Gifting the former isolation room


Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk to one of the therapists about subtle energies, and we ended up in the former isolation cell of the children’s quarters with a TB I had in my office (never leave home without’em!:wink: It is now a room for playing. I put the TB in the false ceiling, and we both felt a strong ‘wind’, admittedly the room was so dark and negative that I was even reluctant to go in there. Some kids don’t like it all, either.

What followed was interesting: in the afternoon, another colleague heard what we had done, and protested against it because of her ‘principes’. Apparently she’s a Christian. a good opportunity for me to practice not getting carried away with negativity faced with so much closedmindedness: she told she did not believe in it, but was against it anyway.

Alas: the ‘harm’ was allready done: the therapist told me the kids wanted to play in that particular room all afternoon, did not fight amongst other and were able to make some good plans together (making plans is a way for them to cope with their handicaps)!

Ain’t this a nice story?