Gifting Salt Lake City

Hi everyone. This is my first post Here on EW, yeah! I have lived in and around Salt Lake my whole life. And for the last 18 years I have worked outdoors. So I’m always aware of the weather patterns here year round. For anyone that has never been here in the winter months, I just gotta say that the smog is way outa control, horrible if I might say. I spoke with Don about this and he told me that Salt Lake was gifted pretty well already. But it was pretty obvious that it still wasn’t all the way. I gifted one of those high definition weather balls on the 1st of February, and since that time not a bit of smog has returned. typically the inversion sticks around until about the middle of February. Weather has been great! Raining on average of every other day. Temperatures have been mostly in the high 50’s. So hard to tell if gifting that thing is what broke the camels back. I will just have to wait until next year and see. Mean while I’m just going to keep gifting everything around here like it never was. One thing nice about my line of work is that I drive around all over this area and I’m able to flip towers as I drive by themCool

I’ve been gifting since November of 2013, and have only known of orgonites existence since about August of same year. Luckily I “stumbled” on EW and I have gotten a lot of good information. Thanks very much everyone, who posts here. My hats off to you all! 20,000 pieces of orgonite in one area? holly shit Batman.

I live about 10 minutes away from Bountiful Lake, right next to the freeway. And every year I have been going there, I have been put off by it’s stagnant smell. as there is not very much water going into and out of it. So in the past I haven’t really liked going there for very long. On March 10th I gifted it with 7 TBs. It’s not a very big lake but I have to say that I was skeptical if 7 TBs would make any difference. I returned 5 hours later and no smell whatsoever. absolutely amazing! I’ve been back every weekend since and it smells so clean. By the way just for the record these TBs are aluminum shavings and a couple of very small rose quartz crystals. Very basic and highly effective. Thanks again Don for stressing simple and basic. So yeah now I’m hitting the water ways. They almost all empty into the Great Salt Lake. And boy can it stink when the winds get kicking up. And the large holding tanks for drinking water, I have found there shit plastered up all around these. Just makes it easier to gift though.

I’m doing another experiment with the homeless people with there signs at the on and off ramps. You have to know that they are always getting psi attacks from everyone passing by. GET A JOB most people are thinking. Not understanding how those thoughts are affecting that person. A constant bombardment I’m sure. There is one in particular that is by my house and so I have recently gridded the intersection where she sits at. So I’ll report on that when something comes up. The homeless shelter is also getting gifted from someone I know that is staying there. He is noticing positive results just for himself with just a TB and so I just gave him 3 more to take in there. There is a lot of crazy shit that goes on in there. So I’m sure that’ll shake things up a bit. I plan to grid the outside soon.

Although I don’t feel that I’m being watched or followed I still take precautions. And I just wanted to say that one thing I try and do is be as spontaneous as I can. I get ideas of what I want to gift. Make orgonite and then I’ll just be sitting home and out of the blue I’ll go gifting. I do gotta say though that there are a ton of helicopters flying by my house all the time now. But no harassments as of yet. Just wait until I hit there reptilian, underground hive. I feel there may be a big one here Utah is highest in the country for antidepressant use. And I know we are way up there in suicides as well. Just my opinion, but it may have something to do with it. And of course the dominant religion here. There may be one or more in Las Vegas because they have a lot of smog also. And apparently has been gifted pretty well, from what Don has told me.

If anyone knows of any other intel about Salt Lake City, I would love to here about it. Thanks

Congratulations in finding Us Bryce! And thank You for confirming what a tray of simple basic tbs can do by gifting a

ungifted WBALL in an otherwise well gifted city…

iMho if You can find any old used galvanized fence posts in Your travels saw them up into earth pipes and take out that

underground hive …

My best guess is the homeless folks living under the freeway ramps are the best eyes for the

LETTERED AGENCIES but of course not one of Them will be even remotely aware of any of that…

just a little of what Ive managed to piece together of the CIA’s MONARCH PROGRAM since getting

involved in this unorganized movement ;-)

Thanks Gare for welcoming me. Great idea with cutting up galvanized posts for EPs by the way. I’ll definitely do that when I get the chance! Sometimes I take out and replace old chain link fence and replace it with new ornamental iron. One thing that I have been doing is dropping TBs inside the new fence posts that I set. They end up being about 2 ft in the ground. I sure love my job. Like killing 2 birds with one stone. Or perhaps Shit birds.CoolCool

I noticed a new person at the bottom of the off ramp today. Maybe subconsciously basking in the grid of Orgone that I recently set up there. I only say that because it’s only ever been one lady standing there with her sign. I’m thinking that I’ll start giving Orgonite to these people also. You never know, it may just be the kick start they need to get back on there feet. Or at least be able to take off there night cap. One thing I have noticed since gifting the intersection at the off ramp. Traffic flows much better through there. It’s an outdated design and in the past you kinda had to drive aggressive or wait until you get a clear chance to go. Definitely seems more orchestrated.

Hello Bryce,

this blog has some interesting stories specifically related to Salt Lake City (reptilians and underground tunnels)


Welcome, Bryce, and thanks for agreeing to post your gifting reports, here. I think you’re the guy in the SLC area who may finally end up doing grand-scale, systematic towerflipping, which is desperately needed, there. When we just flip a few towers the sewer rats will just turn up the volume on the remainder. Others who live there have done good orgonite work in their specific areas and that’s also productive and important. I think the reason that SLC is still often smoggy is because it’s so important to the corporate order due to the deep involvement of the church/political hierarchy with the murderous NSA and British freemasonry. Las Vegas, which is the only other city in North America we’ve seen that’s still occasionally smoggy, is important to them, too. We’ve seen Sylphs over both cities, though, so I bet the $#!+rats are overextending their reach to achieve their beloved, intermittent brown air Cool

You’re fortunate to be able to make earthpipes while earning a livlihood and I bet there’s more ugly stuff happening under Salt Lake City than under any other except maybe Los Angeles so that’s probably going to require a truckload of earthpipes to correct. Maybe I should repeat a story that one of our zapper distributors told me about his experience as a youth under the Mormon Tabernacle; the guy seemed credible enough to repeat it. I’ll think about it some more, first. I don’t want us to get a reputation for ranting about erect reptiles–so far, so good.

Gare has made sure, for many years, that each person who buys a potted or hanging plant from his commercial greenhouse in Regina is also receiving a free orgonite towerbuster, buried in it. If anyone else is doing something this I’d like to know about it: [email protected] .

The weatherball you flipped has been bothering me for years, every time we drove past it on the highway–well done and good observations! It’s bizarre how some of these can so so much damage to the atmosphere (to the ether?). I spent the past eight years getting proficient at flying minimal aircraft to be able to reach these targets quickly on our gifting expeditions. When I started, I assumed it would be easier than it is but this year I finally started a regional aerial gifting campaign–ta-da! I wonder how many people will be doing this ten years from now.

One of the EW contributors who grew up there told me that Lake Bountiful corresponds to the Sea of Galilee and the Great Salt Lake corresponds to the Dead Sea in Mormon teachings, so gifting both can probably produce some startling and positive confirmations down the line. Following our spontaneous promptings is often probably the short track to reaching the most important occult targets. Carol and I deposited some ‘19s’ in the salt lake a few years ago but that was just a start. I think we could really light up both bodies of water and sometimes it takes less than we imagine; sometimes more. Two other ways, besides odor, to measure success in a body of water is to take note whether clarity has been established and whether there’s still scum and foam along the shore. When one sees more fishermen and perhaps bathers it’s also a positive sign.

When I buried some TBs close around the main Mormon Temple in the middle of the night in May, 2001, we felt an immediate improvement in ambience as we traveled south through the state, later in the day. The energy of the entire state had always felt so oppressive to us, before, that we usually detoured around it on our travels. That positive ambience was entirely gone by the time we returned to Utah, perhaps a year later. I bet the occult hierarchy had gotten pretty alarmed and blindsided, haha. Carol got the impression that a lot of control involves the very tall, spiky tetrahedron that looks like a steeple on each Mormon church throughout the planet. The ancient order never gives up, which is why it has to be completely exposed and discarded. A year later, I met Don Bradley, who semed to be in a position to directly know, filled me in on some ‘lesser known’ aspects of the church hierarchy’s unpublicized interests, affiliations and activities and then it was easy for me to understand why the place is so miserable.

I don’t think more than a handful of faithful Mormons know or care about the darker side of church history and connections and I’m glad that we live in a land where people are free to worship as they please, or not worship anything at all. I love diversity because it’s sort of like a flower garden. Each of us are in the dark regarding one or another important aspect of reality so I’m not in a position to judge an individual’s beliefs or assumptions. I think we owe it to ourselves and each other, though, to expose hidden criminality and criminals, which is to say, ‘the ruling class of the world;’ the parasites.

I’m a complete sap when it comes to beggars so when I visit countries where there are a lot of them I’m mindful to never carry more money with me than I intend to spend on an outing. Namibia had the most aggressive and numerous beggars I’d ever encountered and Uganda had no beggars at all, as far as I could tell during my business, there. In the first case, I think most of them were refugees from Angola and in the latter, the people of Uganda are generally just profoundly industrious and hopeful of the future. In some countries the beggars organize into guilds and there was a wealthy beggar in the US who charged high fees to teach people in New York City how to panhandle.

Genuine charity is short circuited by national socialism and communism (same thing: excessive centralized power). In the absence of the Nazi parasite that calls itself Washington, DC, I think homelessness and abject poverty would disappear and instead of a huge demographic of sickly and hopeless welfare and ‘disability’ recipients we’d find an organically transformed into appropriate and humane productivity. Most health problems that are responsible for countless millions of North Americans collecting ‘disability’ checks are due to the weaponized food supply, which is made possible by corporate parasitism, which is reliant on a strong centralized government that can be controlled.

It’s human nature to solve problems and to try to get along with each other and in the absence of parasites those solutions are more or less bound to be positive and productive. The homelessness phenomenon began simultaneously with Lyndon Johnson’s ‘Great Society,’ which is the welfare/disability state–national socialism’s ultimate product. Distributing orgonite in a city enhances all of the positive human traits, which is probably why the crime rate typically plummets and the people on the street just seem happier and more likely to notice and interact with their surroundings. If you have a way to get medical statistics I bet you’ll also see a dramatic reduction in the prescription of those horrible brain drugs, too. Utah is one of the best test beds I can think of for this sort of confirmation.


When I gifted the local Mormon Church in my hometown the sky was overcast, even though the nearest death towers were gifted. 20 minutes later the chemcrud broke open and I had a clear sky monday afternoon. That night I had a strong psy attack in my solar plexus hehehe.

While it’s never a good idea to blindly imitate someone, I remember reading DBs account that reptilians detest crushed kyanite and rose quartz in orgonite, so you may consider this for nastier than normal targets. Not that the standard clear quartz orgonite won’t do the job anyway Wink . Just an idea to upset the lizards a little more.

Being an OrgOnite fllinger is in kin with being an orchestra conductor I think Bryce…

For years now everytime someone tries to panhandle Me they always get a tb gift which probably cost the same or less than the change in My pocket … In the west a lot land in the garbage dump I’m sure but not in the east where People are much more in tune with subtle energies and belief in life force energy, when People receive a tb , in the east, They are genuinely appreciative and all smiles… In the west giving a tb to a panhandler most stare back with an MK droned out blankness but not all and I’m going back west side in a few weeks to work and will see how much that has improved in REGINA where there are more tbs distributed than anywhere else on earth I think? Of course before gridding any extra tbs around Your area I reccomend gifting all the TOWERS and water crossings first… Always got to keep cost effectiveness in mind and regina really only got so many cause of the war that the local POLICE started waging against Me after I gifted all the TOWERS several times and all the highways in and out for a couple provinces out on both ends… THEY made it impossible for Me to drive there and is one of the many reasons I moved to Asia! Giving a tb to all My many thousands of Customers there was a sure way to grid a city and after all they paid for those gifts with Their plant purchases … I always have the most expensive plants but also the most beautiful!

Orgonite works wonders no matter what You choose to do with it ;-)

Thanks Don, for welcoming me on EW. Congratulations on your aerial gifting. Whenever I’m talking to people about gifting I tell them about what you’re doing out there. Again it’s absolutely amazing the stories I read here on EW! I want to say thanks also for the great comments and suggestions from everyone. And yes I’ve gifted my children’s schools already. Makes it even better when there’s a antenna on the playground. Which ever since I gifted it, there’s been birds perched on top every morning I drop my son off to school.

Nature is definitely one of the best ways to tell when our efforts are working. More evidence to that is a job site that I’ve been working on. It’s a retirement community consisting of 3 small ponds. 2 of which always had lots of ducks. The other one never did. I noticed it every time I was there. And for a while I thought that it was because of the construction that was also going on next door at a business complex. They have been using a lot of heavy equipment there, making a new parking lot. I kept getting the feeling to throw a TB in it every time I was there. Finally I noticed a pretty big array on the roof. I know, us new guys are a little slow. Next time I was there I gifted the pond and in less than an hour later there were ducks swimming for the first time that I ever witnessed.

Edu, I’ve had a hunch about using blue kyanite and rose quartz in the field on those important targets. So thanks for confirming that. And thanks for the link. But I prefer when possible to buy from other gifters, and or vendors here on EW. I’ve been getting some of my supplies from Eric Carlsens website. I’ve been very happy with what I’ve ordered from him.

FYI people those weather balls are nasty. I found out my 13 year old son is energy sensitive. When we first discovered the one in Farmington, it made him uncontrollably cry. He was so upset from it that I had to turn around and take him home. I asked him to describe what he felt from it. He said it felt like extreme sadness and depression. Beyond any horrible feeling that he has ever felt before. And soon after that I read an article about Carol describing them as horrendous as well. If you do a search on these you will find that they have a very long range of coverage. So it’s no surprise that when you gift them that it effects a huge area.

Gare I think it’s awesome that you’re able to gift TBs in the plants you sell. I can hardly wait and see how my garden turns out this year. I always have 6 ft tall tomatoes every year. I wonder how big they’ll get this year. Interesting observation about people back east being more open to Orgonite, versus people in the west. I’ve only had one person reject my offer of Orgonite. It just happens to be the guy I get my aluminum shavings from. Go figure. I’ve offered twice. Next time I’m there he’ll be getting some on the roof. I love that it’s not inappropriate to gift someone without there approval. Ha ha

Don, it sounds like you have something more to say about the reptilians. I don’t care how off the wall it is. That’s why we all have the power of discernment, right? Would love to hear more about it.

I’ve gifted L3 communications. They make a lot of things for the military. They have a few radar balls and other death weaponry there. Which by the way is right next to a airforce and national guard installation. And Boeing is also there, right next to the Salt Lake International Airport. I’m not absolutely sure but there maybe something fishy going on underground. Oh and they’ve got a child day care in the middle of all that. I’m sure to accommodate everyone working there. Guess what is right next to the playground? Yup 2 large antennas. It’s so that the children will get great cell coverage, I’m sure! Until these are all gifted, it makes me sad. They are on just about every school and or near one, that I come across. Hospitals, Water tanks, flagpoles, light posts, signs and a crapp load of rooftops, down town. There’s a rooftop array right next to the University of Utah football stadium. It’s huge! Imagine a whole stadium of Orgonised people watching the game. Thanks (powers that were) for making it that much easier.

I’m still systematically gifting the local antennas, mountain top arrays. We recently received about an inch of rain Just after the mountain arrays were gifted. then they must have turned up other ungifted antennas. This picture was taken just 4 days after.20140424_071704-001.jpg

I got a hunch to gift the Jordan River in a certain area. Just happened to have one of those tall narrow antennas that are held up by cables, right next to it. Very next day, May 2nd Salt Lake City got the most beautiful display of Sylphs I have ever personally witnessed. It started out kinda ugly with some spraying in the morning but once the sylphs came out, it was all over with. I tried to catch some of that action. But the pictures only show so much.20140502_084109-001.jpg 20140502_111557-001.jpg20140502_111603-001.jpg 20140502_162620-001.jpg

Here are a few pics that seem to show humanoid / angelic figures. 20140502_140559-001.jpg20140502_140929-001.jpg 20140502_140955-001.jpg

I have to say that I was a bit skeptical about wispy clouds being real sylphs. But on this day I genuinely felt a connection that I’ve never felt before with these beings. Words cannot describe. Absolutely phenomenalCoolSurprised

(all images missing)

The air quality compared to last year at this time has improved by at least 90%. I’m still seeing a small amount of dor throughout the valley. But still by far, much nicer. It’s quite comical as I’m driving around and see the signs stretching across the freeway reading " Drive less or avoid driving during rush hour to prevent pollution. It has to be more mind control to get people to believe that pollution comes from the cars we drive. Funny thing, people haven’t reduced driving and guess what there is very little pollution now.

When I first started gifting here, I at first thought that I would just start at one end and work my way to the other. Hasn’t worked out that way. This work has increased my intuition a lot. And I feel like I’m being guided to random spots. And I believe all for the better. Because just about every time, I get confirmation one way or another that what I’ve gifted needed it. The Sylphs have been KICKING ASS! I haven’t seen any spraying for about a month now Perhaps they know now that it’s pointless. Because they’re devoured within minutes. Or maybe they are simply out of funds.

I finally built my first CBCool Set it up last Sunday. I checked out the forecast for the next week. It said sunny every day. But instead there has been a lot of rain clouds moving in. But producing very little, if any rain at all. I’m sure it’s the ungifted mountain top arrays mostly, and I know that there are still quite a few more local towers to flip. I love doing this work and eventually the powers that were, will run out of towers to amp up! Haaaa haaaa. There may be CBs in and around Salt Lake City, but not too close to where I live. And the reason I say that is from reading Don’s reports. He and others have reported that a cloud buster usually prevents high winds. Well the last two years in a row, we’ve had a couple of extremely high winds come through here and make it look like a disaster area. So hoping to prevent that from happening. Besides who couldn’t use a stronger por field around there home and community.

By the way I’ve been reading the adventures of Don and Carol. Some of the best reading I’ve ever read. It has increased my discernment 10 fold. There is a lot of great information and wisdom there. I highly recommend it to anyone just getting started gifting. Even if you don’t care to gift it’s still an awesome story. Thanks Carol for the Mary Magdalen HP. I love it. I put it on my energy sensitive, 13 year old son. I wish that I had filmed it. He got so happy and giddy. A great conformation for me. I don’t necessarily feel it that way. I just have a sense of knowing. The craftsmanship is superb!

We’ve been having a nice and mild summer this year, so far. since I set up a CB in my garden it has been even nicer with mostly cloudy skies. And quite a bit cooler. After gifting a ray dome, mountain top array that has been wreaking havoc here since 1959, We finally received a very nice rainstorm last Monday evening through most of Tuesday. Very calm rain with no wind. 20140615_073717.jpg20140615_073816.jpg20140615_075341.jpg

The only bumber is that the kids have been wanting to go to the water park. And it has not been hot enough to go.Surprised Not at all typical for this time of year. usually very hot and dry. That last storm brought with it 6" of snow to Park City and 17" of snow to the higher elevations. Looking at the forecast for the next week is calling for mostly cloudy skiesCool Looks like signs of desert reversal to me. only time will tell though.

I was able to be a part of pre gifting a tower before it was built. I considered it a privilege. 20140516_164720.jpg20140510_165406.jpg

I had no idea how big those panels were, until I was able to see them up close. They are about 6 ft tall.

I went back to finish gifting a mountain top array and they were working on it. Not sure if it had anything to do with my previous mission there before or not. But I just wanted to show people just how big these drums are, compared to a person.20140601_104426.jpg

(all images missing)

Just to update with the last report back in June. This summer has remained spectacular here. Temperatures were in the 90’s for most of July. Typically it’s a hundred degrees or higher. More rain than usual for June, July and August. August? I can’t say enough about this month. It’s been raining like crazy. I’ve watered my lawn twice. Would have only been once, had I known that it was going to rain that same night. As I’ve said before, I work outside every day. And I can’t remember a summer like this, since? I really don’t remember a summer like this.

We didn’t get very good snow pack in our mountains last winter. So it’s going to be interesting how this winter is going to turn out. The mountains are visibly greener than normal. I didn’t say green. They’re usually very brown and dried out looking, for this time of year. Definitely an improvement.

I’ve started wondering just what normal is really supposed to look like here. The reason I say that is, the Great Salt Lake was once very enormous. It covered about four states. It’s name used to be Lake Bonneville. And was bigger than all of the great Lakes combined. And has shrunk down to the size it is now. I guess if my front yard becomes a beach I’ll donate my CB to the Africans

Sylphs are out almost daily. Reminding me that mine and others efforts are paying off. Cool There’s another committed gifter here in Salt Lake. I’m really hoping that they get back in contact with Don. His contact info with this person was deleted from his email. Even from the trash folder. It definitely smells like rat $#%@. For obvious reasons, they don’t want us networking. I know that I’ve posted about this before. But I’m still hoping that this person reads this. And gets in contact with Don or I.

Keep up the great work Jeff, on the positive changes thread. I’m definitely witnessing it here.


I finally gifted the death towers on Farnsworth Peak. It’s been bothering me ever since my failed attempt last June.


20141109_112206.jpg 20141109_112012.jpg

The air quality in SLC has not been so good for the last couple of months. So it’s been really calling my name. Hard to tell at this point if it made any difference in the valley, because the arctic blast moved in across the States the next day. One other good thing about going up there is that I found more arrays on the same mountain range, that I otherwise could not see from the valley.

I got great confirmation in the skies from the Sylphs immediately!




I have been part of an unintentional experiment. The pipes from my CB were stolen about two months ago. And ever since that time the air quality has progressively declined. I look forward to getting it back up and seeing if the smog goes away.


(all images missing)

I was finally able to get some new copper pipes back in my CB. (chem. buster/ cloud buster), on 01/10/2015. This unintentional experiment turned out to be quite nice. Because about three months before this, my pipes were stolen. And the air quality in SLC became very nasty again. From the time I set it back up, it only took five days for the DOR (deadly orgone radiation) to clear out. There is still the occasional inversion effect. Except for now it is more like a white mist color. Rather than the usual grayish, brown and yellow. It not only looks better, it feels better. This was and still is great confirmation for me as to just how powerful a single CB really is.

My gifting campaign was also put on hold for a while also. And since I got the CB back up, I’ve tossed another 200 tb’s around the SL valley. Mostley death towers. A few hospitals. I’ve also started to gift the Jordan river more. Averaging one tb every quarter mile. Lots of people have either drowned, and or murdered and thrown into it over the years. It’s like one of the main arteries to the Great Salt Lake. So I feel that it’s a very important target. Gifted a dozen around the SLC Mormon temple, and the main church office building. From what I gather, some people have already gifted the temple… Over gifting is really not in my vocabulary thoughWink If the need arises I’ll be back. Look for more truths about the church becoming more exposed. I gifted two of the biggest and most likely the oldest cemeteries around here. Found some old Masonic tombs. And they kinda gave me the creeps, even before I found out what they were. The Mormon church also stems from Freemasonry as well. Most members are not aware of this. Tossing orgonite is the cure. Out of all the observations I’ve made about the effects of orgonite on people, increased awareness tops them all. And to some it appears that it has brought negativity to there doorstep. I think the issue, whatever it may be, was already there. And Now they simply have the awareness to see it for what it is. Turned on the lights to a dark room is allWink


(all images missing)

I tossed another 90 tbs into the Jordan river last week. And just before I got started, I asked the operators for confirmation. As I was not too sure how effective this was going to be. I’m not very psychic in the traditional sense. I get my information more in the form of a sense of understanding or knowing. So I like to get the tangible evidence, whenever possible, for validation. Sylphs came out just about three quarters of the way through gifting. Which was very nice for me to see, since I have not seen any around in a while. They seemed to hover only in the area that I was giftingCool I ride my mountain bike while doing this, as I find that sometimes I have to go off road. I have to ask the question… can it really get any better than this? Gifting, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, and Sylphs. 20150222_111221.jpg





We finally received snow in the valley and in the mountains yesterday. Along with cold temperatures also.

I work outside all day. And I’m all over the Wasatch front. So any weather reports I do on here, are from my own observations. And I use the thermometer in my truck for temperatures. As I have turned off my television years ago.Wink


(all images missing)

Greetings everyone it’s been awhile since my last post.

I have completely systematically gifted every Tower in the Salt Lake Valley all the way down south to Provo and North as far as Layton but there are still some neighboring cities East and West Park City and Tooele that I still need to hit.

Although last summer I did gift a huge zirconium plant in that area which puts off a tremendous amount of chlorine into the air everyday. And often times when the wind is blowing just right it does blow our Direction and I believe creates a lot of Smog as well.

last winter even with my cloud Buster up we had a tremendous amount of smog in the valley which was just an indication that there was more work to be done.

Meanwhile recently I made another 5 gallon batch of Earth plugs and TBs. I have just been gifting them randomly wherever the energy just felt off and all over downtown and the surrounding areas in the Salt Lake Valley. Since the last two weeks we have been receiving quite a bit of rain, finally after a pretty dry summer. Perhaps those plugs are finally doing something to that underground hive.

My next run will most likely be gifting the neighboring cities that still need Towers hit and May hopefully keep the smog away this coming winter.

That shit can really get nasty here and what’s more interesting is the winter before we had nearly no smog at all. Can’t quite figure it out. But really makes no difference to me anyway because I love gifting and I will just keep plugging along, whistling a Happy tune giving two middle fingers up to the parasites losing their lifeblood.

Oh and just a heads up to anybody new to gifting. Those sylphs that you see in the sky are not coincidence. Ask them for help and validation and they will come!

~ Bryce