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Stay tuned, in the mean time and while my posting problems get resolved check out Agent

Dr.Kosofsky Neurologist and Black Op Mind Kontrol Expert.

Here he is and a link to his website,


I’d like to post the picture and link of the mind control expert working as a Dr. of Neurology at Blah Blah Blah, but for legal reasons and the fact that I can’t put the name of the town in this post without it being NOT ALLOWED, someone else has to other than me. [Image Can Not Be Found]

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Here’s the guy who caused Eric so much grief last year and nearly got him incarcerated when Eric outed him. Eric risks going to prison if he posts this, so the sewer rats need to know that Eric doesn’t stand alone:……re> If you want to see his mug, look quick because it’s likely that this URL will disappear pretty soon

Eric told me, ‘They are stopping me from typing ‘unc,chapel hill,’ and ‘neurology’ on
e-mail and on posts.’ and that illustrates how eager that US Government hackers are to interfere with some o the posters on EW . I think anyone but Eric can post these keywords, for instance.
While doing this just now, I was interfered with by hackers six or seven times.


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All of the genuine ‘conspiracy’ sites in the US are being interfered with right now, often tragically. EW is hosted in Canada, so we’re a step removed from easy interference by US traitors like these NSA and CIA hackers.

The way sites get shut down, by the way, is that the NSA, FBI and/or CIA extort the internet providers who host the undesirable sites. If you ever see a CIA or Homeland Security Abomination logo on a site which indicates that one of these treasonous agencies has shut the site down, the site itself is for disinformaiton because no government has any authority to directly interfere. I’m not referring to April Fool jokes, of course; I’ve seen the CIA logo pop up on fake conspiracy sites with a claim that this sewer rat agency seized the site–that’s what I mean and it’s entirely bogus in that case. They can’t seize any websites except the ones they own and operate, which includes nearly all of the fake ‘conspiracy’ sites on the web.

The only way a predatory government like the US one can interfere with the internet is if the internet provider who hosts a site can be influenced by them and the only way they can directly influence an internet provider easily is if the intenet provider is based in the US…

They usually extort IPs through another quasi-governmental corporation: the Internal Revenue Service. According to the arbitrary rules of that corporation everyone’s a criminal; the crime being that he or she was born within the borders of the corporate united States, of course. Our second crime is ‘breathing the corporation’s air.’ If you think corporate tyranny isn’t that pervasive you just haven’t had access to enough information. There are plenty of good, well-documented books out there which can help you get past the What To Think Network’s non-conspiracy theories.

Folks, when hackers interfere with you when you try to post something here, blast the snot out of the hackers and their bosses by tossing concentrated healing energy at them through your heart, okay? If that doesn’t work, get someone else to mention your problem in a post. The sewer rats fear exposure of their personnel and tactics more than they fear patriots’ lawful bullets. We don’t ever need to shoot these criminals; let’s leave that to the folks who are entitled by law to do that work, okay?

The current, necessary revolution will be won without any bloodshed, at least on our hands, and it will be a global victory, not just a victory over these US criminals and traitors. I bet Gandhi would have preferred to be living now [Image Can Not Be Found] because we can Gandhify their pimply corporate @$$es a lot more thoroughly than he was able to do, way back then, and we can do it globally now.


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Looks like the psychopath Doctor at the Blah Blah Blah has been outed again for being a covert mind control expert. Good Going, Don.

The more times this guy has to uproot and move around the better. He and Kosofsky now are like homing pigeons in the sense that wherever they end up working they are now tagged and so is the insitution that hires them for being involved in illegal mind control experimentation.

The perfect cover of hiding behind the practice of Blah blah blah is BLOWN. Knowingly working to brain wash, implant and drug children and adults has got to be one of the most vile and reprehensible jobs the black op programs have available. If you have children you might consider keeping them away from any blah blah blah doctors.

This loser in Blah Blah Blah lacks any sign of having a conscious. He is dangerous to your health and those you love. He can hypnotize you in 5 minutes and you will never know it after he does it.

2 years ago he hypnotized(brain washed) my girlfriend at the time and she has never recovered or has had a conscious thought of her own since that day. He wiped her brain clean and he does it to other innocent people everyday or when he is ordered to.

Brain washing people is not a fun topic for me to cover, but if I didn’t out this guy in Manhattan and Don didn’t id the doctor in blah blah blah they would still be brain washing people day in and day out and no one would know

about the secret life of these 2 . You read about them here first. [Image Can Not Be Found]

Hacker intererence is still keeping me from typing the location of the southern doctor and his title.

(Anonymous) #5

Don neglected to mention that the southern doctor is GAY, wears an earring and pretends to be a heterosexual in his phony relationship with his honeypot.

Many special agent operatives are gay, disproportainatly to any other profession except for male escorts maybe, see

and that behavior will often be that one clue that helps in identifying these low lifes. With some luck I’ll find his gay lover while out gifting Village Crossing and he’ll most likely lead me to more field agents. I have no problem as you all know from taking operatives photographs and posting them on the web, so dont’ be surprised if I expose

these nefarious and morally challenged individuals in more ways than one .

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(Alejandro) #7

How cute!

You are not alone Eric, If these scumbags try anything on you, they’ll be very sorry.

(EricCarlsen1) #8

Alejandro, I just got hacked out of the ew e-mail and my laptop BLINKED !!! while private messaging you.

Thank you for your protection, your gifting and your fearlessness !

(Alejandro) #9

Eric, I didn’t get that PM, send it again please…