Glamorous, Blood-sipping Vryal

Don Croft
26 Jul 2008 21:25
Subject: Glamorous, Blood-sipping Vryal
In Dooney’s chatroom, today, someone asked about Eckankar after he had been invited to one of their meetings but felt repulsed.

It started a kind of lively discussion.

I mentioned that, a couple of years ago, one of the few remaining charismatic CIA moles who still had our confidence before inadvertently showing his/her hand had admitted current membership in Eckankar, that CIA/MI6 kindergarten for psychics, which is based on the typical, tired, regurgitated Theosophy bull$#!+.

The person had amitted to Carol, a friend of ours, and me that during a well-attended Eckankar international convention’s ‘meditation’ phase he/she wandered out of the rented auditorium and into the lobby and saw a large group of beautiful, young/ancient nordic types, standing around together and sipping a blood and wine mixture from crystal goblets. We presume the blood came from a slain infant or child, since that’s typical sewer rat agency ritual protocol. He/she said that they were also soaking up the massive energy that the chest-pounding chumps in the auditorium were generating with their noisy, ‘guided meditation.’ Wink

According to DB, Hollywood abounds with pretty reptile hybrids and apparently the Vryal are mainly reptiles, too.

Stevo mentioned that in Callifornia, when Drunvalo was trying to scam him into being essentially his psychic slave, several years ago, there was another associate of D’s, a sleazy Eckankar proselyte, who claimed to have been one of Marcel Vogel’s associates.

I mentioned that Marcel Vogel seemed legit to me; a real pioneer, and that he was likely manipulated into associating with a number of clever fakers and parasites in order for the CIA to contain and subvert his influence. Stevo agreed and mentioned, in context, that when we had an informal get-together at our house, four years ago, half the people who showed up later turned out to be CIA and KGB moles Cool and their effervescent but unreliable, backstabbing, Monarch-programmed chumps.

I said, ‘Things have gotten a lot better for EW, since then,’ and he agreed with that, too Wink

I thought you’d get a kick out of the Vryal anecdote. Exposing these freaks is kind of fun.

Dooney and STevo mentioned, in today’s chat, that the Vryal, Jesuits, CIA, MI6 and even the Mossadomites® don’t seem to have their heart in genocide quite as much, any more, now that China bought the old world order a few years ago and then, more recently, took direct control of all those sewer rat agencies.

China buying the Federal Reserve Corporation (the world odor’s still-beating financial heart) from Chancellor Greenspan is a lot like an open-mouthed tourist buying the Brooklyn Bridge from Ratso Rizzo: Greenspan was obviously relieved to dump it to China in October, 2004, because he showed up in front of Congress, not long after that, to whine about Congress having given the Fed ‘too much power.’ I saw him say that to Congress on C-Span on a rare occasion when Carol and I watched TV in a motel on a trip. What a cynical freak he is.

We were working on some reprisals for the assault and nearly fatal stabbing of Christine and Salva’s boy, this week in Sudan, and Mugabe’s mug showed up for the psychics, along with his Chinese Triad/military puppetmasters. That seemed a little odd, since Sudan is so far from Zimbabwe but Alex confirmed that newsreports in Europe mentioned Mugabe’s long-term influence in Sudan in the form of arms sales.

The Chinese are trying to rape the entire continent, like the corporate/occultist Europeans and Americans had been doing for a centtury or so (Jesuits got busy, there, much earlier, of course) and the Chinese now have the CIA, Jesuits, Mossadomites® and MI6 on their team but these old s#!+bird agencies just seem to have lost their enthusiasm for rape and pillage in Africa, too. I can’t think of a better antidote to misplaced American patriotism than for the PJ folks to finally face the fact that Beijing not only owns MalWart but also the Federal Government, the Internal Revenue Service Corporation, Fatherland Sekurity and all of the rest of the related, flagwaving $#!+bird agencies.

The psychics tell us that the Chinese military psi corps (mostly Triads) are past masters at throwing dirty magic at innocents like us but that they don’t really understand Westerners, so they miss the target as often as not and risk exposure in the process. Exposure is fatal to all parasites, of course, including Alan Greenspan and the genital herpes virus. It’s kind of funny, though of course they still want us all dead.

The working link between the Chinese and the Vryal is apparently the dragon image that the psychics have been seeing during the chat sessions. Dooney, Stevo, Carol and I continue to do private ssessions together, almost every week, to beat these psi freaks off our backs so taht we can continue to have livlihoods but it’s been getting a little easier since the CIA and NSA finally abandoned their high-tech radionics assaults. When Andy (who sometimes also gets some needed assistance in those sessions) finally busted those nearby Riverside (California) mountain top death arrays, a couple of months ago, the radionics assaults on all of our businesses pretty much stopped, finally.

No wonder the Chinese Triads don’t want me flying, any more Cool --I can (and have done) bust several, previously inaccessible mountaintop death arrays in one flight on a good day.

My Doodlebug is nearly finished at the workshop in England, by the way, and next month I’ll be picking it up in Wisconsin, grid willing, and getting some lessons from Paul, the American dealer.

This is probably another subject, but today, Carol left, during the chat session, to go pick huckleberries in the mountains near Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho, and took along a couple of pistols for her and her daughter because grizzly bears also really, really liike huckleberries and they live in the mountains.

She asked me to load my .45 magazines because the bullets are bigger than the bullets for her Glock 9mm and harder for her to load. It reminded me that we’ve been using Russian-made ammo for the past six years, also that these bullets don’t ‘expire’ due to a year shelf life, as all of the store-bought American ammo was supposed to have done, beginning shortly after the Feds tried to pin their demolition of the Murrah Federal Building on the then-new Constitutional militias.

We bought those bullets in a franchise sporting goods store, not from a patriotic gun dealer.

For all the Chicken-Little paranoia about Russian troops enforcing martial law in America, ‘any day, now,’ we now have irrefutable evidence that this won’t ever come to pass. Otherwise, why would we be able to buy Russian-made ammo for all of our guns? I got a huge kick out of that simple realization, today.

We believe that the real purpose of the death towers was to have enabled the Russians and Chinese invaders to disarm us on behalf of this treasonous US Federal Government and their fascist/corporate counterparts abroad, several years ago. We believe that orgonite showed up and got disseminated internationally just in time to prevent that, though it may be that the world odor was already so far out on a liimb that this would have uttterly failed, even without orgonite. I think that the timely and adequate orgonite distribution in the early years of this movement prevented a whole lot of bloodshed and anarchy, though, just as many thousands of hastily-built orgonite cloudbusters probably prevented ‘phase two’ (genocide) of the chemtrail program from succeeding, internationally.


Don Croft
31 Jul 2008 20:26
Subject: Re: Glamorous, Blood-sipping Vryal
Correction: Alex has reminded me that his comment was about the Mossadomites® having been arms suppliers to the terrorists in Southern Sudan, not Mugabe. I misunderstood his comment.

Doc Kayiwa and Mr Kizira did a lot of gifting in Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan some years ago and, right after that the fighting ended. The Doc then went to Sudan with some of his Ugandan military chums and had an opportunity to toss orgonite from a helicopter that his friends had made available for that purpose. It was during the ‘peace talks,’ with the CIA and MI6, though of course if the Ugandan gov’t agreed to negotiate it was just setting up the next CIA/MI6 sponsored terror campaign, which occured a year or so later on in that region.

Salva and Christine moved back to their Sudan village, right after the end of the previous conflict and they had the opportunity to see how dramatically their orgonite affected the region in a short period. Farms became productive because the long, HAARP-created drought was reversed and people and livestock immediately started looking and feeling more robust.

After the CIA/MI6/Mossadomite® terror campaign was re-ignited in that region they failed to achieve their objective, which was to drive the populace out of the region, again, but they’ve certainly been a pain in the butt.

We’re going to continue to watch for Mugabe’s participation in these and other mayhem projects because he’s Beijing’s Ace in the Hole in Africa, right now, even though Beijing apparently now owns and operates the aforementioned terrorist organizations. There seems to be a little bit of a freeforall happening at the upper (sic) levels, maybe a bit like how the CIA and FBI used to murder each others’ agents in the field when the opportunities arised.


01 Aug 2008 03:37
Subject: Re: Glamorous, Blood-sipping Vryal
funny all that talk about synchronizing issues:

this artikel just dropped in:

Mugabe’s Biggest Sin
Anglo-American and Chinese interests clash over Zimbabwe’s strategic mineral wealth

the whole stors ist here: … a&aid=9707

basically it supports the statement that the chinese consider Sudan and Zimbabwe as their main assets
(Nigeria and Gabon are also mentioned)

maybe this chinese company “China Machine-Building International Corporation” they mention is another worthy starting point for our next weekend expedition……[Image Can Not Be Found]

to bring up some more info about Sudan -
here is some stuff about the weapons dealers I found again:
nothing new there I guess….
(Mossadomites © and Zio-trash)


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