Gifting Scotland

Gifting Scotland

We are well above the 1000 mark for TBs now, a second CB up, a lot of Super HHgs and a lot of resin and crystals. The changes are very dramatic; I can feel energies but not a psychic as such. Every now and again I when wake up after a deep sleep I have a very short while of being psychic (from 10 to 20 seconds or so) and those messages are normally dependable. One morning for instance, I was given a message from the future; the people living in a specific area actually thanked me for having gifted, and it was lovely, I felt a lot of love. When I came to my senses I realized that I hadn’t gifted that area yet, so that is where I gifted that day. Things like that are happening. Another time I woke up seeing a portal and out jumped my most beloved dead cat that gave me a lovely hug when I sat up I could see the cat roaming around in the house. It didn’t last long, but long enough for me to know that something is really happening here. So you see, I am NOT a psychic but have some psychic abilities, sometimes, and maybe leaning more toward empathy, as I can feel energies.


This is an old house that I live in and my guess is that it was full of ghosts, as I could sometimes see shadows in the corner of my eye; you know things “that go bump”, I started over-gifting the house with HHgs and I am wearing a HP all the time. I had the HP from the start, but found no real protection from it, so it was hanging on a nail on the wall for some time. When I had distributed the HHgs and THEN put the HP on, it was a tremendous surge of power (love) coming through and it seemed to interact with the HHgs as to convince me of its powers.

NB! I must say Carol has made a fantastic device and nobody should be without one.


When I arrived here a few years ago the neighbourhood was a bit bleak and people isolated. I started gifting 3-4 months ago and slowly and gradually things improved, but when I made a CB things exploded around here. An 89-year-old lady, on her deathbed, started to improve, and suddenly one day we had to send out a search party for her, she was found up the village, happily walking for the sake of exercise; she was fine. A man crippled with arthritis, who hasn’t been able to do anything for years, started gardening. And then we were invited to a garden-party meeting nearly all the neighbours, and the weekend after we had a working-bee. The most amazing thing about it was that it was NEVER PLANNED. One person started and we all joined in, just like it used to be before TV was invented. Now our lane is going to be one of the nicest ones. Of course there are still some neighbours that are resisting, but we will gift further, and they will have two choices…. 1 change or 2 move elsewhere.

Some of the neighbours were actually talking about how they had a sudden rush of energy and the time did coincide with the gifting. I’ve also been able to gift HHgs inside a couple houses because they asked for it. Big smile on my face. The HHgs looks attractive once they are sanded and painted with gold (I just happened to have a litre with me from Norway).

I don’t know about the rest of you EWs, but when I gift a place I receive a lot of love from that place afterwards. It could be that some part of me is actually sending love to the area….I do not know. It’s all about love anyway.

The animals

When gifting in rural areas it never ceases to amaze me to see the animals, I’ve had unspoken communication with cows running alongside our car, and there’s been moments when you look into their beautiful eyes that you know that we are on the same side in the battle. Who need words then?

We had stopped the car to check out a tower far away, too far to reach it, and a squirrel came up to me, stopped, but wasn’t scared of me. It looked me straight in the eyes for a long time. I said out loud, as it disappeared: “OK, here’s a TB for you” through it out into some bushes. And if there is any of you who do not think a squirrel is capable of lifting up a TB, think again, I once saw a squirrel drag a whole big loaf of bread on one of my winter-walks at my home in Norway. It was heading in the same direction as me so I had to wait a very long time for it to finish its long and tiresome journey. Who wants to disturb such an important occasion!

I’ve seen beautiful birds flying next to the car looking at me. I cannot explain it, but there is a feeling of being connected, belonging together in this world. OK, those are the times when tears come my eyes…happy ones.


The first CB I made was made from 22mm copper pipes and it worked, definitely. 22mm was all I could find at the time. But after a long search for all the metals needed (like aluminium shavings) I discovered a scrap-metal place that happened to have 28mm tubing, plus everything else I needed. I wrapped the crystals in copper wire and added another six crystals in the resin also wrapped with copper wire. In the bottom of the bucket, an SBB coil, 2.5m long 4mm thick copper wire. Wow what a coil! When you hold it, it has a lot of energy on its own. And finally a spiral made from a 1.35m long 4mm copper wire (found at the scrap metal place), placed in the middle between the pipes, but on top of the matrix resin. (Don’t ask me how I bend the wires…. I just do, because I want to…but it is very hard).

I have to mention this CB, as it was put in the ground yesterday, and I showed it to two people who has never ever seen an aura, in their life, when I pointed out how, they could definitely see the orgone coming out of the top AND IT WAS VISIBLE ALREADY ON DAY ONE!

For those of you who have never seen this, here is how to do it: do not stand still…just keep moving while you look just above the pipes. I find swaying from side to side, on one foot to the other, is the best way.

Initial preparation for your protection, I suggest this…

  1. Get a lot of Neodymium magnets to destroy any implants you have in your head. (Don’t take it the wrong way; we all have them.) If you can get hold of a Hard Hat (it’s the best because you can place one magnet on the outside and another on the inside, no glue or tape necessary) place magnets, the North end facing towards you, in 8 directions, i.e. N-S-W-E and NE-NW-SE-SW + 4 on the top of the head. 20 min on and 40 min off for 6 hours. Guard your freedom.
  2. A Harmonic Protector from Carol. Wear it 24/7 for at least 6 months, as it will fix your aura.
  3. Make a lot of HHgs and over-gift your own home. All depending where you live, you may need up to 20 of them. Place one HHg: on the fridge, the freezer, the water mains, around your bed and all over in your house.
  4. A Succor Punch for scrambling your signals from satellites and other spying gismos.
  5. Get a zapper and do some zapping against those internal parasites. I have a feeling that it will be easier to deal with the external ones afterwards [Image Can Not Be Found]
  6. Now you are ready to spread TBs and HHgs in your neighbourhood and to take down Death Towers.

Ok, that’s all for now folks.

Hi Polar Bear

Your parents certainly had a sense of humour calling you that [Image Can Not Be Found]

Just kidding, but it is kind of nice to know peoples names who post.

Paddy from scotland has been doing a good ammount of gifting also up there, if you would like to get in contact with him PM me and I’ll pass you his email address. He’s a nice chap and he and his wife have a lifestyle which I respect alot. Cesco, Kelly and I had a lovely day with them and their extended family ealry summer.

I’ve also gifted a little at some sacred sites in scotland last year, and Cesco and I accompanied Laozu up and down scotland this summer just past. It is a beautiful country, no doubt worth enduring all the rain for [Image Can Not Be Found]

Great to hear you are doing the work, and, seeing and feeling the profound results

Best Wishes