Gifting Update from Goa, India

Hi there Don,

I’m not sure you remember having received emails from me, but we had communicated a while back. Since then i have managed to get some resin and just got crystals a few days back. Gonna make some orgonite at last. Time seems to just fly, or as i sometimes put it “time just evaporates”, lol. May sound a bit silly.

I have too many towers near my residence and place of work and am gonna be gifting them shortly. Shall take pics and email them when i successfully do this.

I haven’t got a good source of low cost unpolished quartz crystal yet. I bought some from an eBay seller. Any way of checking if they’re genuine?

I read the posts on etheric warriors and it helps in encouraging me and others to do something. Actually the shitbird agencies and bastard politicians and all their shenanigans are enough to make one’s blood boil enough to do something.

The terror attacks in Bombay (Mumbai) didn’t have their intended effect of polarizing muslims and hindus. People remained united inspite of some warmongering politicians. The government agencies had plenty of warnings, but ignored them. This is all part of the plan to induce paranoia amongst people. It even affected people here in Goa that’s 600Km away. People were quite scared during Christmas n New year wondering if there’d be more attacks. Speaking of the ulterior motives of the government, its saying they’ll be issuing identity cards to all coastal residents, those in Goa included. This is supposedly to make us more secure. Surely they’ll be smart cards used to track us. Already we have new drivers licences with chips in them. Those of us who have the older ones will eventually have to get those in a couple of years.

One would think that there is some ulterior motive behind the current economic crisis. Or maybe its the price the world is paying for its crass materialism in the past few decades. Time will tell…

I have noticed the huge number of towers that are mushrooming everywhere in my tiny state. Some people are silly enough to allow them to be put on their houses for a sum of money every month. Loads of gifting needed here. As far as i see there don’t seem to be any gifters from India posting on etheric warriors yet. Maybe they are doing their work silently.

The wildfires in Australia led me to think they were artificial, and lo and behold i saw the posts on EW saying just that!

People in China are realizing that the quake that killed lots of people a while ago was induced probably due to the huge dams being built on fault lines there. They had protested at one such dam site recently. There does seem to be hope in that people seem to be waking from their slumber.

This email has gotten quite long, so i’ll end it here.

Bye for now.

Warm regards and keep fighting the good fight!



Great to hear from you again, Ricardo, and I really appreciate the report! As far as we can tell there’s been very little gifting in India. It’s been several years since I’ve even heard from anyone, there. This isn’t to say that people aren’t doing it but I generally hear from new gifters in places where English is spoken. I think the first contacts are their way of determining if I’m a real person. That’s understandable and it’s one of the reasons I try to get a very diverse and independent membership on EW who will post reports regularly. I’ve never wanted this to be the Don Croft Show.

What you’re saying about the world order’s current failure to polarize Muslims and Hindus in India with that false flag assault in Mumbai is extremely heartening to me! I think it’s a clear indication that all of humanity are getting tired of being led around by the nose, that way. The report of a demonstration in China against the gov’t is also very encouraging. I hadn’t heard of anything like that since the army slaughtered all those kids in Tienanmen Square in the early 90s. That’s a very long time. Of course, you get better news reporting in India than we get in the ‘Land of the Free.’ [Image Can Not Be Found]

It seems clear enough that an economic adjustment is happening for the planet but some of us are confident that the Chinese gov’t, who now owns the European/American banking system, will keep the former corporate world order in line because that gov’t’s survival depends on the continuing increase in prosperity for a billion Mainland Chinese. Our only worry is that these old $#!+bird Illuminati families will set off some nukes in order to scare humanity back into paranoia. We work pretty hard in the international chat sessions a couple of times a week to keep pulling the rug out from under these horrific, parasitic families, etherically [Image Can Not Be Found] and I’m pretty sure other talented and incisive groups around the world are spontaneously taking care of this business, too.

Meanwhile, the gifting movement continues to grow at a suitable pace. At some point, a few rich folks who have and exercise consciences will get into this and invest millions or billions to carry it to completion. It won’t take many of them, I think, and some gifting projects, like reversing the Sahara, will require considerable capital and political door-openers, naturally.

Any crystals work fine for towerbusters, don’t worry. Orgonite automatically and perpetually ‘cleans’ the energy of crystals that are embedded in it.


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