Gifting to date

I’ve spent this morning collating old gifting logs I made, and, thought I should post it up here. There isn’t much reflection within these, it is mainly just reports.

March 22nd 2005

Have been busting towers for the last few weeks, but am still trying to square myself with releasing the stories as getting into geography etc seems to be letting the enemy know where to look. Have done my area fairly well now though and feel great with what I am doing (no doubt they know where we all are anyhow). Think I have done around 10 major tower arrays and 40 or so minor towers, along with several other targets, and feel I am about half done with this areas main targets.

Just to back up others reports, the spews seem to have proliferated in direct response to these actions (or in prep for ‘bird’ flu). Also lower flying planes as others say, I witnessed this out gifting yesterday, I only have a 3x zoom cam and usually you cannot see the plane, yesterday though you could see a couple of planes clearly with four trails being laid from each (along with the usual higher altitude planes).


March 24th 2005

Busted another major tower array today and several smaller ones in an adjoining town to where I live and put 8 tbs around the hospital there, got a distinct impression 'other' positive forces were clearing out the skies, as the spew proliferation continues, so does the 'mysterious' cleaning process.

From a confirmation perspective – Today was a good day.

March 25th 2005

Being a bank holiday, i thought what better way to spend the day than doing a gifting spree around London. The girlfriend was not overly happy as I had told her we were going to Dorchester until we set off as I didn’t want any plans known! She soon adjusted, but has been working in london all week so didn’t fancy the 250 mile round trip, but she reolises it is for a greater good. Took 80 or so TBs, and off we set, had to stop myself stopping off on the way as there are about 40 towers on the route from here along the M3 into London. Anyway, long story short – The BT Tower in Westminster now has a ring of 8 TBs around it, Nelsons column has about 6, Buckingham Palace has around 8, Westminster Cathedral about 6, Houses of Parliament about 15 and the rest were just placed in 1/4mile or so intervals around Westminster district. Hopefully some reptiles will be sleeping alittle less comfortably when residing in london now More scary than the area I live in but worth it no doubt.

Unfortunately that’s me out for a couple of weeks as I have to get my rent together before buying my next batch.

April 7th 2005

Having not been out for a gift of any kind in over a week, I decided tonight should be a decent run.

First off my girlfriend and I went north of our city (bournemouth), up to Knowlton Henge, it is an ancient site dating to around 2,500bc

Buried 8tbs and a hhg around the area, then we went to verwood and gifted the tower on the firestation there, which took a few TBs as I encouraged the girlfriend to 'throw' some out of the car – something I have decided does not work as she has the throwing power of a 18month old (sorry huni!), so after I reverted to the tried and trusted – pulling over and getting out, quickly burying and away. Then we went across to ferndown and gifted the BT exchange whose roof is awash with small towers and a larger stand alone, then an industrial estate in the same town and gifted a very large tower. Then on the way back with nightfall approaching fast I decided to head from ferndown across to christchurch as there is a huge tower there that is in the middle of a woods, my girlfriend was not up for walking up to it in fading light, so I went up alone, ran up halfway until I fell short of breath then walked the rest. When I got there, there was actually two towers there which were gifted comprehensively as they are to my knowledge the last major arrays in the bournemouth area (though lots of smaller masts still to do no doubt), then strolled back along a comfortable walkway I didn't see on the way up (aint that just typical!). Then on the way back I stopped of to re-gift an array near our flat which was souped up shortly after it was gifted a fews weeks back, just to make sure we are covered here.

Back now feeling empowered and happy to be back in the groove.



April 9th 2005

Today has been another productive one, I drove to southampton, parked up by towers r us, i mean toys r us! with 2 hours free parking thought I would make good use of this so loaded my rucksack with around 60tbs and off I trotted, gifted the central area there, only came across 15 or so towers, and did a little gridding, and the hosiptal. Then with my free parking time almost up I went back to my car and did some directionless driving and came across another 5 in the burbs (working class burbs that is though), then drove around the dock area/industrial estate and found another 3. Then on the way back I had a rather inspired time, did about 6 smaller towers with the 'lob' out of my passenger side method, and another 8 larger ones with the pulling over and burying, pulled off the M27/A31 4x blindly at junctions and seemed to instinctively drive directly to towers each time (not saying this was psychic, more getting a handle on how the muppets work!), now every tower on route between bournmouth and southampton are done except 1 which is getting it tomorrow. All in all about 110tbs used on 40 or so varying size towers et al.

Knackered now, but it is good excercise.



April 10th 2005

Today I very nearly got ‘caught red handed’, went out to Exbury to visit the home of Edmund Rothschild, didn’t want to pay to get into the gardens, so drove around looking for a free parking place nearby, after a couple of wrong turns, someone had obviously called the police as they turned up soon after I parked and had just got out of my car to bury, thankfully I had already decided it was not a good idea as the area was too open, so had returned to my car as the copper arrived. Anyway I thought after opening the window and asking the bobby where the entrance to exbury gardens were that the only way to get close was to pay the f*****g horror mongers to get in! It proved a fruitful experience and I buried 7EP’s (2 very poorly) and 12TB’s around his lovely gardens (alot around witchers wood ).

Edmund your time of power is short! All in all a very cool weekends work.



April 15th 2005

I've had an immense and very unwelcome confirmation this week, where a helicopter circled over my home for around an hour between 1-2am on tuesday nite. Thankfully I have a harmonic protector at my mothers to collect tomorrow, as I felt like I was being fried from the inside. I have ummed and rrred about whether to post this, but it is the truth and hence I guess should be put out there. The last few weekends there have been a very high number of helicopters over bournemouth, and very low planes (though initially I thought 'no rich these are just due to the airport nearby it can't be due to a few hundred TBs etc I've put out there'), but when I left the city sunday there were two on the road out (A338) around a set of towers I busted the day before, one of which was still over the area, albeit further down by 1/4mile or so, upon my return 2-3hours later. Also when I was at sunday's target after burying most of my luggage, another helicopter came over (although I didn't see it), and took that as a queue to leave. Not sure if they were black (dark though), as I don't pay too much attention.

Big thank you to Stacie and Donna, as they helped me out whilst this was occurring, over the past couple of days.

(Also around this time beginning when I gifted Westminster, I had a set of dreams begin where initially demonic entities entered my flat, and in fear and panic I had to warn my girlfriend, however I was unable to get any words out, just an awful yelp, my girlfriend had to wake me up several times from these. After discussing this with Stacie she suggested the yelping element was from a blocked throat chakra, so I built a HHg with Sapphire, Aquamarine and Lapis and had this under my bed with the others, the dreams then 'drew in' and after the 4th I have not had one since.)

April 17th 2005

Just a quick note, for any UK busters/lurkers, went back to where I consider home (Worcester) this weekend, and scattered just over 20 TBs around the central area, starting at the cathedral(6tbs), then down to the river severn, along the river to the racecourse (7 into the river), then across from there to the end of lowesmore and back to the cathedral. Generally just gridding this area (along the streets off the high street etc), I was going to go looking for towers, but found myself short of time, so decided I would get the centre done, and work out from there in subsequent visits (Also because some family lives around there, and wanted them covered). Also gifted a couple of family members with my ugly HHgs! and another friend 4tbs to put in the corners of his house.

John has also done Defra in Worcester.

To my dismay, it was a whiteout this morning across that whole area, right across worcester past stratford, which has made me promise myself I will redouble my efforts.



April 25th 2005

Sorry if this is a long one!

Thursday my girlfriend and I flew up to Glasgow, from here we got our hire care (after negotiating due to my booking one from Glasgow international rather than prestwick where we actually flew!).

Targets for our visit were Dolphins in Moray Firth (140 resident bottlenose, UK’s largest school), Fortingall Yew and stone circles, Grandtully – St Mary’s Church, Dull – Celtic stone circles and Rosslyn Chapel.

At this point I must say a big thank you to John, who gifted me with 15 dolphin balls (of which I took 11, along with 77 Earth Pipes or so, and a HHg), we were a couple of KG’s over our combined luggage max, which was a good guess (the only clothes we took were hand luggage), but only £9.40 surcharge so no sweat.

We set off from Glasgow to Inverness (moray firth), but along the way on the A9 there was a signpost for Grandtully, so we went and had a look, after much driving around and asking we eventually came across St Mary’s, a small church which has been rebuilt I believe on the ruins of an ancient site, with the time around 8pm and nobody around I immediately went to work burying 12 Eps around the grounds and surrounding field, elated we wondered back to the car and up to Inverness by around 10.40 we were at our hotel.

Bright and early the next morning we went immediately out to nairn which is a good sighting spot apparently for our ocean going friends, we stopped in around 6 shops looking for a rubber dingy to buy to row out on as we were not comfortable with going on a dolphin cruise or hiring a boat with driver whilst we unloaded 11 chunks of resin and metal! No joy, so we went further east to a marina that was suggested but the only dingies they had were wooden slatted and would not have been suitable for taking back, and, they would only hire us one for the bay (where dolphins aren’t seen), so back we went to Inverness, sure that we would get a cheapish dingy, we went to Caley marina, but the only ones they had started at £400+ ($750ish) which was abit of a shocker, so we again set off into the city centre to look around shops, Blacks, Milletts, Woolworths and local outdoor shops were all checked to no avail. By now it was approaching 2pm and we had to drive back to Edinburgh by mid-evening, so tensions were running high. Now I pondered buying one for £400, but living in a studio flat without a garage and a costume designing girlfriend means space is a premium!

So back we drove to Caley Marina to decide what the best means was, out we came with £40 spent on a body board and some shorts, I had decided I was going swimming in the sea! Back we went to Cairn (firing myself up with some of my fav adrenalin tunes on the way), we loaded my backpack with 10 Dolphins balls and I changed into the shorts and headed for the beach, once there I started to bottle it somewhat as I reolised it was near freezing in the water and the time was nigh, the tide was out so there was a 30M or so area of water before another section of the sand was still above the wave line, in I went! The current was a hassle, but a was a lifeguard in my early working life so knew I would be OK. Swam across to the secondary area and got out stomped across to the next bit and just waded in with 2 Dolphin Balls as I had reolised carrying 15kg on your back on a bodyboard was a little tricky! About 20 yards further I stopped and tossed the first 2 as far as I could, then waded back and grabbed the rest on the backpack still, as I was a very bright red and worried about hypothermia!(SP) after again wading out and chucking the next 6 I was distraught to notice that one a them was so low in the water the rope attached was still showing L by now I was too cold to wade/swim out and grab and throw further, this was such a blow to moral I felt sick to the stomach.

So with one still left, I waded back and swam back to the beach and changed ASAP and got back in the car with heaters full blast, wasn’t overly cold to be honest as the adrenalin had kept me OK, but I almost had an innie (not my belly button either!). Then in typical fashion on the way back we stopped about 4miles before Inverness at a beach we had seen, which was much better than the area I had swam from! Tossed the last two out from there as best I could (sorry John, I did try my best!), then we drove down to Edinburgh, via lock ness (the girlfriend said it was only a little bit out of the way GRRRRRRRRRRRR! About 1.5hours more like, covered in salt water, I was more than a little irritable), tossed 4Eps into the lock for nessie and hid one at urquhart castle, eventually we got back to Edinburgh at around 9.30pm, did I sleep well that night!

Beautiful part of the world by the way!

The next morning we again rose and headed straight back up to the southern highlands, stopped at the perth visitor centre to get a detailed map, then headed straight towards Fortingall (Pontius Pilate’s birthplace it is claimed, and, multiple lay crossing area very near the centre-point of Scotland) along the way we passed Dull1/4mile so headed there and asked a local who kindly pointed out the stone circle and mass, which were duly gifted with 12EP’s. Then we immediately went to fortingall, the yew there (purported to be europes oldest) has seen better days and is walled off for protection, this area was too busy with visitors, so 4EP’s were buried around the grounds of the church, and another 5 in hedgerows, then in the churh we found directions to some stone circles we had passed, so we doubled back and buried another 6 there (close enough to also cover the yew area).

Things were going better than planned! Next to Mt. Schiehallion (fairy mountain), this is where the first meeting of the Scottish rite took place, and many other worldly beings have been seen etc. Again it is a centre point and is suggested there are openings to the underworld hidden in it, today I was not feeling as energetic, so we only climbed a couple of hundred metres up, and about 600 along and buried the first 4EP’s, then back to the car, along about half a mile and buried another 6 around a 1/2mile or so, then again back to the car and stopped off at various points burying 2 at a time in another 5 areas, making it a total of 20EP’s there (if ‘they’ want to come out from there again it will be past a big blast of POR!!!). By the way I read that lots of countries have these ‘centre point’ anomalies, might be worth looking into in other parts. We made such good time of it that we stopped of for a drink and some carot cake and got back to Edinburgh by 7pm and decided to head straight to rosslyn for the final target of our trip, the chapel was closed and has a corrugated roof ontop were work was being done, this meant it was quiet and easy to bury the final 15EP’s all around the area, and the HHg.

Job done, back now needing a break to recover from the break! 920miles driven (1200miles flown at a guess), through lots of wonderful countryside and lochs, all in all a lovely, productive break.

More on the targets hit;

May 8th 2005

Only a minor run;

This follows from the southampton run, tonight on my way back from the midlands I gifted a little on the M4 which I think john may have done already, did about 10 towers from cardiff along to newbury, but was a little too conspicuous as traffic was too heavy, and bottled it somewhat when a guy passing waved his fist at me for ‘littering’! However, by the time I got on the A34 at newbury it was approaching dusk and the road was quieter. So I gifted every tower on the stretch from Newbury through to winchester, about another 12 including a horrid water tower covered on all sides, which now means bournemouth to Newbury A35 – A338 – A31 – M27 – M3 – A34 is covered except a gap of 17miles from winchester to north southampton (M3-M27), which I will finish in the near future. And incase John has not done the M4, I did mainly the smaller towers as I said because the larger ones warrant more than one throw, and the road was too busy to feel comfortable doing this.

Have lots of ammo now ready to finish gridding bournemouth and surrounding areas.



May 14th 2005

Went to a gem n rock fair today at alexandra palace (North London), which was a typically tepid english happening, nothing there worth mention except a very large tower bulging from behind the palace, now pumping out positivity! As the show was so worthless (for my ends), I decided to do a little good work on my way back, from alexandra palace along the north circular to the point it meets the south circular near wembley I gifted 7 large rooftop and death towers, due to the varstness of the area I decided to only hit the biggest ones I saw, and as I didn't have the energy to be there until nightfall. Also did a couple more on the M3 on the way back, but again traffic made this uncomfortable, so as I say, only 2 just on the M3 before staines, then I decided that was me for the day.



May 15th 2005

As I have hit all the towers I know of around my area now, today I went out gridding, I covered around a 3mile area earlier in the day, from boscombe town centre, along behind the high street there, and back towards bournemouth town centre to within 1/2 a mile of the perimeter of a previous jaunt. Overall I placed around 50 over a two hour period or so, which my girlfriend was fretting about as I left her shopping (yeah of course you were huni! 'I was soo worried I had missed you, and you'd gone back to the car' she said as I met back up with her on her third run to the till in this shop she loves! 'I had to go back in and buy more as it was freezing sat waiting for you outside…' .

Then we went back for some lunch and a rest, then when she left for work at 4.30pm I went out this time by car, my car has never ever had soo many suspected flat tires! must of pulled over 70 times! Gridding out from bournemouth centre, westbourne, across to the edge of winton, wallisdown, up to poole (though must go and give there a more thorough going over), parkstone, branksome, branksome park, a little out in sandbanks all in around 100tbs and only four new towers and a couple of roof arrays hit, but no doubt many many thousands of people are now much better elf emf haarp protected.

This was my most prolific day today (about 150tbs without counting), and it is a direct response to the nasty dream I was given yesterday night to try to put me off gifting or some rubbish.

Much more to come.



May 23rd 2005

Yesterday I continued my gridding, covered kinson, bearwood, west howe and east howe fairly well with about 40tbs before I ran out of petrol and had to get the girlfriend to come with a jimmy can! again didn't notice single tower not done previously, but it still feels good knowing it is offering protection to densely populated areas (and hitting those stealth death towers).

In my reports before I haven’t looked at maps whilst writing them (don’t know the area very well in terms of districts), so I failed to mention areas that I have done (this was pointed out to me by someone inadvertantly), so here are the other areas I have done but may not have mentioned around bournemouth, lilliput, canford cliffs, winton (partially*), wallisdown (*), rossmore (never even heard of the area but looking at the map it’s covered!).

Looking at the area Winton, Moordown, Wallisdown, Southbourne, central shopping area and muscliff need a little more coverage then this sick puppy of a city is done and dusted, will hopefully get that done this week, have around 100tbs left of this months.



May 25th 2005

Sprinkled the last 100 of this months tb's today. Started out in Poole, just a few around nuffield trading estate as I was there to get some more swarf/turnings for coming creations, gave the machine operator who does copper a tenner and asked at the same time if he could put any he gets aside, should prove a good investment and, actually came across two towers I'd missed on this estate, now POR towers.

From there I went back to wallisdown and gridded some, across to where I had been sunday (kinson), then weaved back across to muscliff via moordown, back through winton and again moved back an forth between. Was a little over-optimistic when I claimed the area would be done-and-dusted after this 100, more like another 300 or so required.

Today it was a haarp washboard sky almost all day, so it’s good to ‘stick it to the man’ as some old hippie types might say.



May 29th 2005

OK This is going to be a long one, as, well, what a 2days I just had!

Friday went and got my supplies, and John gifted me with a 3D SBB Coil form, a giza pyramid huge TB type device, and lots of marvellous shavings, the guy is a gent of the best kind. Though I found out he had sent his SP to me and it has never arrived (thought he forgot to send it as I asked to borrow it before scotland last month), until he asked for it back The trails just disperse above his place almost immediately, this gave me great heart and motivation for my plans.

This morning I rose bright(ish) and early, and after brekki set straight to it;

Set my components out;

(smashed a goat horn wall hanging my mum had whilst I was at it, she was OK when I said what it was!).

Then got the lsc’s + xtals in the 4" capped pipes with some shavings and the large central coil/xtal in a pint glass;
then poured resin in to these and left to set (with a few drops of distilled charged water I had collected from Johns the night before).

Had to smash the pint glass to get the centre piece out, still stuggling getting to grips with this concave rule!

Then placed these into the bucket, attached the couplers, and the 8" pipes making the 1ft base pipes and the second guide. Next I poured about half filling the bucket, then placed a little rose quartz and a single raw ruby between each pipe. Then did the final pour, again with a little charged water.

Whilst I left the CB to cure, I went out for around 3.5hours and gifted worcester with 180TBs! The entire English side of the city is now well covered (the river severn was the old line between wales and england), did intend to completely cover the city, but even a titchy city like worcester is bigger than you percieve when gifting I am finding!

At around 6pm I had to stop the gifting as I had promised my girlfriend I would be back to bournemouth by nightime (2.5hours drive), so I stopped in at my sisters had a quick cuppa, said my goodbyes and went to the car, by this time the sky was already filling with Sylphs which I pointed out to my sister.

Drove back to my mums, and poured a tiny coating of resin on the surface to fill some minor cracks, and finish the assembly.

30minutes later!

Now the Sky above;

The drive home, the sky was near saturated with Sylphs (and watchers)
Nearly back in bournemouth now the sky was still alive with;

The pics arent that clear as I've downsized them massively so as not to guzzle bandwidth allocation!

What a day, I am elated! Much thanks to John and Cesco for their help and kindness.
More CBs in the works, at least two from me and similar from John I believe.

Also I gave away 12 of the 15 decent household/decorative HHg’s I’ve made to family and friends friday night and saturday,

it’s good to gift!



June 5th 2005

Made another trip up to Worcester yesterday evening, then down to Hereford this morning to get some spacers from John. during the day, I made another CB, this time the same process/parts, with the exception of using a lemurian as the centre crystal, and charging the crystals in CB distilled water (as well as using some charged water in the CB) for extra umph.

As the initial pour was curing, I made a 2hour jaunt around the side of Worcester I didn’t get around to last weekend, and sprinkled about another 80 TBs as evenly as I could, the city is now complete, save another 30 or so TBs I have for my next trip, and of course general targets such as churches etc etc.

(just to confirm a city over here is such, by the factor of having a cathedral, so to most people on here you can just imagine a small town, yet here in Bournemouth it is really a town, but is more a city! if that makes sense).

Then went back to my mums and poured the rest of the new CB and cleaned up whilst it cured. Once it was ready I dismantled last weeks made CB (main pipes off), and put it in my car, and left the new one in its place. From Worcester I drove across to Amptill, a village/tiny town about 40miles north of London and put it back up in my dads back garden. On the way from Worcester I saw a set of large masts and a couple of death towers near Droitwich, so got off the motorway and gifted them with 21tbs.

Then from Amptill back to Bournemouth, about 500miles I guess, and some good gifting done.



June 12th 2005

Another CB is now residing in the centre of Worcester, it is quickly becoming a POR hotspot!



June 14th 2005

Went out after work tonight, started where Boscombe meets Southbourne and then weaved around Douthbourne for about 2hours at around 20TBsPH! Around 40 there, but will go back as I had never even been to that area of town before, and therefore probably missed a chunk, stopped off at a lovely castle tower type building by the bowling club there which has been molested by masts, when walking there a group of around 6 chavs tested my composure, by letting off a firework which missed me by about 5yards as I walked up to the building! I admit to loosing my composure a little and shouting a threat if they did it again, quickly followed by a reolisation that it was not a very good way to respond and that perhaps these kids may decide to beat me up! Help!!! But they were OK and one apologised.

From there I went across to Wick (I think that is an area!) and then to the edge of christchurch putting another 10 or so out, then I decided that was it for tonight, but on the way back came across a small industrial estate with a rover garage etc and thought I better have a look here, to my suprise/disgust there was a fenced of section with a big Quinitec Sign (HAARP etc parts makers, department of defense spin off company here in the UK), so I promptly dispatched another 10 around the area although it looked rather a redundant site at present, hopefully that will give the area time to positively charge before they move in, and, will go back with some heavy duty gifts for this area soon.

About 60tbs in total.



June 19th 2005

Quickie, today the girlfriend and I spent the better part of the day at studland bay, the coastline there now has around 50tbs splattered around it. Also yesterday I poured 12HHg's (mostly mini), hopefully, most all of these will be given to work colleagues this coming week.



Was going to tack this onto Gentle's Yard Art, but thought Mini-CB's could do with some coverage, be it positive or negative.

Decided to make a couple of mini-torsion CB’s as I have a relative who will have one, but cannot fit a 6ft unit in their tiny back yard area. And another person I am in contact with may house one near where I live.

Anyway, are these worthy devices (mini-CB’s in general) or a waste of tools and effort?

Just cured so will not be settled energy wise just yet, no coils in the pipes, just 6 small charged xtals, and charged water with some resin/shavings. the main matrix has resin/shavings/charged water and a LSC which I also put into some charged water for 24hours with a larger charged xtal on top in the centre space in the first picture.

I have since also put a small ammount of 24carat loose leaf gold onto the surface in the centre above the LSC xtal. The only other extras used were a little rose quartz and selenite.

Apart from the mess I made, it was fun if nothing else. Needed cheering up today



(Response from Laozu;

Good job Rich.

But that is probably about as great an angle away from the vertical as one should go. If you go too far, you can get some negative results.

A couple years ago when experimenting, I made one with the pipes at too great an angle, and it attracted some bad stuff. I had to tear it apart.


This mini CB now reside with my sister in her yard in Worcester.

July 23rd 2005


Having been soo very impressed with the reaction of our orchid to it’s orgonite neighbours, felt compelled to share.

This plant cost quite abit when I bought it for my girlfriend, and within a week or so of buying it for her, the 4 or 5 flowers had wilted away, which was very disappointing. However, now around 4months later it has 15 flowers and several more still to open, and has been in bloom for around 3weeks! It has a TB inside the plant pot, and has lots of orgonite around it as you can see.

My sister is quite the orchid buff, and she rarely has more than 6 or so flowers from a plant, and has never had the ammount we have now on our first plant! This is truly amazing in the context of our ineptitude around plant life!

Shame I dont have a control condition of another plant away from the orgonite, but to be honest our flat is that small you just cant get away from it anyway!

Would love to see or hear of other peoples success with flowers/plants/gardening.



August 2005

Laozu Kelly and Cesco, we stayed for several days at John's wonderful Court, details can be found here; John's Archive and here Laozu's Heaven and Earth Thread

August 27th 2005

Today I made 3 torsion CBs,

One I left for John as an exchange for the resin and metal + use of his workshop! The other 2 are going to be given to people here in bournemouth early next week, which I am very happy about as until now I haven't had the ability to get any out around this area. Peace


September 4th 2005

Made another 2 Torsion CBs yesterday, was going to have a break before my holiday, but when I was chatting at work about a colleague now having a CB in his garden my boss said he'd definately have one, so… the other is going to Angelsey North West Wales.

These were 28mm, this time all the LSC’s were made by me, something that felt very rewarding to have all my own work (John helped with the construction though, thanks again dude! and, is very kindly going to post it up to it’s new home).

New one ready in Hamworthy;

In situ

As an aside, John is now selling CBs on his website, details upon request –…..t;



September 29th 2005

Just got back from a truely awesome holiday. My girlfriend and I went on a four day safari in tanzania followed by 5days in zanzibar.

We arrived in arusha friday 16th, rather tired after 18hours travel and connections, this was a free day after our itinary talk, so I used the afternoon looking around the gem shops, and fortunately met up with Ali from gemsofeastafrica, who I had contacted before, and bought lots of ruby record keepers and some pink spinel. After this we slept, except for dinner, through to the next morning, unfotunately I hadn’t unpacked my TBs at this point as there were several towers around arusha I otherwise would have gifted.

The next morning we were picked up by our guide and cook and departed straight onto our first safari area – lake manyara national park, on the way there I tossed around 7tbs, 4 at towers and 3 just when it felt right, the day was inspiring, dusty, but such scenary, I tried my best to explain what I was doing to our guide Marco, but his english made it difficult at first to convey! Around the park we saw elephants, zebras, giraffes etc etc etc and I randomly tossed about another 5TBs. When at our camp site I gave Marco a HHg and again tried to explain orgone etc.

The next morning we drove from manyara across to the serengeti, again it was a beautiful, albeit dusty drive, around 5more TBs were tossed along the way, then around 4pm we arrived at our campsite, pitched up, them went out for a few hours safari into the early evening, again a few TBs were tossed, and to my surprise/dismay 2 were at towers there, this was in between watching a leopard hunt and the other countless wonders of the natural world. This evening I gave the second HHg to Mary our cook, which was met by quizzical looks, and was very difficult to explain as her english was just superior to my swahili!

The third morning of our safari was a lovely balloon ride over the serengeti, then after breakfast we went again around the serengeti, seeing again countless wonders including two lions then just a few hundred yards further seeing two lioness’s, before driving back on ourselves to ngorongora crater to pitch up, and, of course, tossed a few more TBs. This evening we went to visit the local massai village, the visit was superb seeing how life is fir soo many, and I took the opportunity to give our massai guide the third HHg I took, and tried to explain = abysmal! However our camera’s battery ran out after we had taken about 5 pictures in the village, so I didn’t get a shot of him with it However as we left I looked across and saw him getting it out of it’s bag and showing it to his fellow villagers, then he and some others walked across to our jeep and asked our driver to explain so I tried with his help again, and also gave them a couple of TBs and explained via Marco that I had already gifted the tower about 1/2 a mile away over the ridge.

The crater rim where we camped was cold at night, so we rose early to go for a tour around the crater where the wildlife is fairly profuse due to the hills/mountains all around making aminal spotting easy and close proximity a more frequent occurance, we spent around 5hours in the crator, tossing about another 6tbs, before we had to drive back to arusha to get our shuttle to the airport. On the way back I tossed another 3tbs at towers, and gave Marco and Mary 3each for where they lived, though trying to emphasis the good they do to towers, it was when explaining how plantlife flourishes that their interest really heightened, and I am sure they will already be buried in their vegetable patches etc!

Upon arrival in zanzibar I had 7tbs and a dolphin ball left, the next morning we went on a dolphin tour in kizimikazi, which was very cool, we saw around 30 dolphins, and I happily gifted the ball and 5tbs (having carefully selected the most smooth of the TBs to keep aside), I’ll post pics if any come out OK on our ‘underwater’ disposable camera. Then we went to Jozani Forest on the way back, but I had no TBs left as I wanted to keep the final two for towers. The next four days were just relaxation days on a beatiful beach, eating well at recharging our batteries, then on the way back to the airport I tossed the final two at towers nearest the beach we stayed at.

Overall a fantastic holiday, I was rather shocked though at the volume of towers in such a country.



October 31st 2005

As of now, a CB has been given to a colleague who lives in Weymouth, and another to a colleague in Verwood (both Dorset).

The 3rd and 4th of mine from the current batch will be going to Maulden, Bedfordshire, and hopefully another near bournemouth (as yet to be confirmed, but will be soon I hope), the three I had in my boot yesterday and today were rather pungent! One remains now.

John has also been sent to Coventry [Image Can Not Be Found] I meant recently sent a CB to Coventry

We also made a mini-cb for my flat, which will hopefully be sufficient to charge water/xtals, a little treat for myself!

As an aside, I sold 16HHgs to yet more Council workers friday and today (at cost price), there are now around 50 council workers in possession of orgonite, plus more interested/wanting some when my next pourings are complete.

Onwards and Upwards


November 8th 2005

Here is the CB which was put up saturday at a friends in Weymouth.

Was very pleased with where he choose to place it (or rather his wife choose!).


November 12th 2005

Glad you feel it's OK there Laozu, as I did wonder whether the wire mesh would hamper it's quality.

John has delivered a CB to London this week, another gifter from that area is collecting one from him shortly, and he is sending one ooop north tomorrow (manchester, I am guessing).

I took one to Maulden (Bedforshire, 40 miles or so north of central london) today, to my grandparents, and put it up in their garden. They both seemed happy that plants which are near to where they had placed TBs, after my last visit, had flourished as I claimed they would And, the new world puppets were out spraying when I was there, which helped explain what the CB will do!

That means there is just one left from this batch, which I will probably give to someone here in bournemouth, in a few weeks, as it needs a repour after falling over whilst curing.



December 27th 2005

Over the past month I have gifted another 100 or so TB's and half a dozen HHg's out in the field, around a third around bournemouth, and 2 thirds on the route from bournemouth to worcester, which is now almost completely covered.

Plus my interactive orgonite project is still going at a decent pace, with over 100 HHg’s now being owned by employees of bournemouth borough council.

Here is my grandfather posing with his (then) newly gifted CB in Bedfordshire (rather delayed as I just got the picture uploaded from my phone, I actually dug it in for him, just thought I’d mention that so you didn’t think I was mean!);

For the record, the other CB was gifted to my mother in Worcester (she now has three).

Wishing Everyone a Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year.


Januray 21st 2006

Hi Don,

I gifted some of the Thames right by parliament. However there is no credit, or whatever, deserved or wanted, as Gonzo has reportedly passed on. It seems there was three, two of which have returned to sea (hopefully).


At first I felt elated yesterday, as the reports were that he hung around almost exactly where I have tossed some TB’s, and thought whether I should go over there and gift it, however the crowds would have made this impossible so did not go. Also, I’m sure lots of others have tossed into the thames, or, I hope anyways. Hopefully, if it was sonar effects which caused Gonzo be there the orgonite may have given him some respite.


January 29th 2006

Hi All,

This weekend my girlfriend and I travelled around england a fair bit, on friday we went to bristol to get some crystals and some draws to keep my crystals in Quite close to Ikea in bristol was a big tower with maybe 16 or so big drums on it, so we drove around a little, getting as close as we could, then I tossed a HHg and 5 TB’s (it was a big’un and I couldn’t get very close in the short time we had available, hence what may seem as overgifting), it would have been good to do some more there, but we had to get up to nottingham for a concert by early evening.

The next day we drove back from the west midlands to Bedfordshire, where I gifted another couple of towers and spread about another 10TBs along a route from my fathers, to my grandparents home. As we drove from the motorway towards my grandparents three black (military looking) helicopters flew over, the nearest must have been only a couple of hundred feet up, if that, and directly above us coming into close view to the right side of my front windscreen, it was a surreal moment seeing them fly soo low and close whilst we were driving, thanks guys.

Today we went into London for the chinese new year festivities, as my girlfriend is doing a design project on chinese costume, using this as an excuse we furthered our previous gifting around W1 and WC1 with 8 TB’s around the King’s Cross station area, and we also walked down to the Thames and gifted it with a further 11HHg’s. Again around a similar area to a previous visit where we gifted around Parliament, as it needs it for sure!

The trip had been planned for some time, but I took Gonzo the Whale’s tragic visit as a queue, to put all I could reasonably carry into that area.

All in all, it was a very cool weekend.

Best Wishes


February 25th 2006

Hi Fellows,

Today my girlfriend and I went to Brighton to the Gem’N’Rock show. The show itself was OK, I picked up some pink tourmaline for my new style of interactive HHg’s.

Upon arrival I was both annoyed and happy. Annoyed that there was a large multi-panel tower on the roof of the racecourse which was hosting the show. Yet happy that I wouldn’t have to travel any distance to gift a tower on the trip 6TB’s, some tourmaline and other bits later we left. In the immediate vicinity of the racecourse there were another two really large towers.

The other large tower was by a horse livery, similarly dealt with. Then as we left brighton, we headed towards Devils Dyke (well with a name like that what fair minded gifter with ammo wouldn't!). Initially we took the wrong turn off the A27 and managed to drive into Hove, so we stopped off to gift another block of flats with a rather large roof array with a few TB's. Then we drove back upon ourselves, this time taking the correct turn off the roundabout, and headed to Devils Dyke.

We gave it a fair sprinkling of TB’s, about 20 or so in total, though it runs a long way, we only gifted around the area pictured above.

All in, some nice new gems, and a little etheric levelling meant we had a good day today.

Best Wishes


April 10th 2006

Isle Of Wight Gifting April 9th and 10th

At 4.30am I woke and got up, put my bag in the car and set off for Southampton for my 6am ferry. The ferry reached East Cowes at around 7am so I immediately started looking for tower1!

After driving backwards and forth along the road the tower was supposed to be, I decided to leave this one and get it on my way back, this had left me frustrated as I had approximately 90 to find in a little over a day spread across the entire island.

As the road I was on was heading to Newport, that was my next destination. Arriving there was a relief as what I thought was to be three towers centrally, turned out to be several panels across the roof of ‘town hall’ which I saw upon driving into the town, these were quickly covered as were all the others on the map shown below (I had a set of these for all the towers on the island);

The tower by clissord road happened to be on the edge of Parkhurst Prison, so I threw a few extra TB’s around there and a HHg.

Next I drove across to Carisbrooke where there was a very large array, which again took several passes along the road before I eventually found the road (in the loosest possible description of the word! As I was to find would be a recurring theme to my trip!), as this was a big one I used a few TB’s and a HHg.

Next back up to Cowes (the estuary you can see above splits Cowes from East Cowes). Here there were several arrays on rooftops, and one big one in a housing estate, gifted. Also here nearby was BAE headquarters with lots of radar, and a couple of small domes, so they got several TB’s and a HHg for good measure.

From Cowes I then began my trip anti-clockwise around the perimeter of the island with brief diversions inland (as it is a resort island, the majority of the population is coastal, meaning also, most of the towers were near the coast).

Shalfleet 1 tower gifted.

Between Yarmouth and Norton 1 Tower, South of Norton 1 Tower Gifted.

Freshwater to Totland Bay 5 Towers Gifted.

Brook (West of) 1 Tower Gifted

Brighstone 1 Tower Gifted, big array south east of there also gifted (HHg + Tb’s)

Blackgang 1 Big Tower (HHg + Tbs, and a heck of a climb to it!)

Ventor 4 Towers Gifted (grabbed some crisps and chocolate for lunch, not recommended, however I needed some fuel to run, and was behind schedule by some distance due to pesky geographics!)

Bonchurch 1 huge array on hillside Gifted (couldn’t get very close so may not be enough)

Godshill 2 Towers gifted

Wroxall 3 Big Towers Gifted (the second and third were perhaps too far again, so amped up the gifts as close as I could get due to time constraints)

Luccombe 1 Tower gifted, and another south of Shanklin.

Shanklin 10 Towers Gifted.

Brading 1 Tower Gifted

East of St Helens 1 Tower Gifted

Bembridge 4 Towers Gifted

Nettlestone 1 Tower Gifted (as close as possible)

Ryde 2 Southern most towers gifted

At this stage it was 7.30pm, so I checked into my B&B with the intention of getting some food after a brief lye down, then to gift some more that evening. But, you guessed it, I awoke around 4am! So set my alarm ready for breakfast.

After breakfast I drove around for another 45minutes, or so, and gifted the other three towers in central Ryde.

Then I called Pamela Icke who I have been corresponding with, and she gave me directions to their Flat.

Somewhat nervous, I made my way there, where I met Pamela and David who both seemed very friendly and hospitable. Both were very interested in orgonite, so over the next hour and a half I described what it is about and the work we do as best I could. I gave them 10 interactive HHg’s as a gift and Dennis also gave me a dowsing pendulum for Pamela which I passed on.

The conversation was friendly and quickly flowed, which meant after 10minutes or so my nerves had thankfully dissipated. It seemed that David absorbed how orgonite is of such use, and even said that he would like some to gift a significant place he had in mind (he did say where, but I wont publicly repeat it for obvious reasons!). Though David has rather bad arthritis, so I doubt he will become a prolific gifter.

After an hour or so had passed, I asked if I could bring my car around to give them the CB’s I had brought over, one for their residence and another for a friend of theirs.

So I assembled the first and dug a hole, with some issue as the soil was very rock and slate laden, and, the only tool I had was my (usually) trusty trowel! Anyway after some toil the CB was placed in it’s current resting place (although it may be moved to another area as they were both a little worried about it being vandalised etc).

Pamela then kindly made me a packed lunch (after offering me some food there, which I declined as I still had several areas left to gift before catching the ferry back).

I put together the other CB for their friend to ensure the pipes where placed correctly. With which I left, asking that they let me know their experiences with their orgonite (as I had said to place some by their bed), be it good, bad, or indifferent. I also left about 3 field HHg’s and a few TB’s for David, should he feel inclined to gift the previously mentioned target.

From theirs I drove to the outskirts of Ryde and found the last remaining tower to gift there, and, as I couldn’t get very close I scattered several TB’s and a HHg. Next I drove to Wootton, and gifted the 4 towers to the north with several TBs each and a HHg for the largest, then another tower just to the west of wootton.

As I had quite a few TB’s etc left, next I drove to my second last tower via Newport, as I was passing I tossed another half a dozen TBs near to Parkhurst Prison. The next Tower was between Chillerton and Billingham, which turned out to be probably the largest (definitely the tallest), and as I couldn’t get anywhere close to it I gifted as near as I could with several TBs and a few HHgs.

From here I drove back to East Cowes and attempted to find the final tower which was also the first I attempted, in vain, to find upon arrival. However, again I couldn’t locate it by sight, so, just contented myself by scattering TB’s all around the area my map suggested it was.

300 odd TB’s (some were also scattered randomly around the island), 25 HHg’s, 2CB’s later;

Job Done!

After this I drove back to the ferry port in East Cowes, and, although an hour early, the ferry chap graciously let me on the earlier crossing.

Back home now, cream crackered!

If there is a moral to this report, it quite probably is, don’t forget about the dinner you had cooking in the oven when writing up a long gifting report!

Many thanks go out to John, Eric and Dennis for their assistance.

Best wishes,


June 2006

By Laozu – Again available in full thread;

Heaven and Earth

July 2006

CB made whilst Laozu and Cesco visited was sent to Duncan in London.

August 30th 2006

Minor splattering of TB's were gifted around Bournemouth and surroudning areas, covering unintentional holes in my prior gridding work around the districts, and 6HHg's buried very near to my home as an indulgance [Image Can Not Be Found]

Reading Festival 2 towers nearest the site.

7-10th September 2006

2Major arrays in Exeter gifted, also a HHg in Portmeirion. This was due to be a major gifting run, however circumstance conspired again it.

Next run to follow shortly…

Best Wishes


Great gifting Rich !

If you could share any feedback you have gotten from David Icke over his backyard cloud buster that would be great.

Months have passed and David has yet to mention YOU, orgonite, orgone energy or his new awesome cloud buster on his website. He has had time however to praise Stewart Swerdlow(agent) and give him a link to his website in the time since you went to his house and gave him the cloud buster.

Any chance you can call him or e-mail and find out how he and his cloud buster are doing ?

You know the usual observations, helicopter fly overs, rain, sylph clouds, chemtrails breaking up, men parked out front of his place for no reason, strange people just driving or walking by,

neighbors being unusually friendly or having fits of laughter .<img border=“0” alt=“Smile” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-smile.gif” />

I e-mailed him the other day, hoping I would get a response, but he is well known for not

replying to e-mails, since he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy.

Do you know anyone on the island who can go snoop to see if it’s still standing upright ?

3 Cheers for all you do ! Eric

Hey Eric,

Thanks, unfortunately I have no contact with David at all.

A couple of days after I visited David did put a picture of wilhelm reich and the quote alot of peeps use ‘the are no authorities…’, however that is all from his site.

My contact came completely from Pamela, who emailed me the following week to say how they had both felt a tangible improvement in the energy around their home. She also asked for some more which I sent her over.

My main thinking was just expanding the area along the south coast, which the trip has done very well, and the offer of orgonite was made with no strings, so I don’t feel it is my place to ask further than this. Though of course I had hoped some positive advertising may have been a by-product of the trip, of course.

Best Wishes


This weekend I began my next project, Exeter City.

Friday evening I drove from bournemouth to Exeter, stopping just before Honiton to gift a huge tower which is virtually en-route. Being a monster I tossed 8Tb’s around the area as it was nightime and I wasn’t sure how well hidden those thrown would be.

Saturday late AM my girlfriend and I left her lodgings with a backpack full of TB’s.

We weaved our way around the central shopping district, and, the nicely kempt gardens. Back and fourth for around two hours, our starting point was close to the university campus, which will get a fuller seeing to in the coming weeks, as will the cathedral (as some special pieces are required for this).

Only two roof top arrays were gifted that we could see, one with around 12 panels ,and, another with 2. But no doubt more were covered out of our eye line. The city itself is rather nice and felt quite good to Lucy and myself, so thanks whoever you are :~)

All in around 50 TB’s were gifted to the city and it’s people on saturday, I had some left over but was quite tired from carrying a heavy backpack, and, we had to travel up to the midlands in the afternoon. So we headed back delighted that the centre of exeter is now largely covered. The surrounded areas will be addressed in the coming weeks.

Best Wishes


Wonderful, very inspiring – I’m going to make another batch right now!

Thanks Todd, glad to help [Image Can Not Be Found]

This saturday Lucy and I continued our gifting of Exeter City. The previous weekend we had focused on the city centre, in the report I mentioned we only saw a couple of masts/towers, however in preparation for this weekend I printed of all the towers in the city from Sitefinder

The cluster of masts were around the central shopping district, so I will return there to bolster the POR generation!

We began by covering the north/north-west working our way through 8 maps such as these around a counter clockwise direction. There was a great deal of doubling back and generally being lost in relation to the towers as neither Lucy nor I know the area well.

After several hours we stopped having covered 5 of the 8 maps, around 70TB’s were placed well within range of around 25 or so towers and rooftop arrays. Some time was spent looking for towers as we encountered a new style of tower which I will post a picture of next time I visit for the public record, as I wasted quite some time looking for that which was in plane site!

We treated ourselves to a couple of veggie burgers from the pub near to where Lucy is lodging at around 4pm with the intention of carrying on afterwards, however we both felt rather tired after eating so we called it a day.

This morning we both enjoyed a lie-in, until late morning, then after a quick breakfast we left again to finish off the city, in terms of towers. We headed out to the last tower north of Lucy’s digs which we just couldn’t locate the previous day, however today it was just staring at us! Then we headed over to the north-east/east sections and went merrily to work! It was raining quite heavily most of the day so I got slowly soaked, but the rain felt fresh and rejuvinating, like a thank you from nature. Most of the towers were easily found and dealt with except the one one the grounds of the police station which took some navigation to find stops near enough and quiet enough to cover it.

The hospital was also covered largely because it’s roof had about a dozen panels on.

Probably another 50TB’s were distributed today. Now all the towers/masts in Exeter are gifted. Thanks to my girlfiend Lucy for her patience & company [Image Can Not Be Found]

More Soon


I’m quite aware that most of my postings above are simply of gifting, without much mention of confirmations. This I would like to redress somewhat.

Many confirmations came my way once I began serious gifting, birds coming within feet of me whilst I buried TB’s by towers and watching with interest have been some of the most heart warming, this was the first field confirmation I noticed.

When I began reading about orgonite I was fascinated from the off, so after some weeks decided to buy some from John, the first night with orgonite by my bed I felt a much more restful sleep which I had forgotten the feeling of. After the second night, my girlfriend Lucy (who was a massive sceptic), turned to me in bed upon awaking and said ‘it works that stuff doesn’t it’ [Image Can Not Be Found] Then continued how she was sleeping better and have numerous profoundly vivid dreams.

After I had gifted this area reasonably well I noticed a marked change in atmosphere, not really of the people, though this changed also, but more the energy dymanic shifted to feeling lighter and much less oppressive. This was before I had any CB’s in the area. The rain felt lighter and more able to cleanse, as you can more easily feel when you are in undeveloped areas, my reference was india pre-monsoon then when monsoon breaks.

Upon gifting some more and distributing several CBs around the area, more regularly I began to notice the sight of clear skies for above bournemouth stretching 20 miles or so (approximately). This was another strong confirmation for me, especially when you can see from study that the cloud cover outside of this area is not natural clouds but cruddy spew formations. One day I took a set of pictures to show this effect, but unfortunately seem to have lost them over the course of time. This effect was apparent again today (prompting this post), where there was a crud wall out to sea around 10 or 15 miles out which just stopped in a uniformed line all along the horizon, unfortunately I didn’t have my phone on me or I would have taken a picture to post.

It is quite difficult to portray the swell of pride which straddles alongside such confirmations, that by tossing around enough lumps of resin, metal shavings and quartz one can profoundly change such things.

Thank you Mr Reich and Mr & Mrs Croft [Image Can Not Be Found]


This week I took the opportunity to gift a little around christchurch hospital, just 6tb’s scattered around.

Today Lucy and I ventured over to Clophill in Bedfordshire, as we were attending a relatives retirement party in the area. Recently I was made aware of St Mary’s Church, a place which immediately cried out ‘gift me’ [Image Can Not Be Found]


The ruined church of St Mary’s and the graveyard on top of the hill, was the scene of a supposed Satanic styled ritual, some say black magic ritual during the 1960’s.

In March 1963 the tomb of an 18th century apothecary’s wife was broken into and the bones arranged ritualistically in the nave of the church. Again on Midsummer’s Eve 1969 graves were broken into and bones arranged. It was never discovered who had carried out these acts and for what purpose although it is thought that the (black mass) was involved.

To locals who live within a 20 mile radius of the church ruins, it is well known as a place for Ghosts, Satanists and so forth.

Stories have been told that the church (which is no longer in use, and is a ruin) many years ago used to be a place of ‘devil worship’. There have been rumours of people in black coming to worship the devil and they came slowly at first until the church was full. People say that the church it-self faces the opposite way to other churches, meaning its altar is in the ‘wrong’ direction.

The gravestones all face the church and are placed in one circle all around the church grounds. The houses leading up the path towards the church have and had their numbers backwards. The story goes, that after the people in black filled the church, that it one day burnt to the ground and that was the end of it and what you see today is all that is left of this wacky story.

Interestingly prior to the construction of the church, the hill was the site of a medieval leper colony.


Now the site is gifted with 8TB's, 1HHg and 2Earth Pipes, interestingly sylphs showed up as soon as we walked towards the site, and, also when we returned home on the south coast.