Gifting the Lake and the surrounding

That picture shows the outcome of my gifting work, in fact after doing the thorough gifting in the lake you can see the result of the real was towards the sunset and you can see the clear weather that very evening. Even the rays of the sun you can see them shining at the background

This picture show how our gifting has improve the weather condition of these places in fact previously these are had been very bad, you could hardly see green grass and even fresh shrubs as what we are seeing today could not be seen. In fact what could be there are just but bare rocks, dry grass and burden soil. In fact anytime the wind could come over and erode everything. However people living in these areas could severely suffer and no hope of survival could be imagined in these areas.

Now after our real work, the green grass trees and are a clear testimony of a good change that had been witnessed. Now the rainfall had been sufficient, things have changed and farmers are now enjoying since very soon good harvest will be realized.

In one of the good morning after doing through gifting, in fact the weather changes and you can see how the weather is very clear. You can even see the fishing canoes pulled out and the fishermen resting in readiness of the work again. These show the power in gifting, it really makes the weather to changed to make everything work very easy and clear without much weather hindrances.

In fact its through our continuous gifting that has made these areas within Lake Victoria and the surrounding very good for fishing and for agricultural. From far you can even see how the water is very clean, from there you can even see some shrubs like water hyacinth, in fact our gifting has worked so hard to improve the lake water, really areas which had been under the coverage of the water hyacinth are even good for some of them have even disappear from the areas where by they had been causing havoc to fishermen.