Gifting trip to inland central Italy

In mid june I did a small trip to a mountain location inside central Italy to gift some of the most beautiful places

there, I have a particular connection with these places because my father and grandfather born in a very small

village there, and I have a small house made of rocks, that my grandfather built with his own hands.

The trip from Rome the village was about 170 kilometers , I gifted all the way to the end of the trip with towerbusters ,

the place was still quite good at the beginning , because John L. already gifted the highway from Rome to the north


The first city , at middle trip , was Terni , this city has some negative energy , probably also due to the fact that it’s a

heavily industrial city , home of the biggest steel refinery in Italy , there was a nasty big pyramidal metal obelisk , with

strange signs over it , I gifted it at once , this obelisk is probably of quite some importance because the city is in the exact

geometric center of Italy.

Next along the way was Marmore’s Waterfall , one of the biggest waterfall in Italy, this beautiful

waterfall is closed most of the week , and the water course is detoured to a hydroelectrical energy

unit , good excuse for shutting off this giant natural orgone generator , gifted.

Finally , at destination , I completely gifted all the towers in the various villages and local towns , when I

arrived the sky was somewhat messed up with chemsoup, see picture below.

The next day , after completing the tower gifting , it was completely another place , look and see the next picture ,

it’s quite some difference [Image Can Not Be Found]

This place is one of the most beautiful mountain area in central Italy , it’s a national park , and nature is

so vibrant that one hardly wants to leave after staying there for even a day or two , Francesco d’Assisi, the

famous christian saint , once traveled here and composed a canticle soon after , so much he was inspired

by the place.

Now this place is free from the dark, again.


I think I speak for us all when I say that we are proud of you…!!!

You do speak for all of us, Doc, and I’ve never seen a finer photo example of how one can clear DOR from the atmosphere with the intelligent distribution of simple orgonite devices, Igor. You’re doing wonderful, even miraculous work in Italy and are a real boon and beacon to the gifting network there.