Gifting Oslo

02 Jul 2008 09:13
Subject: Gifting Oslo
Greetings brave fighters.
Im glad to give you the news that Oslo, the capital of Norway has finally been gifted extensively by us two
enthusiastic souls who got fed up with this dor infested town, in our first ever gifting effort.
Our main focus was gifting circular around the central part of Oslo where most people live and most of the dor is probably concentrated.
We used 4 days to complete the work, between the middle of May and June.
I hope people will observe changes in the climate, clouds, air, electromagnetic pollution and general mood of the city.
So far i will personally say that the changes after gifting has been very positive.


We used 60 tower busters, 6 hhg’s and took out 14 towers and some harp installations.
We drew all around town to find this detrimental stuff. We also gifted a vital part of Oslo’s dor infested main river �Akerselva�,
some other small places and a vital park that many of Oslo’s people visits daily.

Some of the orgonite was homemade and some was from the vendors listed on
It was all good quality and gave immediate good results on everything we gifted.

We had to laugh our way past some spooks that was watching us in the start, but as we turned on the succor punch from
ctbusters every time we went out and drove in a zig zag pattern before we headed out to the gifting objects we could make
sure no one was on our tail. A succor punch is great, or essential for all gifters.

When gifting one of the bigger towers we were probably seen on camera when walking across a path, and we were working pretty slow.
Suddenly we heard an owl in the forrest make a lot of noise and we started working faster.
Then we heard the howling of a wolf?(very rare in oslo) and we left the area fast just finished.
On our way from the area we met a security car crossing us on the other side of the road, heading to the tower site. Perfect timing!
Learning to listen to the animals can give you valuable information.

The whole mission turned out very good, effective, exciting, inspiring and beautiful.
The most painfull thing that happened was when Magnus had a little crash with his bicycle when heading out to one of the objects.
But he was fine and so was the camera and succor punch in his backpack!


I read about dor towers turning into por towers before we gifted them, but its something else getting a first hand experience.
The area around the towers had an oppresive feeling when aproaching, but after gifting it gradually looked and felt cobalt blue and mild with positive orgone.
Magnus made a nice statement about gifting; �it’s just like acupuncture,you place por-needles in areas of the worlds body where energy has stagnated.�


To boost our efforts, we prayed to The Creator for protection, stealth and that our gifts should not be removed.
Working in God’s cleaning company is fine!

One Love! And A BIG UP to all gifters worldwide!

-Bjørn and Magnus, Oslo/Norway

02 Jul 2008 18:12
Subject: Re: Gifting Oslo
Thank you Bjorn and Magnus for gifting Oslo !!! and Thank you for speaking good of my Tb’s .

Ha det bra Wink Eric

03 Jul 2008 08:00
Subject: Re: Gifting Oslo
Some confirmations:

The sky over Oslo has become clearer, bluer and we see more of the natural clouds laying high in the atmosphere than the
unnatural dor smog laying low. We are getting pretty healthy amounts of sun and rain.

After we busted our first and biggest tower, we could immediately see in the sky above the that clouds gradually started breaking up.
As we drove away from the tower we could see other parts of town having lots of clouds over them but the tower site had a hole above it.
A lady who visited this particular tower site a week later told that she had felt a great feeling of love and positivity when being around the place.
She didn’t know then, that the place was gifted or even what orgonite was.

The air in Oslo has become fresher and an increase in wind seems to have come about.

The park we gifted is now only being used for postive activity, according to my friend who works in a cafè right next to the park,
and observes it all day. I can see for myself that the park has lit up with positive energy. The park is an old graveyard.
Im not sure how common it is to turn graveyards into parks all over the world?

I have seen lots of Sylphs appearing in the sky, the love vibe of the city is increased, people look a little less mindcontrolled,
and my own sleeping quality has become three times better.

It was very inspiring watching and feeling a death tower turn from red to blue on the spot, and once again recognize orgonites miraculous potential.

There is still some essential work to be done around central Oslo, but i think that the worst part of it may have been done now.
Around the outskirts of Oslo i suspect there is a lot to be done.

Thanks to Eric Carlsen and DB for making good products!

Don Croft
04 Jul 2008 07:04
Subject: Re: Gifting Oslo
Welcome, Bjorn, and good reports! Frode has also been gifting in Oslo, I just found out, and I’ll put you in touch with her so you can both conserve your ammo. Cesco had done quite a bit of gifting there, too. The confirmations we earn from our efforts always stand on their own merit, of course, and reporting them is a powerful incentive for our readers, also adds to the expanding body of empirical evidence of orgonite’s positive and powerful effects.

I especially like the feedback you got from the woman who lives near the gifted death tower.

One of my favorite aspects of gifting, especially in cities, is that we can build on each others’ efforts. In some cases, like Boston, one person has easily ‘turned on’ healthy orgone dynamics in a big city and in other more challenging- cases, like Toronto, success has only come from concerted effforts over a longer period. There are a lot of variables and we’re only aware of some of them but we’ll always succeed if we’ll follow our instincts and also work systematically.

The appearance of Sylphs in teh sky usually indicates that the balance has decisively shifted to the positive end. This has been encouraging to people who get a little discouraged by the continuing appearance of chemtrail-seeded temporary clouds after seeing a lot of confirmations in the atmosphere for their gifting and cloudbuster efforts. The high-altitude, harmless HAARP whiteouts are another pretty severe psychological challenge and that usually requires some travelling and perhaps also a lot of water gifting to finally disperse.

The sky gives us plenty of clues about our progress, of course.