Gifting Sculptures And Monuments

Hi all,

I’ve been interested in some psychic advice on what big targets there are in Norway, because I’m pretty clueless. Don
connected with me Hawthorn, and she immediately saw a clear image of a sculpture that worked as an energy transmitter
and was in need of gifting. She sent me a drawing, and in the search for this sculpture we’ve looked at a couple of potential targets.
One that came up was the Vigeland Park in Oslo. The Vigeland Park is named after Gustav Vigeland who spent 40 years of his life on this
project. He made the models for the 200 sculptures that are in the park. In the middle there is an obelisk that looks
like it is made up of human beings. 1 million visitors a year come by to admire the artwork.

I don’t have any pictures myself, so I borrowed a few from the internet. This is how I and everyone else knows it;
a nice park with some statues. I didn’t think of it as a gifting target until Hawthorn mentioned the message she got was
that sculptures is often in need of gifting because they work as transmitters/receivers of energy.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

It was the overview of the park that kinda opened my eyes. It seems designed for a different purpose other than pleasing
visitors, Hawthorn remarked it looked occult/alien to her. There’s the Monolith in the centre, and on each side what
looks like 2 halves of a sun dial. Each half with 13 parts. Seems to be a clue that the Masons has had a hand in the design.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Map overview. Looks like the roads make geometric shapes. Up in the left corner, not seen in this picture there is a big
cemetery. It was gifted last autumn.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The Monolith. It took 3 stonecutters 14 years to complete it, so a considerable amount of work was put into this.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Hawthorn mentioned a few weeks later that they had worked in the chat group on clearing the energies in the park , so I
followed up by gifting it. I went there on a Saturday evening, it was dark and the only light was from the lamps
lighting up the statues.

Hardly any people about, a few tourists that were leaving. I started by throwing orgonite in the pond nearby, and felt a shift in the energies.
I had brought along 4 earth pipes and decided to make grid around the Monolith. These were not made of copper pipe btw,
just some pipe I had dug out of a dumpster at work.

I haven’t visited the park since I was a kid. It was both special and eerie to be alone next to the Monolith and the
statues, in the dark winter with the artifical lights and the moon in the background. I tried to take a photo with my
mobile but the built-in camera wasn’t light sensitive enough.

So I got to work and hammered the EPs into the frozen dirt. For the most part I did it undisturbed, but at one point
I was unsuccessfully hammering in an EP and someone came walking by. I just pulled up the pipe, took my sledgehammer and
backpack and walked away to a different location. He must have wondered what that was about.

I didn’t sense any big energy changes, but when I came home and thought about it, I did get a subtle impression that the
EPs were charging the Monolith. Blue energy discharging from the top of it, and golden sparkling energy moving down the
connections to other sites that the park is linked to. I think Hawthorn is going to post in more detail about
the function of this park and the work they have done in the chat. Apparently the sculpture she saw, isn’t this one
so more searching is needed.

This is an amazing confirmation of what we had been working on for a period almost 2 years ago in the german chatblast.

We had “seen” these constructions in various parts of the world, from South America to Africa and Asia, on every continent. Sometimes very ancient.
We had these phallic elements on the surface and then an underground cavity with a basin containing DOR laden water. All in use for bad mojo.
I was also astonished, that at the same time Don reported about the soul-wells that the international chatgroup was working on.
The Operators seem to keep us right on target in a very subtle way [Image Can Not Be Found]

Good that you hammered the earthpipes in. The park would be worth receiving some more earthpipes in spring, when one has less problems in banging them in.

Thanks a lot for this report!


spookey looking. Quite a construction. Did see an obelisk on my london jaunt, have to find it again.

I used a 32mm c. 13 inch drill in a 3 amp cordless drill (2.5 amp is ok), that I hired for the day. Ignore the Voltage, they like to fool people by selling them with high Voltage, low amp.

I use 35mm copper pipe at 13 inches, 8 or 9 to a lenght. Biggest wood drill I could get was 32mm but works great. You can get drills for stone but prefered the wood one, no good for wood after obviously but only cost £5, from China.

You can then tell what the stone situation is like, you can’t hammer them through even small stones I find. I had a go once and pulled it up–the end was bent badly. So I drill until I find a good stone free bit.

Without the drill I dig a hole first. You can get most of the way down even with a trowel and saves the hammering noise which isn’t really on in a city.

Been through a few trowels, they usually bend on first go but found a great one that looked unbreakable, but did find it was cast and the tip broke when I was using it for lifting covers.

As for toilet roll Eps, most city places you will be restricted to sign pipes which are around quite a bit, more in some suburbs. I have put copper EPs into these when no soil available, or gifting with people about.

I also charge each one on a CB, one by one.

I’ve bee there, back when I was just a teenager. It does have a cold feeling to it and it isn’t just the cool Norwegian breezes that are doing it . I wouldn’t have even attempted to pound and earthpipe into the frozen ground, wow ! [Image Can Not Be Found];

Thank you Frode for stepping up and taking care of business. [Image Can Not Be Found] We should give Cesco some credit too, since he had gifted Oslo back when he was living there.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Thanks for the responses. I wasn’t aware of it but Cesco and Laozu Kelly has also gifted this monument a few years back, changing the polarity
of a line of energy that went through the Monolith. Chronicled in the Heaven and Earth articles.

Hammering EP’s into the frozen ground was easier than I thought. Only the first 10 cm was frozen solid, and after that they went down easily. The one I had trouble with, I apparently must have hit concrete or something.

There’s another big obelisk that seems to be linked to the control of this country. I need to travel to get it, so maybe this spring/summer I’ll take care of it and post about it.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Another curiosity, commemorating fallen sailors during the two world wars.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

When Don connected me with Frode and asked me to find some targets for him I admit I laughed. I hadn’t done that before. But the next morning as I was awakening I decided to take a look and was surprised to see the below image in very sharp, clear detail. Immediately I wanted to make sure this image was coming from a good source so I clarified my question and made sure I had directed it clearly to the Wingmakers (some of the “Operatorsâ€?), and again said, “I need a target for Frode in Norway.â€? I was able to look down and over this site, and more information came to me.

(image here)

This obelisk is a public monument that is being used as a transmitter and collector of stolen energy to be manipulated & controlled. It is connected to a nearby government research facility (always dubious…) and the obelisk must be on top of a corrupted vortex because I could clearly see an earth guardian trapped and seemingly unconscious underneath.

The image was so clear I drew a picture of it to send to Frode in Norway. He couldn’t identify it.

I asked for a location on a map and was shown a map, but Frode and I still can’t figure out where it is.

It is possible this particular site is outside Norway. Maybe we could try some dowsing. Perhaps it is in Scotland? Paddy?? Please send in any input.

But that morning, I was still receiving input for “gifting targets for Frode� and now the scope broadened in a way that was more helpful.

The general message was “public monuments that are being used to collect, corrupt, store, and transmit energy.�

Frode started looking around and started finding a whole catalog of evil looking obelisks and monuments. Really, who dreams this stuff up? The most offensive was clearly the Vigeland. Meanwhile winter had really set in and the ground was frozen. We had some hacking challenges and my emails with Frode waned.

Then in December, in Dooney’s chat, we were systematically boosting all the occult banking families. We were working up the Rothschilds, and a power base they have in Paris. I think on Nancy’s intuitive prompting, we all soon realized the Rothschilds were using the Obelisks in Paris to transmit and collect energy. Then we started realizing the obelisks were over corrupted earth vortices, with trapped guardians. We spent some time addressing the grief energy over Diana’s murder that was being collected and used against humanity. We were finding wells of souls under them also. A well of souls is a deep pit of trapped, grief shattered souls whose energy is being controlled and used like a generator by the sickos of the world. We had a rollicking time.

Suddenly I remembered Frode’s pictures, and posted Vigeland to the chat. Of course, everyone was horrified. We immediately started focusing on Vigeland and again found the same mechanism of corrupted vortices, trapped guardians and wells of souls. I think it was Dooney who thought this obelisk at Vigeland was a particularly arrogant and blatant depiction of a well of souls. Basically, we wrecked the place.

I wrote back to Frode about the chat who was inspired to go earthpipe that disaster. As he posted above, he pounded the pipes into the frozen earth, in a brilliant and truly inspired grid pattern around the obelisk. He wrote back for me to take a look.

Immediately I saw a massive release of energy, gushing up and tearing apart all the controls that had been put on that monument park. It felt like creator vortex energy and was extremely bright. I also sensed that those obelisks were connected in a grid pattern all over Europe and so huge amounts of energy were moving and escaping to freedom from out under Europe. It was huge!

All the while Don was cheering us on, and elbowing me to be more confident about what I could see. He definitely has talent for pushing you off an edge when you are feeling indecisive.

Clearly the combination of etheric work along with Frode’s physical, 3d hammering of orgonite into the ground was extremely effective. I think that combination is why the results were so spectacular.

Just when we thought we were done, and were basking in our success, unasked for I saw that original image I drew, in almost hyperrealistic detail, floating in front of me for crying out loud. If you know where that place is, please write in!!! Put us out of our misery!

Here are some sketches of the monument. It is strange to me that the image is so clear, detailed, and so persistent!!

I think it is in Norway, but it could be anywhere in Northern Europe.

I love thinking about Frode going out there in mid winter and earthpiping a grid pattern around Vigeland.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Here is the fragment of the map I saw:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Here is the original drawing I did, with the earth guardian trapped underneath. It is not a great drawing!!

[Image Can Not Be Found]

We’re hoping someone can id it.

Thx for this, Francie! I guess the good thing about going over the edge is that nobody can accuse us of being on the fringe [Image Can Not Be Found]

In fact some of the really potent target-finding exercises may require some patience. When Carol and I pieced together some bits of a continental vortex pattern that tied the Oregon Vortex to a similar one on the South Texas coastline and two correponding ones in Yucatan and the Bahamas we drove from Oregon to Texas to gift the second one, then I started preparing my sailboat for the sea to get to the one in Yucatan, where I’d sailed to before from Texas, through a hurricane.

That attempt failed and I tried again in Florida, then got to the Bahamas but failed to reach the vortex site. Carol and I flew to the Bahamas a few months later but the sea was too rough to go to the spot. A dolphin had appeared in a vision to confirm its location, so it was doubly frustrating to be so close and fail. I sure understand your current frustration–looks ilke it will be some years before we get to the Yucatan/Bahamas section of the pattern we saw 8.5 years ago.

Now that you’ve posted your vision for the record and for our readers let’s see whatt turns up. There’s really no hurry, as your Wingmaker friends might say. A German saying, ‘God’s time is the best time,’ can perhaps be edited to refer to our more immediate sponsors, whom I don’t doubt God endorses.

It’s not like you and I haven’t been busy enough with more immediate stuff [Image Can Not Be Found]

Thx, Frode, for earthpiping that monument site in such a timely way. This is a rare treat for the psychics and a powerful confirmation/fulfillment of their etheric efforts.

I’m glad you’re mentioning the Wingmakers. I’ve had a sense that you have a direct, cordial connection with them, which puts your experience in a league above the creators of the Wingmakers website, which we believe is NSA property; corrupted and misleading. Our own subjective experiences, also Al Bielek’s evident firsthand accounts, lend support, at least for us, of the notion of their existence, their benevolent nature and their interaction with us.

There are many folks who contribute to this forum effort who are skeptical of first hand reports of supernormal experiences but I hope they can take comfort from the fact that all of our comments are merely subjective and based on our understanding. It should be obvious enough that we’re not promoting a specific ideology and are approaching this vast area of new understandings in the spirit of enquiry. Ideologues flounder, here.

Je in Spain is besieged, as I’ve been for 8 years, by insistent people who want to turn his fledgling forum into their own personal soapbox or even lay it at the feet of their favorite guru but he’s resisting successfully and keeping his forum effort on track. Unless one is in this position it’s probably impossible to appreciate how much the world order will bring to bear to infiltrate, corrupt and eventually stop even small, informal group enquiries like ours.

The more successful we are, the more they try to dump on us but taking a slightly detached view of it all helps us see the pattern and even the comedy. Detachment for psychics, which Francie is demonstrating, is one of the prerequisites for working efficiently in psychic groups. Whenever a psychic or energy sensitive agrees to be made a de facto arbiter of unseen processes he/she is sort of wrenched out of a detached position and tends to fall prey to ego, which is probably why none of the chat psychics, so far, have consented to be used, this way. Carol avoids it like plague.

When psychics see the same things in an informal session we generally know we’re on target but they still account or the possibility that CIA or some other agency’s psi corps are capable of sending the same image to each of them. In that case, they look at other factors, such as the quality/dimennsionality of the image. They’ve gotten very good at this over the years and can school new psychics quickly.

We watch for psychics who have already won the batttle to learn to keep ego reigned in. This is something we each should have been taught by our mothers as toddlers, of course. In a better world mothers will have achieved the honor and respect they’ve always deserved as ‘first educators’ of humanity. In that happy day, the CIA won’t use day care centers to harvest annual crops of millions of Monarch assets.

You’ve probably met gifted grownups who never learned this essential lesson. It’s sort of heartbreaking for me to see productive geniuses succumb to infantile egoism.

Another aspect of psi enquiry is that the object of our search may not always turn out to be what we expect. There seems to be some ‘bleedthrough’ when The Operators are determined to get our attention about something that may be unrelated to a current activity. Here’s another example of how important it is to keep ego out of the equation.

I’m speaking of ‘us’ in the context of the chat sessions, of course. Most of us in the chat sessions aren’t gifted with constant or nearly constant psi perception but when we work together, anyone is liable to have heightened intuitive promptings, which is an essential psychic process, after all. I think that’s why a dozen or so of us ‘load bearers’ (we boost the psychics, mostly) usually show up every week. Being around working psychics feels, to me, a lot like standing in a room where a very big Tesla coil is operating [Image Can Not Be Found] --lots and lots of happy orgone streaming around us.

If we felt a need to ‘prove’ any of this or justify our activities to skeptics I think it would shackle our enquiry. If any of the psychics fell into the trap of being treated publicly like an arbiter of etheric processes or new inventions it would also probably cause problems. I have an image of someone in that situation carrying a cartload of sycophants and manipulators–not pretty and it’s accounted for a few good people falling away from this unorganized network effort over the years. I suppose that one either desires a following or doesn’t. I constantly watch for talented, productive people who actually don’t want a following, then I invite them to participate with us. I think that fosters the maturity of the movement. There just aren’t a lot of people who don’t want a personal following, which is why this or any other working, viable forum will probably remain small. [Image Can Not Be Found]


As we posted about the obelisks we received by email many great pictures of horrible but juicy targets all over the world. It was like a pageant of horrors in the form of public monuments. It was terrific that along with the photos most often came the note that the target was gifted. I still haven’t a photo of the exact image I saw, but I don’t think my image was more important than the targets people sent in.

Frode recently asked about a military site at Evje. Immediately I saw the upper structure of an underground base. Both Frode and I felt there might be an alien portal there. It was interesting to me that the energy of this place seemed to me to change as soon as Frode determined to gift it, before he even physically gifted it.

Frode just emailed back that he had done the gifting. I am hoping he can post the slide show. Besides the supreme ugliness of the targets there are lovely scenes of early spring in Norway, with the gold green buds on the trees.

After the gifting the energy seems more determinedly golden in the base. Frode said he felt some frantic energy in the base after the earthpiping, and I agree. As I read his email I suddenly saw at Evje a huge underground structure that seems round, flat and vast, with many passageways and structures on the surface. It looked like something on the side of the Deathstar. Is it a station of some sort? Please write in if you know or have an opinion.

I had other images of this place. First, I saw it as the apex in another one of those pentagrams across the land, though the energy of this pentagram seems much weaker than other ones we’ve found, and some of the energy lines may already be broken. I also had a vision of this station sending out two beams of light that went up into the sky and tracked an airplane going across the sky. I can’t interpret more from that. I often see visions that I don’t quite understand, so I just try to report them as accurately as I can.

Another gifter in Norway had some ideas about some of the targets in Frode’s slideshow. He thought one was the site of a ritual murder and I agree with him.

Francie, after I’d read your latest post I took another peek at the photos in this thread and, WOW–what an architectural creepshow! [Image Can Not Be Found]

Scandinavia is prime Vryal territory, after all, along with being home to some generally wonderful, industrious, creative and hospitable people. Gifting the hidden geometric grids is perhaps essential to unseating/detaching these ancient Vryal parasites so we’re glad to see that you’re focusing on these grids, now. Over the years, as gifters in Europe have been nailing the occult targets, the Vryal and their murderous cousins, the Jesuits have been getting weaker and weaker.

Good work. Frode, and thanks for helping to keep our gifting standards high but still attainable. I’m very pleased to see that you’re honoring your gut instincts while out in the field and also posting them. It’s really good for all of us to get confirming impressions from the reputable psychics, too, and to include that in the record. Most gifters will act on their instincts but are too shy to tell others about them but we hope to turn that around because when more and more people say what they’re experiencing subjectively it becomes more and more apparent that we’re all being given our cues by The Operators in a timely and efficient way. If this notion seems too ‘religious’ to some people then I’m content to consider all those objecting people to be among ‘The Operators’ if they’re getting it right in the field. Anyone who’s shopping for dogma won’t find it here, hopefully [Image Can Not Be Found]

When you consider that out of all the ‘orgonite’ forums in English there are only two where readers can access substantive information and reports without wading through a swamp of posted Tavistock-style behavior modification, chest pounding and confusing misdirects. Those two are and and we’re all holding ourselves accountable, so we don’t need others to hold our feet to the fire [Image Can Not Be Found] which is a real service to our readers.

I’m loathe to even imagine how we could get anything done without these reputable psychics, by the way and I’m really proud of them for overcoming their reluctance to post. I think they know that we’ve got their backs if anyone dares to assault their reputations. In the chats, we usually make sure the psychics are clear of the host of etheric assailants (CIA, NSA, MI6, Vryal, Jesuit, Triad) before we even go target hunting.


An update on one of the monuments, posted earlier in this thread. This one is simply referred to as the National Monument, or Haraldshaugen.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The monument was set up in 1872 on the 1000 year Anniversary of the battle of Hafrsfjord, which was the deciding factor in collecting all the counties into one kingdom.
The battle was won by Harald Haarfagre who became the first king of Norway, and this particular spot thought to be his burial site. The accuracy of this is disputed by historians today,
but it is obviously the intent of this that matters when you think of it as an energy device. The big obelisk represents the kingdom and there are four bronze plates on it that depicts scenes from Haarfagre’s life.
The 29 smaller ones around the obelisk were created in the various counties and transported to the site. That’s the thing that motivated me to gift is, the feeling of the etheric cords that went from the stones to
the various parts of the country.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Representatives from all levels from government as well as 20 000 people attended the ceremony, so I guess this was a big deal back in those days.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I sent the first picture to Hawthorn and she remarked that it felt good and also the feeling was that a vortex was opened. I didn’t mention that I sensed swirling energies with colors in them that were in the process of finding an equilibrium after the gifting. I didn’t think of it as a vortex, so to read that her impression matched mine was a nice confirmation for me.

I also had the opportunity to gift a different monument in another city, that marks the location of the battle mentioned earlier. I’m not saying there’s anything abd about this one but it seemed appropriate to gift it as well. The swords have been set in stone never to be used again, that’s the symbolism.

Excellent work, Frode! Thanks, again, for adding to the record. Most of us don’t think much about this, or maybe I’m the only one who is very concerned about it but when we consider that is the ONLY website in English on the internet where very substantive and inspiring reports like yours are regularly shared, then maybe we ought to feel more urgency about sharing our subjective impressions here [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’ve been exceedingly careful to only invite reputable people to post, here. This makes it un-necessary for our readers to worry excessively about discernment. Most people still don’t know that people who have bad reputations or no reputations are not the same, in terms of credibility, as people who have good reputations are but we each resonate on a very basic level to good repute in others.

The postings on EW are reinforcing that instinctive discernment process in people who visit and read the site.

I’m also especially gratified to see Frode and Francie working together on these targets: Francie looking at it psychically and Frode doing the legwork. I think we’d be comparitively dead in the water without these phenomenally gifted and self-sacrificing psychics–at least we’re thus able to hit more bullseyes and until there are many millions of people doing this, instead of a few thousand, conservation of our time, efforts and orgonite is essentially important. None of us do this full time, either, as far as I know.

This accumulated record of reputable gifters is priceless, I think. The value of it will be seen in proper contrast after orgonite has reached public awareness and the host of fakers out there finally make their move, at their sponsors’ behest, and try to upstage us [Image Can Not Be Found] . I don’t think they’ll succeed, thanks to detailed and substantive reports like those in this thread.


Next on the list is this striking monument me and Hawthorn looked at last year. It’s another national monument, dedicated to those that fought on the Allied side during WWII. It has the shape of a triangle, and looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. Highly polished steel plates mounted on a frame. (Most images are thumbnails you can click on for larger view, I didn’t want to overload the page)

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

She got the impression of an earth guardian that was trapped, but active underneath. At the time, we were looking for the monument she has posted a drawing of earlier in the thread. Well, this wasn’t the one but I felt prodded to send a picture of it to her once again now a year later. I have looked at it from time to time and felt there was something going on there, a slight pressure on my forehead like the onset of a headache.

This is what she said "Before I even looked at the links I had a feeling of a very strong, hostile headache, and a LOT of angry reptilian energy coming from an underground base. They are mad at you Frode, though you’ve currently disabled their ability to get to you, or else you are being protected beyond their means to reach you. Probably both of those scenarios. "

I’ve noticed that anger in relation to gifting specific targets, including on this trip. It doesn’t seem entirely human, because it is steady and sustained for a long time. They’ve also showed up in dreams a couple of times.

In a later email Hawthorn said she got an image of a reptilian underground working on a computer, when discovered he scrambled to pull down a blind to hide what he was doing. She got that there was some kind of portal, it was an active target with a lot of energy. It seems that this kind of information becomes available now when it was time to gift the place. I also sent the picture to a gifter I correspond with, without any further information. She too got the intuition that this monument was like an antenna in disguise and related to an underground base.

Btw, there wasn’t an instantaneous shift of energy, it seemed to happen gradually as I went on with the gifting. It seems to fit with what Hawthorn said about there being a lot of energy in that place. I took my time during the day because it was a busy place and I gifted other places in between. A few other war memorials, a hospital and a big antenna on a mountain nearby.

Sylphs when coming down again.

What surprised me was that not far from the monument, in front of the town hall there was a rock from ground zero where the a-bomb went off over Hiroshima. Why here, of all places? Turns out there is an organization called ‘Mayors for Peace’ that seeks to abolish all nuclear weapons by 2020. They now have over 3000 cities worldwide as members.

So anyway, this rock from the 0-point at Hiroshima was unveiled on 11.09.2006 (9/11, Ground Zero) with the mayor of Hiroshima present. Maybe I’m making too much out of this, but I’m thinking of the energetic imprint a stone like that has. If there are similar monuments around the world forming a grid they may need gifting.

In the evening there was a brief time when there were lots of sylphs over the town, coming from the mountains and towards where the monument is. There didn’t seem to be many sylphs elsewhere, the first image shows the sky further away.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I wasn’t going to post about this trip originally, because of my own cognitive dissonance about the whole reptilian issue. But thanks to the physical confirmation of all those sylphs I felt more compelled to share. Gifting is an interesting adventure, that’s for sure. I’ll leave it to Hawthorn to share any further impressions she has about this.

Hi Frode !

Tusen tak for the awesome gifting you have been doing in Norway !

Ha det bra , Eric

Hi Frode,

Congratulations and many thanks for your uplifting gifting reports and the healing work you’re making, I wish I had to travel abroad or to other cities to find new targets, most symbolical places I find here by city bus ride seem evil, so I’ll gift them anyway. And the countless towers, of course. Think globally, act locally [Image Can Not Be Found]

Like that old Neil Young song “Keep on Rocking in the Free World”, what about singing “Keep on Gifting in the Free World” [Image Can Not Be Found]


(no message was present in this post)

That point looks very agressive , orgonite will surely rounden the angles and turn it in a positive generator not in the taste of the underground inhabitants.

In the same range of topic this video could inspire some gifters in the proximity of these places if not already done.

When I was in Sweden, some weeks ago, I met some people from Göteborg. They told me, that they know, that there is a secret militaty base under the airport of Göteborg. They also told me that some people who have heart pacemakers or hearing aids
have big problems caused by electromagnetic interference.

I gave them a few Tb’s but I had no more orgonite to bust the described area.

~ Moritz

(no message was present in this post)

Hello Frode,

I met these people from Göteborg when I was fishing. They said ,there is too much military in Sweden. They told me that near the lake, we have been there are cell phonetowers but very bad reception for the handys (nothing unusual for us). They also said that their son had got a new moped and was testing it by
driving on a normal small road in the aerea of Göteburg. Suddenly he was stopped by military and asked in a very harsh and unfriendly way : “What do you want ? what are you looking for?” The boy was very surprised because he hadn’t seen anything that referred to a military installation or something like that.
….Then they let him go. That is all I know.

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