Gifting the South of France - (Var)

Hi all.

I’m very happy to write this report. But you must know that my memory is not very good so I may forget many things.

One week ago, we were still near Paris and I was pouring tower busters. In the days I was pouring orgonite, I and my woman saw a big circular rainbow around the sun. It was the first time we saw this in our whole life. I’ve taken some pictures and be sure I’ll post them because it’s an amazing thing. I must say that I always see a lot of rainbows in the sky, and I feel that when nice clouds are colored with a rainbow, then it is a higher force.

Still near Paris, on the east side, I went to gift a small lake. After gifting it, some ducks came around, and also a police car that did not stay very long. Why do policemen come here to see me near a small lake where absolutely nobody was ? I must say that I had a cool experience here by breathing much, my body became like a human “antenna” that could feel some “waves” in the air… Difficult to explain, but in order to get to this state, I had to not be afraid.

In the Var (South of France from Marseille to Monaco) I have gifted some areas such as some Antennas in the mountains between St Tropez and Toulon. One day, I rented a jet ski, a Sea 400, and went to gift in the sea of St Tropez which is called Pampelonne. At approximatively 1 kilometer far from the coast, after gifting the ocean, big waves tried to catch me and it was very impressive for me. I had to boost and get back to the coast because something was controlling the sea against me, maybe. After I had got back to the coast, the company forgot to make me pay the 65 Euros (I’m sure the divine entities think that gifting the ocean has not price !!! hehe) but as I’m very honest I went to see them and paid… But I could have gone without having paid… Very bizarre but I’m sure that divine entities have done this (if some psychic people could confirm, that would be great for me). Around this area there were a lot of helicopters, and I think that it is because of frequent fires there. One day there were a lot of them during 1 or 2 hours, and then no one of them for a long time…

I went to gift the Port of Toulon but I could only gift 2 TBs there. Guess what ? I had to park my car in a private area (1 Euro 50) and after the gifting I found 1 Euro on the machine that we use to pay [Image Can Not Be Found] héhé… That reminds me of my story of jet ski [Image Can Not Be Found] There was a big military boat there (huge!) with a weather ball on it. It would have been great to gift onto this boat, but it is very controlled.

With my niece I went to gift the port of La Seyne Sur Mer (She gifted one tb !!!), and I have also gifted some tbs in the ocean there. I saw visual confirmations of the gifting there (clear blue hole, as usual).

I also went to the “Fort de Six-Fours” (Click here) and I gifted many TBs there -10 to 15- and I’m sure they did not like it. There are huge antennas there, and I had visual confirmations. Next to it there is a small cemetary that I gifted also. There is a small camera (black sphere). At a moment I heard a military voice… I don’t know if I really heard it or not… When back at “our home” I had a whistle in the left ear, and that had already happened after gifting other areas near Paris and around).

I gifted in the center of La Seyne Sur Mer, and there were a lot of wind the days after. People found if bizarre, but it is a common thing here. But I’m sure that this is an attack from them, the cowards who hide behind their levers. I gifted this big metallic area : Click here

I’m not sure that my TBs will stay long in the ocean because of no plastic around them, but they’ll do the job for some months I hope.

Well, I may have forgotten other actions I did here. I’ll post some pics very soon [Image Can Not Be Found]

Love to you all [Image Can Not Be Found]



I used to live in la seyne, and passed by six-fours everyday on my way to work. It is an area that is in desperate need of some orgonite, so I am sure even your few gifts did a lot of good there. Thanks for that. The whole region around toulon is very bad, and here are a lot of underground bases if you ask me (if you’re still there and have some orgonite left, write a pm for more info on their entrances). We used to get seized by ELF frequencies regularly, sure it came from the military base in St-Mandrier.

Don’t worry, I’ll get there soon with more orgonite, glad you paved the way for me allready. I’m touched.

Thanks for your work

Thank you for your words, Psychiatrist.

I must go tonight, so I won’t be around Toulon anymore, and it won’t be possible for me to connect to internet in the following days.

I’ve just came back from the beach in La Seyne. Since this morning the sky is completely blue, but around 12:00am I began to see enormous sylphs (one can think they are chemtrails but they are not) passing in the sky in the direction of the east. I’ve taken many photos but on my cam so I don’t know if I’ll be able to transfer them on my computer at home… These sylphs (or entities) are still working above the sea. I am very impressed by them because I have not seen one since 10 days here (but I saw many many lenticular clouds, often after some gifting around). We’ve just seen a big bomber plane of the army next to the sylphs.

Here is the list of the areas I gifted around here in the Var, for the record :

  • La Seyne Sur Mer : The Port (~3 TBs), The coast of La Seyne (~7 TBs), Some areas in town (~4 TBs)

  • Six Fours : Fort de Six-Fours (~10 to 15 TBs, I don’t remember exactly) and the chapel+cemetery next to it

  • St Tropez : Pampelonne Beach, 1 km far from the coast (1 TB, but I could not move further, and it was effective)

  • Between Toulon and St Tropez, ~3 TBs, on a death-tower and other areas.

  • Between Six-Fours and Castellet, ~5 TBs. Big lenticular clouds appeared after that.

  • Toulon : Port, 2 TBs.

  • Other areas I forgot (Tetrapol death towers etc…).

I have some TBs left and I will gift them when going back to Paris.

Psychiatrist, when I gifted the Fort de Six-Fours, I felt that there were an underground base under it. Do you know if this is true or not ? I’ll be very happy that you tell me about the entrances of the underground bases (St Mandrier…) because I plan to come back here very soon, probably in winter when the streets are empty [Image Can Not Be Found] because gifting when there are a lot of tourists is difficult sometimes.

Hey Mister DD, wonderful work Wink Hurry translate it for the french forum … hehehe

Didn’t you gift Nice as well?

Haut les cœurs!!! Laughing

The Other D but not a mystery one! Wink

I could not go to Nice to gift there but next time I’ll get here I’ll do it.

I must find a way to protect the TBs with plastic around them for them to last a very long time in sea salt water (I remember that Don wrote that in sea water they can last 30 days when no plastic is around them, but a lot more in fresh water).

By the way, Disundi, I find that your work and your reports are great.



targets for next time:

  • the ’ foret de janas’ with its ND church plus antenna

  • Le revest les eaux, a village north of toulon with its electricity plant

  • St Mandrier military base

  • Village de St Anne d’Evenos (ancient little village on mountain top (I suspect an entrance there), and some 5 km further down the road uphill (it’s what I mean [Image Can Not Be Found] you get to a mountain top that looks over Toulon and Le Revest. Maybe entrance there as well.

  • There is a military domain between la seyne and toulon (still on la seyne territory)

  • the isles offshore toulon should be checked, too

You will have to bring a lot of EP’s there, I suspect a huge underground facility under the whole region. I even remember the lenticular clouds you mention (near Le Castellet, yes), I wasn’t even into orgonite back then, but remember they looked strange.

Bye for now

Hey all, I’ll be gifting the Montpellier area next week .

If you know of any one place that needs some orgonite do tell, otherwiswe I will gift the usual DOR producing towers and of course the Mediterranian.

I’m so excited I get see if I slip by airport customs with 200 lbs of HARMLESS orgonite in my backback.

Just in case there is any nefarious trolling going on during my week in France I will have my digital camera with me and I will take any agents pictures that cross my path ANYWHERE and post themCool

Heck, with my new cia agent hair cut, I even look like one although without the Sociopathic Twisted Attitude. Laughing

Bon jour !

MisterD and I are planning to organise a french county section in which people will tell where to gift in priority and whereabout they gifted, too

We will get down to that work, when he comes back from holiday. You’ll be able to find the section on

which is the french site MisterD is leading for France.

There is also an english section in the website, if you want to ask questions there will be someone to answer (if we ever have the answer, of course Laughing

I hope this will help all our foreigner friends to gift our country.


Ddiier Wink

Thank you very much, Disundi, for promoting our french website that will soon be hosted by our great friends and etheric warriors from Orgone-Art and QuebecOrgone, such as Alex ; And thanks to Psychiatrist also for the important targets you quoted. I plan to get there very soon. Until then, I hope some people around there will gift these targets…

You can find some pics of the gifting session in the Var at :

I’m going to have a gifting session with Mizaa very soon. About him, he went to gift some days ago and saw a strange light that was moving fastly and that wasn’t emitting no sound. I’ll see him very soon and he will tell me more about that, and precisely where that happened.

And… Congratulations, EricCarlsen for you gifting session. I’m sure they did not like it at all !!! And that may be the reason why they attempted to hack your computer or to interfere with your internet connection.