Gifting People

I am amazed! I can not believe what this orgonite stuff can do for people! I did not quite believe that THIS is possible. Let me tell the story: my uncle has second wife and now this uncle is very ill (brain stroke, he is very much disabled) but this wife of his became like Xantippe (Socrates’s wife…I mean some how malicious and unkind). My cousins were desperate and I proposed to them TBs around the house. They took them with a little smile (but they were REALY desperate and prepared to try anything) and placed them around the house. In very short time things changed A LOT! My cousins told me that she is entirely different person. Laugh"Laugh
Even I thought that it must be accidentally, but few weeks ago the same women who got secret »treatment« was telling my aunt about her neighbor with whom she has some kind of war and he even attacked her physically once, there were so many bothering that she was afraid to go there (she is renting that house). Than my aunt gave her (on my proposal) TBs and instruction to put them on border with his garden…half hour ago she phoned enthusiastically…neighbor too shows such big changes in his behavior that this CAN NOT BE ACCIDENTALY. This is much too much! What a wonderful thing is discovering again and again changes in life of gifted people. This is so much more than I hoped to do in my life! I love it! …ah and not to mention my boss…she is changed, too LaughLaughLaugh (she even said that she is happy to have me in her team [Image Can Not Be Found] )having BIG TB stuck under her chair and one HHG in her flower pot…plants are vivid and started to bloom…

My colleagues knows about my activities and one of them has very good results at home…her little children are much healthier than before and this is really too much for me [Image Can Not Be Found] . I don’t understand quite, but so it is and I am some kind of local witch (good one, of course).

THANK YOU ORGONITE and of course Don!

Love to all