’d have written a paragraph or two Cool

When we were in Florida, some months after our discovery that orgonite apparently can’t be overwhelmed by bad energy, we were at the beach near Vero Beach and I had a zapper on my chest while sunbathing. Carol was astonished that the blue, vital orgone being emitted by the orgonite component in the zapper had expanded several feet outward. Usually, she sees the field expanding less than a foot outward. She looked around the area, out of body, and found a nuclear powerplant about twenty miles to the south and the death energy that was causing my zapper’s field to expand outward was clearly the source of the bad energy. Dr Reich had mentioned that the deadly field of a nuclear reactor extends about forty miles, I think.

We were staying at an Recreational Vehicle Campground (I call them, ‘refugee camps’), not far from the beach, and when we got ‘home’ we made some simple orgonite (less than a pound), hunted for and found the nuke plant the following day, twenty miles down the coast from Vero Beach as Carol had seen, put the bits of orgonite as close as we could to the reactor, along the highway, then waited while Carol watched the effects. Within ten minutes or so, the death energy field which had extended well beyond the beach where we had been, the day before, had shrunk to a dark spherical field which was centered apparently on the reactor core, some distance underground. Carol saw the dark (reddish-brown) energy field as a dome, in that case. The sky in all directions from there immediately became a brighter blue and healthy, bright cumulus clouds replaced the disfigured, muddy clouds that had been characteristic in the sky, before.

This was several months before we built our first orgonite cloudbuster, by the way, but shortly after we gifted our first nuke facility we found a more horrendous nuke on the way to Orlando, where I was taking Carol to the airport. By then, when we travelled we carried orgonite with us to toss into unhealthy natural vortices and heal them. At the time (late 2000 and early 2001) the millions of death towers that PJ folks call ‘cell towers’ hadn’t yet been erected around the planet–that mostly happened right after the US Government blew up the World Trade Center, of course. By now, Carol had noticed that nuclear power plants are almost always built on natural vortices, apparently as a way to both secure the earth’s energy for the corporate world order and to poison the planet’s etheric field on a super scale.

The nuke plant that’s east of Orlando had a medusa-like aspect to the energy, according to my wife, and was the worst energy field she’d ever seen. To get to it, we had to pass a state prison by skirting along the outer fence and PJ cops were watching us very closely. The nuke facility is in the middle of an enormous swamp and direct access by road was impossible. The exit sign on the highway advertised an ‘industrial park’ but of coruse the only industry in that ‘park’ was the freakish nuke and the prison. In case you don’t know, America has the largest prison system on the planet and most of the prisoners are not guilty of any real crimes. Also, the majority of prisoners are people of color. This is no accident and the white PJ folks in America are thus conditioned to believe that dark-skinned people are in trinsically criminal. Apparently, the per capita number of prisoners in America excedes Stalin-era Russia and Mao-era China. This is a very, very serious problem and it’s one more reason we have to do away with the US Government as soon as possibble, of course.

We managed to get some orgonite into the swamp at the edge of the prison without being spotted. At one point, when a female guard was overtly watching us, I dropped Carol off to draw the guard’s attention to me and that worked well. I’ve been told that cops, at least in the US, literally have tunnel vision due to the nature and present circumstances of their occupation. Even ‘the nice ones’ have that characteristic, or especially the nice ones do. Good information to have on a gifting mission, I think.

Even that little bit of orgonite calmed the tortured vortex above the nuke and reversed the spin of the energy to a clockwise direction, Carol told me, but it apparently didn’t neutralize the reactor. I think others have tossed orgonite there, since then. I’m more interested in limiting the poisonous effects of these facilities than in shutting them down.

I was married to a gal for the year after I got my first zapper. She was apparently put in my path by the CIA to keep me off track but I think it sort of backfired on them because I learned a lot about subtle energy dynamics and elementals from her, through personal experience and observation. It really hurt when I got cuckolded but it wasn’t unexpected and I eventually figured out how to have a love relationship with a stable woman (my Carol) who appreciated commitment and reciprocated. The latter is the natural form of a love relationship, of course. I call the mother of my four kids, ‘X-1’ and we were married for 22 years before her apparent handlers triggered her to cuckold me repeatedly and thus end the marriage. That’s when I started, as a homeless, poor and barely-sane wanderer on the path to making a positive, substantive contribution to humanity. I call the second one ‘X-2.’ I mentioned the latter because she had worked at Seabrook Nuclear Power Facility for fifteen years and I met several of her former coworkers. I learned that nearly everyone who works at the plant develops fatal cancer before retirement Cool and the workers who are closer to th reactor have a much higher cancer rate than the ones who work on the periphery. See, you can shield yourself with lead from the measurable aspect of radioactivity but nothing can shield you from death force or life force.

Also, the nature of radioactivity is controversial and the insistent claims of institutionalized scientists about it might be mostly lies. We know they’re lying about bombs poisoning the ground for thousands of years because people moved back to Ground Zero in Hiroshima and Nagasaki pretty fast and they never got radiation sickness. The only people, there, who got sick and died from the blasts were the people who were exposed to it and to the fallout in the following days. It goes without saying that nuclear reactors and bombs are a deadly horror but I intend to ‘wait and see’ why scientists are such liars about some of the effects. If anyone can offer some insight about that, I’d love to hear it, though.

I used to listen to Dr. Galen Windsor when he was on the talk show circuit in the early to mid 1990s because he seemed entirely genuine to me and gave a unique, rational presentation that didn’t feel like disinformation or institutional science. He said that he once gave a press conference while having a picnic on top of a container of nuclear waste. According to popular nuclear physics, he should have gotten very sick in a few minutes but he said that he suffered no harm at all. Some people from the press showed up but none of them reported about it, of course. At the time, he was in his late 80s, I think. I doubt he’s still around. He also helped spread the story about the US Navy’s detonation of a nuclear bomb at Port Chicago, not far from San Francisco, in 1943. The test victims were black US Navy seamen who worked at a munitions facility there, loading ships. I guess the US Navyf figured that nobody would care what happened to thousands of black men. The explosion was officially blamed on a detonation of stored conventional bombs but the hospitals in the area filled with survivors from Port Chicago who exhibited severe symptoms of what the medical people later learned were radiation burns and radiation sickness.

Dr. Windsor reported that all the topsoil had been removed for some distance around the old Navy facility, some time after the blast. He was corroborating a report shared by a young physicist in New Mexico who had earlier found information abbout this in a number of very old, classified documents that were inside a 50-calibre ammunition box that he bought at a yard sale in Santa Fe. The fellow went on the air with this, nationwide, but after he got a visit from Edward Teller, who said he knew all about Port Chicago, the young scientist publicly recanted all his claims. Galen Windsor got into the act, though, and visited Port Chicago, where he found some radioactive residue and clear evidence that the area had been thoroughly excavated. Edward Teller is deeply involved in the new and older death weaponry technology, apparently, and probably frightened that young physicist half to death.

In early 2000, when visiting Portsmouth, New Hampshire with Carol during our East Coast test run with the new orgonite cloudbuster, we met a nuclear engineer whom I gave a Holy Handgrenade to because he indicated a desire to put one very close to the reactor core of the facility to stop the poisonous energy from affecting the workers. Not all scientists have blinders on, thankfully. I haven’t followed up on that but if any of my readers are aware of a reduction, since 2000, of the cancer rate at that facility I’d love to know about it. They don’t usually publish this sort of info, of course Wink

Back to the little nuke plant south of Vero Beach, Florida: in those days, that nuke plant was pretty small but when we returned to Florida, five years later, it had grown exponentially and we three (Jeff McKinley, Carol and I) who had committed to preventing further hurricane ‘visits’ to South Florida, had to take a couple hundred pounds of orgonite to the vicinity of that facility before the atmosphere and nearby ocean returned to a healthy state, again. We felt pretty sure that the death energy created at the facility contributed to the artificial storm systems that the world order was throwing at the region. We got a whole lot of that orgonite into the apparent cooling water behind the facility in the lagoon but I don’t think we shut it down. It’s possible that they had previously found an underground source of cooling water, by then. There are massive, underground fresh water rivers running from east to west under the Bahamas and Florida, after all, as there apparently also are throughout the world.

An evidence of this is that on the tiny island of Bimini there is a voluminous fresh water spring that comes up out of the ground. Another sign that this occurs even in the deepest parts of the ocean is that on the island of Eua, in the Tonga Islands, a large waterfall of fresh water tumbles from the peak that is the highest point on the island, which is on the edge of the Tonga Trench, one of the deepest parts of the Pacific Ocean. Tonga is in the middle of the Pacific and you can’t get any farther from a continent than there. I spent a couple of days, househunting, on that island in 1984 and witnessed the waterfall. You can easily see it from sea as soon as the island comes into view.

When I make statements that contradict institutionalized scientists I don’t expect my readers to automatically believe me and I feel obliged, when possible, to provide a little corroborative evidence like this. My goal is always to encourage others to look at reality more and more rationally, as I strive to do, and to be less inclined to swallow the baited intellectual hooks that the What To Think Network, clergy and academia constantly toss at you. I’m not selling an ideology or even a specific worldview because I don’t think anyone is capable of locking down ultimate answers; I’m simply stating my observations and opinions along the way. Consultation among regular folks who want answers will probably be shown to be the quick avenue out of this morass of corporate parasitism that we call the world order and it’s institutional milieu. We’ll probably leave the clergy, academics and institutionalized scientists decisively in our wake, pretty soon, thanks to the internet.

Our efforts at the expanded nuke facility south of Vero Beach certainly did limit the poisoning effects, as evidenced by the sea clearing up even where they were draining the cooling water into the Atlantic. Carol told me that most of that facility is underground. Before, the sea for a several miles downstream from the facility and for a shorter distance upstream (the Gulf Stream flows south to north, even along the South Florida shore) looked like an extremely polluted river–brown and opaque and when you spent more than a few minutes, there in a boat or on the shore, you got the characteristic metallic taste in your mouth that indicates the presence of deadly radiation, which is the most toxic form of death energy.

Jeff and I had taken our trusty Zodiac motorboat to those waters and dropped dozens of towrebusters along the two-mile-long outlet pipe that spews radiactive water into the sea, directly east (seaward) from the powerplant, which is on a forty-mile-long, narrow island. Some feds were anchored in a boat, close to teh beach that day, pretending to fish. I’m pretty sure they never saw us toss any orgonite, so I assume none of it was retrieved. Boy, those guys looked miserable! I doubt any fish could have survived in those poisonous waters Wink but within a week or so, the water we gifted became azure and clear and we no longer got the metallic taste when we were there.

When Eric Carlson visited us, a month or so later, we gifted the other side of the nuke facility in the lagoon water, though we were prevented by a barrier from getting closer than a half mile from the nuke. On one of the previous boat sorties to gift those lagoon waters more extensively, Jeff and I saw what Carol later told us was a dark, massive thoughtform in the sky above the nuke. I can characterize this as looking like a massive flock of birds, seen from a great distance. The form undulates, expands and contracts. Jeff and I witnessed a small flying saucer, sort of weaving in and out of the thoughtform, apparently in an effort to reinforce it after our productive water-gifting effort. We were on our way back to the boat ramp to trailer the boat and return twenty miles or so farther south, to Jupiter, where we lived. By the time Jeff and I went to do the final gifting at sea, that persistent dark cloud had finally vanished.

Persistent dark, isolated storms in an otherwise clear sky are sometimes a characteristic of a primary weather weaponry installation, by the way, but thanks to some very intelligent and persistent gifting, like Jesus’ recent, very long-range efforts through Spain, it’s getting harder to find these atmospheric atrocities, thankfully.

During our first year in Florida we spent a few weeks in the Florida Keys with our then-new orgonite cloudbuster. After we caused the persistent thunderheads over Homestead Air Force Base to disappear over the course of two or three days by aiming our cloudbuster at it, a helicopter with a large instrument pod circled our campground right above the palm trees, several times, focusing on our campsite. That was a fun confirmation of our success and it was also during the time when Carol and I had made our acquaintance with some dolphins across the highway in a facility. We tossed some orgonite in their ‘pens,’ late one night, while trespassing there Cool . We would have done it during the day time but the people who ran the facility were kind of like watchful nazis and would no doubt have caught us.

Two of the dolphins etherically visited us the next evening, before we fell asleep, and I was treated to one of the most remarkable psychic experiences of my life. That was apparently their way of telling us how much they appreciated our gifts. One of them even showed Carol, on a map, the location of the hyperdimensional Atlantean city ruins, south of Andros Island on the western edge of the Tongue of the Ocean, not far away in the Bahamas. We intend to get over there after we finally get a big enough boat. A week or so, later, as we were leaving the campground, one of the stinking world order’s flying saucers swooped the camper so closely that I had to slam on my brakes and Carol nearly collided with me from behind. It had halogen lights, so I knew it wasn’t from offworld. I think it was the US Air Force’s way of showing us their displeasure about messing with their weather warfare facility at Homestead. The US Air Force is almost as creepy and murderous as the CIA, it’s twin sibling, is.

That was in April and May, 2001. We returned to Homestead Air Force Base in April, 2003, and gifted the facility. The excavated dirt from underneath was just piled up on the ground when they were building the undergrond base, there. It’s a small mountain in a very large area that has no natural hills at all–former swampland south of MIami, which was also a swamp, of course. Along this ridge were so many weather weapons that it looked like a bad haircut. There were two very big nuke cooling ponds nearby and I used the spudgun to gift them thoroughly. I even burnt off my eyebrows when I foolishly looked down teh barrel to see why the accelerant wasn’t igniting and the stuff went off. Fortunately, there wasn’t a towerbuster in the barrel, then Wink

After our sortie, on our way past the massive HAARP arrays at the underground Hurricane Direction Center (they call it ‘Hurricane Tracking Center’) a cyclonic wind suddenly came up and nearly blew us off the freeway, essentially stopping traffic for a half hour or so with hurricane-force wind and extremely heavy rainfall. I saw green sheet lightning over the arrays, then, and Carol got a vision of a Homeland Security magnate in a gray uniform who scowled at her Wink

Jeff later gifted that facility and the three of us finished it off with earthpipes, some months after Carol and I arrived back in South Florida in September, 2005.

The artificially-induced storm ended suddenly and all the stars were soon visible, as they were right before the storm. A friiend in South Miami later told me that the TV news reported an anomalous, very localized wind and rain storm in South Miami at the time and they offered no explanation, of course.

You won’t likely encounter that sort of reprisal, any more, because in the present day I think the corporate world order has stopped hoping to turn our planet into a wasteland with their millions of new weather weapons. I think they’re more likely making plans to hide underground and hope for a time when they can come out and kill us all, finally. Earthpipes will flush them all out in a timely way, I think. I don’t mind if they migrate to Mars or the Moon as soon as possible, at least until it’s time for non-parasites to colonize those worlds. There will surely be millions of busy gifters before that happy possibility comes to pass.

The next time we visited Homestead Air Force Base (July, 2006) most of the deadly transmitters had been removed from the ‘mountain ridge’ on the base and the world odor had started dumping garbage, there, to apparently hide the dirt mountain. Garbage dumps are the only other high spots in that area. They mix the garbage with dirt in order to build on the hills, later. We had apparently ruined their treacherous fun at Homestead and they had become worried that the Pajama People would notice the dirt hill as evidence of an underground base. Ten years ago, after Phil Schneider’s firsthand, substantive revelations, only a handful of people were willing to even consider the existence of a vast underground network of bases, tunnels, prisons, etc., but many more people are taking an interest in the evidence, now.

We gifted a new nuclear powerplant not far away, on the shore fo Biscayne Bay, that month and I don’t know if we aced it but while we were gifting the dredged channel that led westward in the very shallow bay toward the domed nuke plant, there were a dozen or so fed boats waiting for us and pretending to party and fish in those disgusing waters. They even had fake families on some of the boats and everyone looked as miserable as you’d expect. The water not far from the nuke plant was very nice, so of course no real person would tarry in the radioactive channel. We haven’t returned there, since, but when we do I’ll post an update of the conditions, including Carol’s assessment, though she’s apparently able to do that any time, from anywhere, out of body. DB is the other person we know who is reliably good at this but there are many who can do it, of course. I’m kind of careful about whose skills I vouch for.

Biscayne Bay, which lies between Miami and the Florida Keys, is enormous but very shallow, throughout. We gifted the perimeter of the bay, that day, and if it werent’ for a reliable GPS that gave depth readings we’d have run aground scores of times in our Zodiac.

I don’t always use the terms, ‘deadly orgone radiation,’ and ‘orgone,’ because so many people who are new to this effort don’t yet know about Dr Reich’s history-changing discoveries and accomplishments, yet, and he coined those terms, after all, to describe the opposing energies of decay (death force) and life force. I like to advise people that the ‘brightness range’ of the squiggles that we see when we gaze at the sky or a bright, featureless background indicates the range of energy, from life force to death force: the bright squiggles being life force and the dark ones being death force. People who see subtle energy more distinctly tell us that they see the rainbow colors that indicate energy quality: violet and brightness is the most refined life force and red & darkness indicates death force.

In a healthy environment, of course, the bright squiggles predominate. In Africa, by the way, the squiggles are a great deal bigger and more active than anywhere else we’ve travelled. Dr Reich conceived and built is Orgone Scope, apparently, to show Albert Einstein this phenomenon. Einstein was duly impressed and enthusiastic. He personally acknowledged the importance of Reich’s discovery, shortly before he blackballed Reich in the American science community in 1939. It’s a simple device, I’ve read, but not as simple as just letting your eyes go out of focus while looking at a blue sky (alpha brain waves soon become predominant in this state, as does the ability to observe with peripheral vision).

Alejandro generously offered to school me in some of the hard science theories of physics and chemistry when he comes to visit and I think that’s going to help me speak more comprehensively to people who have science backgrounds–sort of bridge the gap, so to speak. These folks generally aren’t satisfied to witness the consistent physical evidences in the atmosphere and in society of orgonite’s powerful effects. They’re kind of reliiant on theory. On my latest radio interview I sort of tripped over my tongue while trying to explain the clear, observable parallel between eliminating parasites from inside the body and clearing death energy from the atmosphere, both of which processes are partly characterized and measured as simple ionization. I think ionization is just a measurable effect of healthy life force, though, and I hope the institutionalized folks will get some clarity about that through their own experiments and observations. We want more and more scientists to get involved with this work, after all.

Otherwise, nearly everyone who has come through a college education in the sciences is so deeply immured in materialistic science that they’re not yet capable of understanding the existence, let alone the dynamics, of subtle energy. A few of them did, of course. Maxwell is said to have been so concerned that posterity would erase his subtle energy discoveries that he encoded them in poetry and, sure enough, none of that is being mentioned in college courses where Maxwell’s equations are being taught. This problem made it necessary for Dr Reich to invent new terminology, of course. That reminds me of how the genuine prophets encoded some of their basic creative teachings in parables, which are impossible for ‘theologians’ to tamper with.

In Black Ops–the global secret science applications that most of the really talented people work at for the CIA, MI6 and other sewer rat agencies–they know all about subtle energy tech and their destructive technology, including the death towers, chemtrails and weather weapons, are applications that are based on subtle energy (death force, in this case) much as most of the technology we commonly use is based on electricity and combustion. They don’t seem to comprehend life force, which is what all the better, new free energy tech is based on. That shouldn’t be surprising and the wonderful aspect of orgonite is that it quickly neutralizes all of their secret weapons and technology, including nuclear reactors, the death towers, the weather weapons and apparently even nuclear bombs. Much of their ruinous, new technology is based on their bastardization of the discoveries of Tesla and Reich, by the way.

As far as I know, there isn’t any hard science evidence for what we’re all accomplishing around the world becuase conventional Pajama People science and the What To Think Network simply won’t acknowledge the existence of subtle energy. Even the most advanced universities are still struggling under the obsolete, infantile materialistic paradigm created by corporate people like Newton, Darwin, Locke, Malthus, etc. In America, it’s said that ‘People who can, do; people who can’t, teach.’ I think a good teacher is worth his weight in gold and it’s too bad that the really good teachers don’t thrive in any of the current schools. While the jealous tenured academics, whose first efforts are applied to maintaining their own hegemony over the minds of the Pajama People, drone on and put us all to sleep, their more talented peers ‘who can,’ work in Black Ops. They apparently have developed and/or back-engineered, then produced free energy tech, death force weaponry, nuclear fission, antigravity tech, space travel, time travel (to some extent) scalar weaponry and some stuff that none of us have even imagined, yet. This sort of schizophrenic dichotomy characterizes the old corporate world order, of course, and is symbolized by the pyramid and all-seeing (sic) eye.

Of course, they sure didn’t see orgonite coming, so the eye’s not as all seeing as they’d hoped Cool

Dr Reich notes that life force and death force are registered the same way on a Geiger counter. That makes a Geiger counter an accuerate measuring device for orgonite’s effects, by the way. If anyone who’s reading this can tell us whether the badge indicators that are worn by workers in nuke plants also register life force I’d sure like to know!

The new death towers, which have come to be called ‘cell towers,’ are mainly powered by small, undergrond nuclear reactors, apparently. They have to disguise the cooling ponds as sewage treatment facilities and even settling ponds but it’s easy to see that real sewage treatment facilities are very diifferent: they stink and have a fountain in the middle to aerate the water. I knew a guy who worked at the sewage treatment plant outside of St Louis, Miissouri, and he said that the outlet pipe for the fountain has to be cleaned frequently, or else large, healthy fluke worms that came out of people’s intestines will plug the opening. I don’t want to see a picture of that Cool

The nuke cooling ponds, rather, are clean and clear water. There are usually two adjacent ponds and they’re shallow, gravel-lined and rectangular, surrounded by a fairly low fence, usually with barbed wire on top. It’s easy to toss towerbusters into them because the fence is usually very close to teh edge of the water. One of the two ponds is normally empty, which apparentely indicates that one or another of them is venting death energy into the atmosphere. I reckon that an underground river could be used and in that case the venting would be done downstream from the generator and the intake water would come from upstream.

One towerbuster per pond has been sufficient for us on our expeditions, according to Carol, though the larger ponds get two or three towerbusters. The largest pair of ponds we’ve found are east of Steptoe Butte, not far from us. There are a score of death towers and weather weapons on that small mountain, which is in a very big vortex and is the highest feature in the area. In the middle of one winter the water in the ‘full’ pond was yellowish-green, the color of antifreeze Cool We’ve found and gifted scores of these over the years and I think that shutting down these small nukes is a genuine hardship for the corporate world order.

You probably know, by now, that these new towers are not powered from the conventional electricity grid at all. YOu might see a small electrical line going from a nearby pole to a death tower’s bunker but when you compare that line to the massive cables that run up the mast it’s easy enough to recognize that those massive cables are getting electricity from an underground source. It may be that the bunker houses a huge, diesel or propane powered generator but if the thing were running, you’d certainly hear it.

When I was gifting in Uganda, some of the bunkers of the death towers in Kampala had enormous diesel generators running in them, also an armed guard Wink but of course none of the guards saw our orgonite tosses and probably wouldn’t care, even if they had. Georg and I found an apparent nuke cooling pond setup on the outskirts of Kampala and we gifted that one, at least.

When I was route-gifting (tossing a towerbuster every three miles along a highway) in northeast Georgia I found a coal-fired powerplant that apparently had a nuke generator underground. I believe this is so because one of the cooling ponds beside the plant had asure-blue water in it but the cooling ponds that were apparently used for the coal-fired facility were the characteristic reddish-brown water that could be found in all the lakes and streams in the area. Carol wasn’t with me at the time and I didn’t gift the blue pond.

If any reader who lives in the Augusta, Georgia area wants to take care of it, please note that you might need a spudgun to get your orgonite into that pond because if memory serves, it’s a hundred yards or so from the perimeter fence. It’s Augusta’s main powerplant. I gifted the highway down through the Savannah River nuke facility, after that–every half mile through that heavily surveilled and patrolled hive, which probably hosts one of the larger underground bases. There were skinheaded, jackbooted, black-uniformed, armored guards all along that highway so I had to toss prudently in order not to get arrrested Wink and I wonder what country they were from–probably typical Russians: Homeland Security cops. Somebody needs to earthpipe that hive, ASAP.

More later–I have to work for a living, unfortunately, so I need to get busy with that for awhile Wink


04 Nov 2008 16:24
Subject: Re: Gifting Nuclear Power Plants
Thanks Don, jeezz, you could of made it a bit shorter Confused

Don Croft
04 Nov 2008 16:47
Subject: Re: Gifting Nuclear Power Plants
Ale, I figured that you’d like to do something with all your extra time, and translating is such great fun, after all Wink

It’s not a short answer, unfortunately, because it so severely challenges the receding science paradigm. I also don’t want to mislead people into assuming they can easily disable a nuclear reactor. I certainly don’t necessarily recommend neutralizing commercial nukes by vitalizing the water that goes into the DOR-dependent reactor cores Cool . If I were to recommend that, the treasonous Vaderland Sekurity storm troopers might drag me into one of their underground prisons one of these days and pinch my head off.

There are more new readers every day for Etheric Warriors and, no doubt, also Jesus’ Spanish forum. More and more of the new ones want to get busy, so I’ve found it prudent to repeat some of the basic info from time to time. Sure, the Gifting Compendium has all the basic info but if we don’t draw attention back to the basics, often enough, we might develop a reputationn for being a sort of inbred, egocentric group, here.

The basics are still very exciting to us, after all, and always new.


Don Croft
04 Nov 2008 17:00
Subject: Re: Gifting Nuclear Power Plants
Actually, you’re welcome to edit this for your translations, Ale–was just kidding about the ‘extra time’ Cool

I just got this in email–a nice confirmation that my rambling style, or lack of style, has some appeal:


I have been in this game a long time, and I have always found something that just doesn’t feel right about most people I have admired and interacted with over the years.

Usually just a shortsighted, or bigoted point of view that turns me off despite their brilliance, or well meaning actions and good work.

Not so with you. You clearly have found balance. I enjoy reading everything you write. Thank You for having the courage and tenacity to be yourself.

Do you know anyone in Portland, Oregon I could interact with? You mention Portland from time to time, and I think you said someones name once or twice.

Give them my email address so that we could correspond? I am a famous lurker from the time when the internet was only a BBS. It is time for me to get involved.

I appreciate your consideration.

  • Jesse.

Don Croft
05 Nov 2008 10:47
Subject: Re: Gifting Nuclear Power Plants
I used to think there was a short answer about gifting nuke reactors but that was before we were challenged by the gargantuan nuke plant and apparent underground horror story south of Vero Beach, Florida Cool

Nuclear power plants seem to be some of the corporate world order’s favorite weapons against the environment and if you consider the existence of many thousands of smaller nukes underground that apparently power the new death tower network, this compounds the challenge for us. We feel that it’s absolutely essential to gift all of these in one’s area. After you disable all the death towers and weather weapons, consider the remaining smog patches to be caused by underground and commercial nuclear powerplants, okay? Earthpipes are the best instruments for neutralizing undergorund sources of poisonous energy in the atmosphere but whenever you find the twin-rectangular, gravel lined cooling ponds, be sure to toss a couple of towerusters in the water, okay? This small effort apparently reaps huge healing benefits in the atmosphere.

The reason I’m trying to encapsulate all our experiences and experiments with orgonite’s peculiar ability to turn even deadly radiation into vitalizing life force is becuase all of this information is otherwise scattered through eight years’ worth of our reports.

When Carol and I visited the Namib Desert in December, 2001, we saw a small area of dense smog north of the narrow highway that runs across the coastal desert from Windhoek, which is in the higher Kalahari Desert, to Swakopmund, a port city. The isolated smoggy area was west of the lone mountain that hosts a very old, underground Vryal/reptilian base and is protected from casual visitors by a particularly hostile and larcenous transplanted tribe. It might have been some of the latter who maintain a concession beside the highway where several famialies sell gems and crystals that they mine from the area. Those folks were sweet and did business quite fairly, though. We had rented a car in Windhoek so we could do some gifting in key vortices that we could reach from highways.

Gert Botha, the Afrikaaner prospector and geologist who had been my host near Swakopmund before Carol joined me, had cleared a big, calm and persistent blue hole in the middle of raging sand storms since the previous July with a pretty funky orgonite cloudbuster that he cobbled together with salvaged matterial and a gallon of fiberglas resin. His success is what inspired my visit. I’d like to take a moment to vouch for his credibility becuase he told me some important information about Africa that I’ve used to base a lot of my later efforts on.

Namibia is a former German colony, so there are a lot of people there of German descent but the Afrikaaners are typically from South Africa and are of mostly Dutch descent, with some French and native ancestry. In the latter case the natives were Hottentots (closely related to the bushmen, or Koi San) and the Bantu tribes. The Blacks in Africa are mainly from two cultural or racial groups: Bantu, who occupy Africa’s equatorial regions southward, and Nilotic, who are represented by the Ethiopeans and Somalians. The Bantu cultures are considered to have originated in West Africa, south of Mali, and had spread east and south, more or less displacing the previous race represented by the Koi San, Ituri Rain Forest pygmies, Hottentots, etc. Arabs had spread across North Africa in ancient times, before the Sahara region was a desert, and there has been mixing between Arabs and Blacks across that region.

Gert told me that his grandmother, as a teenager, had survived interment in a British concentration camp during the Boer War and that he had black ancestry. Afrikaaners have a reputation, thanks to the What To Think Network, for being intensely racist but it’s more complicated than that. I spent enough time with him to get a better picture, even though my later visit to South Africa was kind of depressing–felt like 1950s Alabama to me.

I already knew that the British were the ones who more or less invented concentration camps because that’s how they always dealt with resistant populations and combatants in their empire-building days, under the hegemony of the banking families from Venice (ultimately from Babylon?). The prison camps which the British conducted were worse than the ones the SS had, by the way, considering that the SS at least barely fed the laborers and children in theirs. Anglophile media outlets won’t tell you about all this, of course. I think the corporate Brits also pioneered using mental hospitals as government-directed torture facilities.

The whites in Africa, at least the ones like Gert who are relatively open-minded, marvel at the enormous spiritual capacity of black Africans in general. He told me a story of a company doctor he travelled with when he was prospecting in the Kalahari for a mining company. In those days they didn’t travel much by road because there just weren’t many roads where they needed to go. They had general routes, though, and the doctor had developed relations with some of the tribal people along the routes. He once spontaneously told Gert, who was driving, that he needed to go to a certain region because he wanted to check on one of the small tribal bands. It was some distance out of the way but Gert complied. Some time later, they arrived at a large, lone tree and there was a small crowd of people waiting in the shade. The doctor was nonplussed and began looking after the tribesmen. When he was done and was leaving with Gert, he said, ‘Those people came from many miles around, yesterday and today, because they knew I was going to show up.’

Nearly everyone Gert introduced me to were people I’d be proud to count as friends. This is usually the best measure of a person’s credibility, for me, but he was simply a very solid, honest fellow who carried through with his promises to others. I’m grateful for the time I spent with him and I feel sure that his generous introduction to me of Africa made it possible for me to benefit so much from my later associattion with our wonderful Ugandan friends, pioneers and coworkers, a couple of years later. I wish I could have taken him with me, then.

It was right before I went to Namibia that Georg Ritschl and I started corresponding, by the way. Georg lives in Johannesburg and has, also a thriving, productive German-language orgonite forum. Georg is a friend and confidant of Credo Muttwa, a renowned Zulu elder who is a rich mine of information about African history, politics, culture and traditions. Credo loves orgonite and all the related technology, by the way.

Carol and I, along with Gert, initiated a systematic gifting campaign in Namibia but Georg and his Namibian contacts later began expanding it, including renting a plane to drop orgonite in the waters along the desolate coast for some distance from Swakopmund. Georg has almost singlehandedly caused the Kalahari to reverse in recent years and has been making inroads reversing the more difficult but much smaller Namib.

Gert’s wife had expressed her displeasure at his association with us, though she was always cordial to us, and we lost touch with him shortly after our departure, I’m sad to say. I’m hoping to be in touch with him again, someday.

Back to the desert’s patch of radiation smog: I had seen that smudge in the low atmosphere from the air when I went from Swakopmund to Windhoek to pick up Carol. Gert had told me that a Rothschild family, who own and mine that area of the desert, had contrived to dump nuclear waste from European powerr plants in an abandoned mine in that small area, also in a bigger area of the desert much farther south. In the latter case, they use trains to carry the waste. Apparently the dump site closer to the east/west highway was the first one; experimental.

Carol and I could drive right to it on a dirt road, past the abandoned mining facility, and within a few minutes of distributing a few pounds of orgonite along the road, through the middle of the smog, all the smog disappeared. We also saw some dead grass, which was evidence of the rain that Gert told us his orgonite cloudbuster had apparently generated in the area shortly after he set it up, some months before. There probably hadn’t been grass seen in that region for centuries but, as Dr Reich first demonstrated in Tucson, Arizona in 1953, a desert has the potential to be immediately covered with grass whenever persistent rainfall occurs. Dr Reich caused a lot of rain in the desert around Tucson with a couple of his cloudbusters, then.

Carol told me, unequivocably, that the radioactive material underground was neutralized by that small amount of orgonite We can’t formally claim that this was so because this is a subjective report but I can offer the disappearance of smog, which is a process that thousands of gifters have produced and witnessed, by now, as at least one evidence.

A parallel evidence came to me from Romania in 1999. I had just started adding orgonite to my zappers, then, and a healer in Romania ordered several of them for his clinic. A few weeks later, I got an email from him and he seemed pretty excited to report that a dying patient had completely recovered from lung cancer and radiation sickness within a couple of weeks after he started zapping. The fellow had been one of a cleanup crew at Chernyobyl. I’m pretty sure that a basic zapper circuit, alone, won’t cure radiation sickness but that orgonite, alone, will cure it. Any zapper routinely cures cancer but an ordinary zapper won’t likely cure cancer if the sufferer has been undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments. I’m watching for opportunities to see if a zapper with orgonite will cure cancer even when radation is being administered by serial killers (that’s what I call medical doctors who prescribe deadly poisons to already sick people).

That’s all I know, for now, about orgonite’s interaction with radioactive material. I hope we’ll learn more. I hope some real but open-minded scientists will get involved with this powerful and empowering enquiry.


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