Gifting Police Chief: 2; FBI Pests: 0

Don Croft
15 Aug 2008 20:41
Subject: Gifting Police Chief: 2; FBI Pests: 0
A lot of our readers remember Police Chief Billie Phillips and his battle with the FBI pests, three years ago, but Etheric Warriors was destroyed by hackers, twice, since the event and our new readers are not likely to go hunting through the archived HTML material to find juicy items like this one and Ken Adachi stopped sharing my reports around that time, so THE ADVENTURES OF DON AND CAROL CROFT probably don’t much about Chief Billie’s situation.

Four years ago, I got an email from him saying that he was interested in getting some etheric help to defeat a new FBI sting operation against him and his lieutenant. They’re in a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee, by the way.

He told me that the reason the FBI was coming after them was because Billie stood up in a police chief convention, not long before, and announced that his police department would not be enforcing the Patriot Acts.

So, the feds coached a girl to claim that Billie raped her and they planted drugs in his lieutenant’s car at the same time.

We worked on his situation in the chatroom, finding a ratnest of CIA and FBI predators and boosted all of them, all the way up to BushSr, then we sent him some orgonite, a couple of Succor Punches and Carol coached him over the phone to teach him to throw energy at the federal pests whom he personally encountered.

The feds brought the girl into the police station and Billie had one of Carol’s orgone pyramids on the table in the interrogation room. The girl broke down and began contradicting herself and the feds rushed her out of there and then pretended that the case never happened Cool

In case you didn’t know, this is how our fake government ‘loses’ a case: they simply stop prosecuting it and, as often as not, a fire will occur in the record storage facility if the case is really big. No kidding. I think it’s like the way they shot a cruise missile at the room in the Pentagon where the Gulf War Sickness records were stored on the day that they also blew up the World Trade Center. You can’t make this stuff up! Laughing

I don’t remember the details of how the lieutenant got off the hook. Maybe they just forgot about that case at the same time but he’s a police chief in a neighboring town, now, and Chief Billie is on a speaking circuit, educating people about the US Constitution and the rule of law (and the absence of both in the USA at the moment). What we did no doubt helped him but the better news is that enough of the public, at least in his area, are beginning to dislike and distrust this federal Behemoth, finally. If the FBI had prevailed against these guys, maybe things in that region would be pretty rotten by now.

Predator blasting works! Lots of us have prevailed against these federal pests, even in courtrooms where the decks have been solidly stacked against us. I hope our winning streak will continue in coming days because the feds are up against a wall, now that they’ve failed to commit any mass murders against the US populace in the past seven years.
With their constant saber rattling and terrorism jive they’ve probably got to put up or shut up, pretty soon, or the Pajama People will all become happy from orgonite’s distribution and will forget to feel intimidated by the rest of the world any more.

These two guys gifted all the towers in their jurisdiction. They even found and gifted one of those big ‘devil towers’ with the twin transmitter masts on top, like you see on the two tallest buildings in Chicago.


Don Croft
15 Aug 2008 20:53
Subject: Re: Gifting Police Chief: 2; FBI Pests: 0
Oops, I forgot to tell you about the second point he scored against the FBI freaks:

He was at the State Police station in his county and there were a bunch of cops standing around–state, county and local ones. A puffed up FBI guy came in and started pontificating on the threat of terrorism and how the FBI is in charge of taking care of biz in that jurisdiction and Billie said, ‘If you guys can’t even conduct a simple sting operation, how are you going to protect us all from terrorists?’

The entire place exploded with laughter at the FBI schmuck Cool


16 Aug 2008 04:29
Subject: Re: Gifting Police Chief: 2; FBI Pests: 0
Billie is a real hero. I think think there will be more and more “Billies” in years to come and that"s how the system will be defeated.
I just love that scene where they all laugh at the FBI thug.
That’s how the New World Odor will go down: to the hearty laughter of an increasingly “naughty” populace, wondering how they could ever fall for that crap…
The number of “Billies” grows exponentially of course. That’s why we only see first indications of what"s going to sweep this globe like a Tsunami soon. Dawn is nearest when the night is at it’s darkest.

Doing it all over Africa and sending it out to the world

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