Gifting people and the troubles that follow

Hi Everyone,

For the past 2 months or so I have been gifting people in the Los Angeles area. I have lost count of the orgonite I have personally passed out to people. I have been gifting people from LAncaster/Palmdale to Ojai to Orange county and in between those areas.

I have been trying to get out as much as possible to gift the people and hence their area. I have given plastic bags full of Tb’s to friends to pass out to people. I will continue to do this until I can’t. Which will be a long time.

Over these 2 months I have been in I don’t know how many near miss accidents. Coincidence, I think not. No one could possibly be that bad of a driver. Just last week alone there were three attempts alone. I was almost T-Boned twice and rear ended once. Like I said almost. It seems as they do not see me until they get close and suddenly they wake up. Probably all the orgonite I carry around. Well, on Friday things kind of came to a head. I was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol anf given a ticket for something I did not do. I was given a ticket for an unsafe lane change. The cop took my registration and license to write the ticket. I was kind of in a fog while this was happening and that is just not something that ever happens to be. He gave me the ticket and said I could go. I left and 2 or 3 minutes later discovered that he did not give my documents back to me. I immediately called his station upon arriving to work and left him a message to call me. He did not. I just called them again and left a message for him to call me. Will he call? I don’t know. Am I being harassed? Yes of course. they are trying to nickle and dime me to death so eventually I cannot afford to make the orgonite I pass out. Will I continue to make it? Yes, I promise you that I will even if I have to collect cans to buy the supplies.

However, I do know that the powers that be are pissed at me for my gifting and helping wake people up.

I am humbly asking for your help here to get this situation straightened out with the police and the ticket. This is starting to become a little more than I can handle. All the near misses and the police now.




Good work with the people gifting. That is one of the most valuable means of gifting now that there are so many gifters worldwide that the death tower matrix is practically out of commission in many places around the globe now because of all of our efforts.

DB did a TON of gifting in the LA area, so all of the towers, except maybe some new ones should be gifted. There are a number of other gifters in the LA area who are also doing lots of gridding which is good too.

I know it may be a bit overwhelming the first time you realize that the baddies are really out to get you. The thing you have to realize is that the baddies are out to get everyone, even their own kind. That’s the remarkable thing about the two sides in this etheric world–the good side has a strong alliance based upon love, kindness, and selfless service; whereas the bad side has a very weak and conditional alliance that can change with the snap of the fingers. Overall there seems to be a large group of people/aliens who are trying to work towards a similar thing. They all have their own selfish image of how it is suposed to work out and they all look after their own personal motives, no one else’s.

Very similar things have happened to a number of gifters. Even the same phenomenon of the driver not even seeing you until they got close enough for your orgonite to wake them up has occured to some gifters.

Don has pointed out that many others have also experienced the “bad driver” phenomenon. Probably most of them are Mkids or other mind control victims. I have also experienced many close calls on my bike sometimes while gifting, but sometimes just from my normal training. I have been run off the road by truckers, blown over by speeding black SUV’s who go by literally within inches of me, I have had jerks who I suppose are some sort of low level NWO asset throw bottles at me and yell obscene things at me when they pass. I and all of here have natural law on our sides and I believe, are constantly be looked after by forces of goodness.

I like to tell people who experience this sort of resistance to view it as a blessing, instead of a curse. It shows that you are successfully hurting the NWO. They are very good at pulling back their fists, but are not so good at actually throwing the punch. Afterall they are a bunch of cowards that are only held together by fear.

As active warriors on this rebellious, but beautiful planet, there are no doubt many attempts on our lives, probably way more than we are aware of, at least the non-psychic ones, such as myself. Some people like to explain how we keep on living because of good luck or karma that gets us through, but I don’t believe in either. I believe there are actual forces helping us through this journey and protecting us in this etheric life. I can’t say who these forces are, because I do not know–angels, spirits, friendly aliens, etc. take your pick.

Enough of what I believe…It is up to you to take the things that are happenning to you as great confirmations that you are doing excellently.

Keep fighting the good fight and drive like a New York City taxi driver and you’ll be fineSmile

By the way, keep calling the Police Department about your license and registration, if you keep calling they will eventually have to give it back to you to prevent more sentiments of police corruption than there already is. (Not all police are corrupt, just a few, but it only takes a few).

Good luck,

Ned Walsh

Hi Ned and Everyone,

Thanks for the encouragement. I did call the CHP later in the day and got ahold of the officer that gave me the ticket. He did admit that he did not give me back my documents and apologized. He said he would put them in the mail to me. I thanked him and told him that I looked forward to getting them soon.

After doing this post the rest of the day was really cheerful for me and the burden totally lifted.

I know people were boosting me because I could feel it. Thank you for that. I will continue full steam ahead with the people gifting.


Hi Everyone,

I just want to say for the record some of my orgonite has made it to Tibet. So I will continue to gift people. I plan on ramping it up as much as possible. I see this as the fastest way in the near future to bring about the downfall of TPTB.


William, one reason I invited you to post here was because I had a sense that the trouble you were experiencing would subside if you have a public profile. I’m really glad to see it’s paying off for you, also glad that you’re handing out orgonite. I hope you’ll share some stories about that.

As Ned says, the sewer rats are good at pulling back their fists (sic Cool) but not very good at throwing their punches.

You have the privelege of gifting in an area populated by a lot of reptilians, barely able to hold their human form at times, and the only other place I know of where you’d likely encoungter so much reptile and MKid interferene is Las Vegas.

The difference between reptilian surveillance/interference and the MKids is that reptiles tend to be omnipresent but MKids don’t bunch up much. Also, it’s pretty easy to lose human trackers but nearly impossible to lose the fully conscious reptiles and draconians, who are telepathic and are able to step outside of our common time/space reference a bit.

I know this sounds bizarre and can’t be substantiated but it’s good battlefield intel for gifters in places like LA.

There aren’t many places like LA, thank God.

SoCal is a real freakshow when it comes to reptile predator activity, which is one reason the place fascinates me so much. I think the predominance of reptiles can also account for why almost nobody, there, seems to notice that most of the smog has been gone for about three years. At leat the movies show a record of that achievement and I even saw Sylphs in a recent movie filmed in LA: LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE.

In terms of quality of awareness, reptiles are telepathic and they predominate in cults but they pretty much live their lives according to the dictates of the brain stem, not the cerebral cortex. Like parrots, they’re capable of uttering certain words in order to produce desirable and predictable responses in the hearer, which is why they’re really good at making up ideologies. I think birds are technically reptilians–some say the dinosaurs were warm-blooded and were precursors of the present birds. If you have a pet bird you can probably learn a lot about reptilians who assume human form.

The Operators are always a step or two ahead of even the slickest reptiles, though, and reptiles (also the world odor in general) are only capable of a filthy version of synchronicity while we can tap into The Operators’ masterful application of good synergy. It’s a fun game and we rarely lose, as you’re apparently seeing.

In his early gifing days, Bradley once tried an experiment with ‘invisibility to predators’ and traffic around him became like bumper cars at the carnival because over a quarter of SoCal drivers are apparently predators and didn’t see him. Carol showed him how she stays out of sight of predators but her method apparently creates a sort of buffer zone around the car for 50 feet or so. I’ve seen obvious federal agents (the bosses drive expensive, new cars) and military police look right through us as they scramble to find us on the road during tricky gifting missions.

When they know we’re looking for them, they’re studiously nondescript and stoic (even when you shout and gesticulate at them, up close) but when they don’t think we’re watching they drive like maniacs and have peculiar looks on their faces, like they know they’re in deep trouble for bungling. It’s precious to see that look.

I’m no more psychic than Ned is but I’ve seen clear reptilian features in people in LA and Las Vegas (also elsewhere in rare cases) and I’ve watched their mass telepathy interactions all around us on tricky gifting missions during times when the feds (including their army of crackerjack psychics–what hubris those mostly-newagers have!) had given up on finding and tracking us.

I agree that most of the towers are probably gifted in the LA basin but in your area not much has been done to drive the sewer rats (perhaps millions of them) out from underground, especially in the region around Edwards Air Force Base and that dry lake bed. Carol and I experienced some of the creepiest interference, ever, when we did some token gifting in those two areas, years ago–before we met DB.

As one drives north from LA, along US 395 it gets freaky, too, as one passes by one underground base after another. An earthpipe every few miles along htat highway wouldl do a lot of damage to underground predators’ infrastructure. I think Death Valley is pretty well covered by now, though–that was another first class creepshow but it mainly involved human feds, including (on our second sortie there) a couple of vans full of their bloodthirsty ninjas Cool

As Ned also says, we won’t likely notice that sort of activity around us, unless we’re in the company of a stable psychic. I think that’s a blessing, also good evidence that we’re winning this war (which the world odor parasites declared on humanity) without even being aware that there’s a battle going on in most cases. That’s priceless and I want everyone to find out, from observation, that The Operators are running interference for us…


Hi All,

I am terribly sorry I haven’t posted much lately. Don, the day you made your post on this thread Dec. 23. is the day I fell terribly ill with a respiratory thing. I am still getting over it BTW. I should have asked for help before now but something was holding me back. It was really only my pride. I have a lot of trouble asking for help from the right people. Or when i do I wait to the last minute.

I have a group of people loosely organized out here that I give orgonite to. I send them out to give it to people on their daily routines. Since I have been doing this the radionics attacks have stepped up greatly especially lately. Everyday recently I have had much trouble going about my daily routine. I feel the strength coming back though. This time It feels different. It feels like I don’t know what. I just know I am on the right track.

I am getting hacked on a regular basis whenever I am on the net.

Yes, it is a freak show out here. Some of them show up in my office. We deal mostly with affluent people here. Doctors, Lawyers, high profile actors, and the like. I am not pschic that I know of but i can see what goes on. ?The people in LA for the most part are rude. You know, like you are beneath them. Boy, do I have news for them. I have seen some breaking their necks trying to get away from me. Especially while driving.

Most of the attacks while driving either come from the very old or very young drivers. Never in between. I shall raise my profile on this board as things are happening fast out here. I feel a renewed vigor coming on as I write this. I sense this is going to be a very special year.

I was still making orgonite and gifting while sick just not very well. I have always questioned authority even when I was in the military (navy). I enjoy giving them a good poke in the eye. Sorry to say it that way but it is true. Let’s go out there and win this.

Much Love to everyone,


Hey William, guess what? As you already know, you are helping to lift the VEIL, and that aspect alone proves you are a true champion! I myself have had the same types of things happen to me by the bucketful and I have gotten stronger than I have ever been in my life during these times!

I know I am unstoppable, and you are too! We all would not be here if this wasn’t true. You see, the reptilians can feel the energy of a winner and they tend to go after them real hard, but you’re still here and you are getting much stronger during this process. Look at any setbacks as GROWTH and you will know what a soaring skyrocket feels like. (I like to use breathing techniques during the day to improve my overall health because there is an enormous amount of healing energy in OXYGEN) You will be amazed in the coming months at your newly realized resilience and intestinal fortitude. Their attacks only succeed in proving how vulnerable they are to orgonite, a little tenacity, and a big heart!

Best Wishes,


Hi Everyone,

So Monday last week the copier repair man coame to my office to fix the copier. Now, I have a load of orgonite in the office BTW. As he was finishing and getting ready to leave I pulled out a few TB’s and said how would you like these. I tolde him what they were and how they worked. His response was I did not realize any white people believed in the power of things like that. Well, he just met his first one. Next time he comes back I will give him several more to spread around to his friends. BTW he is an asian man. Very smart guy also.

Today I took a break at work and went to my car to get a piece of orgonite not really knowing why. As I was walking to my car I saw a lady sitting in her car. I see her nearly everyday. She is a trainer in the gym in the building I work in. I got the piece out of my car and took it straight to her. I just said may I give this to you. She had a look of shoch in her eyes that a stranger would give her something. I told her what is was and how it worked. She said that she really needed something like this. SHe then started telling me about one of her girl friends that is into crystals and all that. I told her next week I would give her a bunch of orgonite and she could distribute to the other trainers in the gym.

Orgonite is a really wonderful thing that has come into my life. It has been a real ice breaker in getting to know people. Without it I would still be a hermit in my house. What a 180 for me. Everyone I give it to comes back to me and tells me how wonderful it is.

When I go into stores I usually have a couple in my pocket and I usually give one to the person behind me in line. The power of orgonite.

Taking Los Angeles one person at a time.

Love William

Hi Everyone,

On my way to work this morning as I was getting off the freeway and coming to a stop at the exit. The guy in the car behind me was making a gesture to me to let me know that he was watching me. He was pointing his finger to his head like he knows all about me. Probably an agent or whatever but he also made a show of writing something down probably my license plate. Like they already don’t have it? Just mentioning this in case something happens.

Los Angeles is a very unique place in this respect.

Earlier this week on Monday I was once again nearly wrecked. I was the object of road rage from another driver driving a white chevy suburban. This guy was trying to wreck me and nearly did. However , I was able to get away unscathed. I tricked the driver into getting off an exit and at the last possible moment I jumped back on the freeway. Nothing he could do. The obsenities he was yelling out the window at me was very telling that he was very pissed that he was not able to accompolish his task.

Well everyone have a good day. Like I said before it is happening very fast for me here. Through it all though I am somehow able to remain cool, calm, and collected. I think I should come to the next chat session for this LA business directed at me. I know it is on Sunday can someone tell me what time CA time? Thanks.

Awesome, it’s sounds like you are building up steam. Great Attitude, great Choice.

You see, the bad guys know exactly how things work in this universe and they pull out all the stops to get what they want. They understand when we make a conscious choice and back it up with un-waiverable faith, we get exactly what we want positive or negative the universe is non-judgemental, this is called un-conditional love . The universe does not question our choices whether they are good or bad

- Ask and ye shall receive:

The elitists play all sorts of mind games, control the media with 100% negativity and on and on. Yes, it’s a battle to win over our conscious minds, bring us down and keep them in control. Once we live according to these mandatory universal rules if you will they are HISTORY.

Orgonite and positive intent/choice are the tools for the job.

I know orgonite protects people from large doses of mind control, EMR plus other chaotic energies 24/7, it also helps people to awaken to their inherent God-Given ability to make their own conscious choices and understand the bigger picture.

How many people would have the guts to go up to a stranger and offer them something they never heard of as you did?

I call that CHOICE and PROGRESS!


This space was a duplicate of the preceding effort from myself.

Thanks Louis for the encouragement.

Today Sat. Feb 3, 2007. I took one of my goats to the vet this morning and was able to hano out 3 more pieces of orgonite to 3 different people. It really is amazing how open people are. To date I have not been rejected in any of my attempts to give anyone a piece of orgonite.