Gifting pleasures in italy - part 1

A casual request by Carol Croft during a Sunday chat to go and have a look at a cemetery north of Rome sent me off with my wife and children to visit the Necropoli di Cerveteri the next Sunday morning. The necropolis is an Etruscan city where the dead were housed and made as comfortable as possible in the afterlife, and predates the Roman Empire.

The tombs were cut into and out of the tufo (volcanic stone) with an underground part and then tufo blocks placed on top, arched to form a roof. Below is a shot of the main street in the enclosed section.

We gifted a bunch of HHGs and TBs on the inside of the necropolis and then went around the outside with some more. To be honest I did not feel any bad energies in or around the area, and there were no towers to be seen.

John L.

Carol and I went to the theatre to see a remake of THE OMEN, and just like the first movie in the sixties, a scene was shot at Cerveteri. When we watch movies, I ask Carol whether information is being offered through the film and she agreed that Cerveteri is an important gifting target.

I’m like you, John, in that I rarely feel specific energies–usually only when I’m in danger. The psychics saw the attack on your motorcycle, which is as overt as it ever gets [Image Can Not Be Found] and it’s even more unusual for me to actually see energy, though I’ve done that enough to know that the reputable psychics are reporting fairly.

When the psychics are nearly flattened by aggression I rarely feel a thing. Once, for instance, Carol, Bradley and I were at an outside cafe when we were gifting the hidden targets around Glendale and Hollywood, California on a very nice day (thanks to orgonite) and a CIA van pulled up at the curb, right beside us. Carol and DB nearly fell out of their chairs when someone in the van blasted them with a scalar weapon and lost their appetites (more for me!). I sat between them and didn’t feel a damn thing, though I know I was in the same energy field. They both saw who was doing it, since they’re psychics, and of course we all blasted those felonious feds and the van quickly left.

I constantly remind myself that most gifters are like me in that they’re not particularly psychic or energy sensitive but they lack the advantage of being married to a skilled telepath and also close friends with several other reputable psychics. I’m often reminded that this isn’t a common experience when I candidly tell others about the psi intel I’ve acted on. Maybe the human tide of psychics who have no personal integrity have queered the mix too much for many people to accept the good ones’ simple observations at face value but my hope has been that EW can provide a good format for us all to act on viable psi intel from a few reputable psychics, at least.

An advantage of having more than one psychic in a chat session is that they can get a sort of holographic view, rather than the relative 2D view that’s available to lone psychics. Carol much prefers to work with two or three psychics in the chats because of that and because it takes some of the performance pressure from her. Fortunately, everyone in the chats are open-minded enough not to fall into denial or freakouts when the psychics candidly present their intel [Image Can Not Be Found] and I’m very proud of all for that.

In private correspondence, I asked John if he saw any confirmations during his return trip to Cerveteri and he said that by the time the second earthpipe was in the ground a blue hole appeared in the sky muck directly overhead. This is a common confirmation that occurs when an undergound base is neutralized. When one considers that earth/water/air, etc., are not barriers to the movement of orgone that makes sense. A puzzling fact is that orgonite devices get more bang for the buck in water than in air; more in the earth than in water (use of a pipe is needed in that case).

I think that if any single one of us actually mastered ‘the knowledge of the future,’ which is Reich’s term for the work we’re all apparently doing, this wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as it is [Image Can Not Be Found]

Fortunately, those of us who are ‘common folk,’ in terms of psi perception get plenty of eyeball and other sensory confirmations for the profoundly powerful dynamics of our gifting efforts, but only when we’re willing to acknowledge these remarkable signals. The trick for us is to overcome the old What To Think programming that dictates that we’re not special and that ‘everything we know is wrong.’ That’s a tough, long term task for each of us but I set up EW to foster the free expression of these observations by mostly ordinary folks like me, with the full knowledge that these reports and candid observations will be found consistent, across the board (they have been for five years, since the beginning of the movement).

The vast majority of gifting is never reported and the gifters rather seem to get all the vindiation and job-satisfaction they need just from seeing the results, even when they’re intellectually isolated among the PJ folks in their lives. This might obligate those of us who have built up good reputations by our efforts to stick our necks out more and just report what we’re seeing and even feeling after we’ve done a gifting mission. The more of that, the better because this, collectively, is genuine scientific evidence for the power of orgonite.

This aspect of our reporting, too is what will encourage more and more new gifters and validate the ones who have done the work but can’t talk about it with the fearful, reactionary PJ folks around them.

It’s a fact that distributing orgonite among the PJ folks induces them to be less paranoid and more curious, though, so we constantly test the waters in the communities we’ve gifted to see who is ready to listen. It’s always a pleasant surprise to find a former PJ person who now wants to discuss reality instead of just football, cars, dirty jokes, grandchildren, diseases, money, imaginary foreign enemies, the weather (!) and their religions.

John and Igor are clearing away DOR and generating healing energy in one of the most challenging target areas on the planet these days and I’m not aware of anyone who’s more committed to planetary healing than these two are.