Gifting the oceans enlisting help from Dolphins

I was told recently to make a specific amount of orgonite and gift it off of a pier and the Dolphins will come and take it where it is needed. This was because of some type of weather control thingy off the coast. I thought it might be useful to mention this and get any input or questions that might be of interest. As I am still working on this so I have nothing to report. I did have questions posed to me so, I thought I would pose them here.

Is it important to call the Dolphins in before doing the deed?

What is the best method for contacting them?

Is a Pier deep enough to drop them?

Do they need to have a handle coming off from them so the Dolphins can grab them?

Will a regular "muffin"TB be the size that they can carry?-----(am grinding sharp pieces of aluminum on the back side----I use my belt sander turned upside down to grind them down—works great.)

Is this a good practice to employ to take care of stuff off coasts etc?

If this is a good practice are there any suggested sites to let those of us that work on this, know where to focus?Cool

It is interesting that you are pondering these questions. I’ve had an idea myself to start dropping orgonite from the outermost coast here in Norway, a national park, the name of this set of islands directly translated means ‘whales’. I have a good feeling about that. The depth of the water at the location I’ve chosen looks like it is quite deep, and I will be shooting the tbs off with some kind of rubberband slingshot.

I don’t have all the answers, but I can copy in something Don shared with me in email. I haven’t asked his permission to share it, but I suppose it would be ok

“Any orgonite that’s thrown into the sea will likely be used by dolphins. We recommend throwing it beyond the surf or into a harbor since dolphins seem to prefer not to swim in very shallow water. They apparently can move orgonite without touching it.”

Ok, you said it, so… It was actually Don that told me about the Dolphin thing, but I did not ask him about how they moved it, Cool. I could have asked him, but thought this might be a good topic. Thanks for the input!Wink

Yes indeed, the oceans are big, it is worthwhile discussing how to get more orgonite out there in a simple and practical way.

Pondering solutions, one idea came to mind here. A lacrosse stick. I think that might give a me a bit of a throwing range even if my arms aren’t all that strong.
I’ve never used one before, but I’m going put it to the test when I have the opportunity to make a trip.

Don actually said “TBs can be loped off a pier”Smile. I don’t live anywhere near the coast, but I am wanting to help my home State of California and enlisting friends to do the deed. : )

From my experience, here are some answers. Hope they help.

question 1. If you think that you can communicate with dolphins, then by all means do so. Another answer could be that they are calling you.
2. In the etheric world, the grounding then going up to 13d is a start.
3. It’s ok but swimming near the poles can’t be that easy. A kayak is way more stealth.
4. If you think so, but mostly ppl are not putting handles.
5. Regular muffins or other shapes. All are good and sharp edges make handling risky even for the gifter so i do the finish work and recommend it.
6. Distributing orgonite world-wide is a good practice.
7. Ditto. Start by gifting your house and surrounding property. Earth pipe the land near your house, gift any water by your house. Work outwards from there gifting all the usual suspects and any unusual places as your heart is inclined. The more the merrier.

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