Gifting The Sea Of Kattegatt

The sea called Kattegatt is that part of the North Sea which is located between Jutland (mainland Denmark) and the Swedish west coast.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Gothenburg and followed my inner promptings to gift the sea. I decided to go by ferry over to the Danish town of Fredrikshavn. I noticed they had three ferries of different sizes on this line. I booked the trip on the smallest ferry for the trip over and on the medium-sized one for the trip back.

I was a bit dismayed on the trip over to Denmark as it turned out that there was passenger access to only one part of the deck, and I did not find it convenient for tossing from. Also the ferry was kind of crowded. Moreover, I had previously seen the ferry I was going to use for the return trip while in the port of Gothenburg. On a casual observation that ferry appeared to me as difficult to gift from. This added to my dismayal and fear of a failed gifting tour.

Around the time of arriving to Denmark, I had this intuitive thought that all is in perfect divine order. I took it as a sign that there’s already a solution to a successful gifting trip, although I cannot see it right now.

I walked around a bit in the town of Fredrikshavn, gifted a police station, found an old church that felt like it needed gifting as well as a couple of towers.

Had a traditional Danish type of meal consisting of small sandwiches with varying items on top.

After boarding the ship for the return trip, m/s Jutlandica, I went around and actually found several spaces on various decks that were suitable for my purposes. I positioned myself on the best one on the lowest possible deck with outdoor access. Turned out there was also a vent outlet with warm air, which I could lean my back on as it was getting chilly later in the evening.

All was indeed perfect!

I had brought 60 TBs for the trip and spent 5 in Fredrikshavn. I saved 5 for the arrival to the river outlet in Gothenburg, so 50 TBs went into the sea, tossing one every few minutes or so.

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Yours truly tossing a TB:

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Way to go, Kristian! See gifting is very important. If you can afford it, think of doing cruise holidays, like those popular ones that go to the Northern Cape, poking into all those Norwegian Fjords. It"s also fun and relaxing!

I definitely agree about the importance of gifting the seas. I get more and more intuitive thoughts about that. Not only because of the underwater weaponry, but also that the sea life is “under siege” sort of speak. I also note that Don mentioned about ordinary towerbusters sometimes being able to flip underground weather weaponry:
“Maybe that worked underground because the orgonite was in water.”

There are also a lot of other ferry lines in that area. Between Fredrikshavn in Denmark and Oslo in Norway, for example. I believe that the bay of Oslo could do well with a lot of gifting.

Some more info:

Last Monday there was a 4.5 (Richter scale) earth quake with the epicenter out in the sea of Kattegatt, further south from where I was gifting. I’m not excluding that my sensing of a need to gift that sea was related to whatever may be going on in – or perhaps under – the sea.

Quote from that article: "Based on historical data, the area has lived through a lot more earthquakes since 1990, almost all of them below the Kattegat sea bed. "

As Tomas pointed out previously, there is a seemingly never-ending tunnel construction going on in Sweden that started in the early 1990ies, three years before Phil Schneider said the largest underground base in the world was being built in Sweden. And then that might just indicate the possible locatíon.

The location of the railroad tunnel construction is just east of the southern part of the Kattegat sea.

Nice to read about your mission! I thought the whole thing about the earthquake felt strange. In the local newspaper there was an article where I read that the nuclear power plant “Ringhals”, located not far away from the location of the earthquake (epicenter?), didnt got any reading from their own “earthquake-measuring-equipment” at all. This is strange because my friend woke up because the house was shaking, and he lives within a greater distance from the earthquake than the nuclear plant. Strange?

We have gifted a lot on the west coast of sweden, primary on land, but I hope the 12 earth-pipes we have hammered in the coast area made quite a effect on the underground facilities located here.

Yes, that does sound strange. I read in various places that the nuclear power plant at Ringhals are working on improving the security against earthquakes, amongst other things.

Speaking of Ringhals, I actually went there a couple days after my sea tour and gifted around the plant as well as a few towers in the general area. Don’t know if you already had done that though…

Great on the earth pipes! As far as I have understood they have a rather good working range, and should not be underestimated.

Great to hear about it! I was planning to do at trip to Ringhals but now I can concentrate on the surrounding area.

I read on the web that a big momma ley line comes in from stonehenge all the way to “Fjärås Bräcka” located just north of the power plant. Is it a coincidence? Of course not. From here the ley lines spread all across scandinavia to old churches, runestones and other sacred sites. I went to the area and digged 6 TBs in a star of david pattern. I also gifted some in the surroundings including a nasty old castle located nearby, “Tjolöholms slott”.

The second largest town of Gothenburg (Göteborg) is in a real need for orgonite. The largest harbour in sweden is located there with a lot of heavy industries in the area including some very polluting oil refineries. Just north of Gothenburg in the town of Stenungsund there is three very large petrochemical industries, and not far from Stenungsund in Lysekil, swedens largest oil refinery “Preemraff” is located. These areas should be a big target for orgonite TBs.

There are of course power lines emanating from the nuclear power plant and then eventually spreading out in different directions. I gifted a couple of those in the vicinity of the plant. Also I had to leave a lot of microwave towers ungifted on the road so as to preserve the various orgonite pieces for the plant, the sea gifting, and some of Gothenburg. So, yes, there is a lot of options in terms of gifting in the general area, I reckon.

I did however gift these towers outside the town of Kungsbacka, near the E6-road, after having had my lunch in that town:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Otherwise most of the towers that I gifted were just near Gothenburg either on entry or departure from the city. Given the size of the city and its surroundings, there’s a lot more to do for interested gifters.

Thanks for the info on the ley lines.

I’m still kind of uninformed about the specifics of those lines for this part of the world.

The few books and articles I’ve seen about ley lines sofar, as well as other variously named energy lines, tend to exclude Scandinavia from their maps.

I do believe that there are some very good power spots in Sweden though. I saw that Mikael Kvist wrote in an article from the late 1990ies that one of the largest collections of energy gates on Earth is centered over the province of Dalarna and central Sweden.