Gifting Trip In The Atacama

05 Oct 2008 22:13
Subject: Gifting trip in the Atacama
Hello everyone. Juan Antonio and his gifting buddy are planning a big gifting mission in the north, to finish up all that area and leave it well gifted. This is another step in reversing the Atacama. The south of the Atacama is green and full of flowers right now, but more work is needed to reverse the desert permanently. They spotted another big harrp array in the area and are also planning on visiting the bottlenose dolphins in Punta Choros, to whom we have already given about 500 TBs and are responsable for the disaperence of the smog over a large strech of ocean, spanning almost 400 km. The dolphins need more gifts of course. Juan Antonio is an unemployed art teacher and struggles to have some meager financing from the ministry of education on a traveling puppet show for kids in that area of the country. He is quite poor and cannot cover the costs of this planned mission. I cannot send him any money at this time, since all my extra cash is tied up in the ongoing gifting of Santiago (report coming soon), but I will send him some EPs and HHGs and possibly some alluminum tubes for a cloudbuster, if I can get a bit of cash. Juan Antonio and his friend travelled 600 km last week end to help me with the gifting of Santiago, we spent 36 hours of gifting, with only a short sleep in between, thats how serious they are about this work. They have already totaly evicerated the chemtrail program in that part of Chile as well. These guys are very motivated with gifting, but are just lacking the funds to pull this trip off. They need 400 USD to finance this mission, which includes gasoline which is the biggest expense. Someone allowed them to borrow an old pick up truck, but its not very kind on the milage (old toyota).

This is the proposed route for the trip:

Any contributions are greatly appreciated.
You can send a money transfer to Juan Antonio Cortez Alvarez in La Serena, CHILE . Both western union and moneygram have an office there.
Please send me an email to chicorea [at] gmail [dot] com or orgonizate [at] gmail [dot] com , so I can let them know. Also please CC the email to juantoniocortesal [at] yahoo [dot] com , he wont understand much, but this is to make sure we get the email. You can also paypal to orgonizate [at] gmail [dot] com . If I don’t reply to your mail within 24 hours, send some more messages, my email is regularly hacked. Thanks!