Gifting Waterbury Connecticut

Today Nena and I decided to gift Waterbury. It has a lot of dor. I lived there two years ago in an incarceration program. Basically fed bad food and could only stay indoors and watch tv. Not fun. Waterburys nickname is dirty water. It is infested with drugs and drug dealers.
We found lots of death antennae around the places that were high in crime. It is interesting to note. The whole day was cloudy. An ominous angry look to the clouds. After we gifted the towers we experienced clear blue skies and sylphs. We dropped eps in open fence posts all throughout. We also gifted a weather ball.
The density of the towers is ridiculous. 3 or 4 next to each other. We also noticed panels within an advertisement bill board.
We went through a gallon of bondo quickly.
Yesterday we messed up a batch of orgonite so we flipped them out and repoured. Later we decided to go catfishing. It was dusk and we had a feeling not to go but we also wanted fish. Long story short, eerie feeling, moon blocked out by clouds then weird sounds and physical sensations. Its best to listen to the guts so its a new thing for us.

Someones does not like there toys being turned into health wands. Over all good day.

Two years in the clink. That’s a long time. Glad you are free to fix the system. Nice work [Image Can Not Be Found];