Gifting pleasures in italy - part 2

During the Sunday chat after gifting the Necropolis at Cerveteri I asked if what I had done was OK, and if the problems I had with my motorbike the preceding week were related. Carol and Stevo had a look and it seemed to be the case. I am not sure precisely what I had angered, but it had something to do with the Jesuits. It seemed that another visit was necessary to place some EPs, and it should be done with help.

Last Wednesday I went with Igor and some pipes early in the morning. We took extra TBs in our pockets, HPs back and front and a rubber hammer that was only good for giving us blisters. We managed to get four EPs placed to give hell to whatever was down there. A couple more TBs for luck and we were away. Noticeable straight away was a blue hole in the haze and a Sylph in the middle. We had done something right!

On the way home from gifting the Necropolis at Cerveteri the previous week I had spotted a weather ball a bit back from the autostrada

(highway), so off we went to gift it.

The previous week I had made two attempts to reach it by motorbike to no avail. All the roads in the area had been closed, and even an highway intersection had been turned into an inversion to close a road leading to the ball! A walk was necessary.

Igor and I had a nice hike into the area and then we approached carefully so we would not be observed placing the HHGs. They were half burried in the undergrowth and we tossed a few TBs around as well. On the way out a few went into ditches and a river that ran close by the dome. Again the haze went very quickly, but this time no Sylph.

John L.